Thursday, January 19, 2017

Week 3 Recap: Ricky Williams on The NEW Celebrity Apprentice

Week 3 is upon us and it was another interesting week on The NEW Celebrity Apprentice. For the first task the men and woman competed in a task to promote Kawasaki motorcycles. Both teams did really well but the men's team won. Ricky posed for a shirtless picture on a motorcycle, essentially he did nothing in the first task and survived for another task.

In the second task of the night though Ricky stepped up and was the Project Manager for his team. Now, first things first for those keeping score at home, the teams have been mixed up. The men and woman were mixed up and the teams changed. This was a straight fundraising task and Ricky told his "new" team he had between $200,000-$300,000 lined up and he wanted to be the project manager on this task. His new team said go for it. His opponent and project manager on the other team was Vince Neil from Motley Crue. It was close but Vince Neil and his team edged out Ricky and Vince's team won. Ricky didn't raise anywhere close to $200,000-$300,000 on his own and raised $119,000. Ricky overpromised and didn't come through. In the board room Ricky had to pick two of his teammates to come back with him and one would be TERMINITED. Ricky picked Jon Lovitz (formerly of Saturday Night Live) and Lailia Ali as the two to come back with him. Ricky got very lucky in that Jon Lovitz only raised $500 on his own and since he raised the least amount of money Jon was terminated and had to "HEAD TO THE CHOPPER."

So, all in all Ricky survives another week....just barley. Next week was the tease for the "Triple Elimination" so 3 people will be going home. I still think Ricky has a good shot to win this as I don't see one of the female contestants having a snowballs chance in hell of making it far. If I had to rank the favorites right now about halfway through this season they would be...

1) Boy George
2) Matt Iseman (American Ninja Warrior host)
3) Carson Kressley
4) Vince Neil
5) Ricky Williams

Ricky Williams Questioned by Police

Police questioned former Miami Dolphins Running Back Ricky Williams in an incident in Tyler, Texas. Ricky was hanging out in a wooded area crouching down behind some bushes and someone in the area called the police to report someone suspicious in the area. Four police officers were dispatched to the area but no arrest was made.

Read more about the story here... CLICK HERE

Monday, January 16, 2017

Washburn leaves Dolphins to take job with Bears

Jeremiah Washburn, the assistant offensive line coach, has left the Miami Dolphins to become the Chicago Bears offensive line coach. No word on if his father Jim Washburn will leave Miami as well as he is currently a senior defensive assistant on the Dolphins staff.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Keep an Eye on Peyton Manning

With the news of Peyton Manning possibly taking a front office job in Indianapolis to run the Colts football operations as well as Colts owner Jim Irsay trying to lure Jon Gruden out of retirement to be his next head coach, some big changes may be coming in Indianapolis either this year or next. So how does that have any effect on the Miami Dolphins you ask?

IF Peyton Manning gets control of the Colts and is running the football operations you know the first person he will want to work with will be Adam Gase. Manning and Gase have a very close relationship and Manning made multiple trips to Miami this offseason to "hang out" at the Dolphins facility and watch mini-camps and training camp practices. It's a strong friendship and Gase even talked about it recently on Peter King's podcast. If Manning is running an NFL team you know his first order of business will be to get an NFL head coach he trusts and without a doubt he will explore every possibility of getting Gase in Indy and don't think for a minute Gase won't also have interest in working with Peyton.

Now, Miami has Gase locked up for 4 more years so unless Indy would want to trade for Gase (and not saying Miami would give him up for any amount of draft picks)  nothing could happen immediately. But in the NFL 4 years goes by really fast and then Gase would be free to leave.

This is just something to keep in mind down the road IF Peyton Manning takes a job with the Colts front office and is running their football operations.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Dolphins Block Offensive Line Coach from Interviewing for Offensive Coordinator Position; Washburn Update

Per multiple reports the Miami Dolphins blocked current offensive line coach Chris Foerster from interviewing with the LA Rams for their offensive coordinator position.  Foerster is under contract with the Miami Dolphins so the Dolphins were well within their right to block Foerster from interviewing for another assistance coach job.

The Dolphins wouldn't have been able to block Foerster from interviewing for a head coaching position, so that is where the rule is tricky to some but that wasn't the case in this instance. I know PFF came out with their grades recently and Miami was rated the 3rd worst offensive line in 2016 which is a bunch of hogwash if you ask me. That is a case of a statistic or ranking not telling the entire story. When healthy Miami has a top five offensive line in the league and they played like it when they were healthy. Foerster does deserve some credit for how this unit has played considering someone like Jermon Bushrod a career left tackle moved to right guard and played well this past season in a new position. Also Laremy Tunsil someone who has never played guard before moved to left guard and was better than expected in that role.

It's unfortunate for Foerster that he won't be able to interview for a position like offensive coordinator but it's very good for Miami to be able to hold onto a very good coach. It does look like though the Dolphins will be losing assistant offensive line coach Jeremiah Washburn to Denver as Miami has granted Washburn permission to talk with Vance Joseph and the Broncos about their offensive line coaching position.

UPDATE: The Denver Broncos have hired Jeff Davidson away from San Diego to be their new offensive line coach. Looks like Washburn will be staying in Miami for now.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Week 2 Recap: Ricky Williams on The NEW Celebrity Apprentice

Good god this show is awful but I will recap it anyway since former Miami Dolphins star running back Ricky Williams is involved. In the first hour it was a competition between the Men and the Women to promote Welch's Grape Juice in a short informative yet entertaining segment. The Project Manager for the Men was MMA cheater Chael Sonnen and he picked as his right hand man Ricky Williams because he said Ricky was smart and he valued him (also amusing that both men were kicked out of their sport for abusing drugs.) About 5 minutes in Chael realized he made a big mistake as Ricky didn't have faith in Chael's vision for their task and voiced his opinion. Long story short, the men lose and Chael has to pick two other people to bring in the "bored room" as one will be fired.  Chael quickly went after Ricky and he also brought back former NFL running back Eric Dickerson because Eric made the cardinal mistake in reality TV show; he told the host that he didn't care if he was fired. Well once you say that, you know your gone. The three are in the bored room fighting it out, and it comes down to Eric's stupid statement that he "didn't care" so you don't care....YOU ARE TERMINATED! Bye-Bye Eric.

Hour two saw another lame challenge between the men and the women to promote King's Hawaiian in two viral video's.  Ricky stepped up with an idea for one of the video's about playing football with no football but using the jar of sauce as the football.The people from King's Hawaiian picked the Men's team as the winners and they enjoyed Ricky's video the best out of the two the men made.

Ricky is safe for another week and after watching 4 hours of this show now it is clear Ricky will go pretty far in this game. Out of the 14 or so people  left there are only about 5 that have a legit shot to win and Ricky is one of them.

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BREAKING: Vance Joseph hired as Denver Broncos Head Coach

The Denver Broncos have announced they have hired Dolphins Defensive Coordinator Vance Joseph as their next head coach. Denver and Joseph have agreed to a 4 year contract per reports.

Joseph was the Miami Dolphins defensive coordinator for just one season and now it is expected Adam Gase will promote from within and make Dolphins current linebackers coach Matt Burke the new defensive coordinator.

In his one year in Miami Joseph lost many key players to injuries and still had a defense that ranked 4th in the NFL on 3rd down % and 6th in the NFL in forcing/creating negative yardage plays.

It should be noted that Denver does travel to Miami next year to play the Dolphins.

To learn more about new Dolphins Defensive Coordinator Matt Burke, CLICK HERE

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