Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Depth on the Defense

While the offense tries to find somebody, anybody to play center, the defense is pretty deep. The strongest unit on the team, the defensive line, has a 7 man rotation that doesn't miss a beat. They're just too many defensive linemen to list. The development of Jelani Jenkins and Jordan Tripp, as well as having a veteran like Jason Trusnik, certainly helps the linebacking corps. The 6'5" UDF linebacker Chris McCain out of California seems to be drawing some buzz as well.

The secondary is benefiting from a having a healthy Will Davis and Jamar Taylor. Taylor is in competition with Cortland Finnegan for the second corner spot, though it's likely Finnegan will get the start Game 1. Kevin Coyle singled out guys like Walt Aikins, Michael Thomas and Don Jones as guys he feels "are going to be able to help us," whether as back ups or on special teams. And of course Jimmy Wilson will alternate between nickel and safety. "I think our young corners are really starting to come along," Coyle said.

This is year three of the Kevin Coyle 4-3 defense. I think defensive tackle Earl Mitchell will fit this scheme better than Soliai and moving Koa Misi to play middle linebacker seems to be working so far. Ellerbe goes back to where he had success in Baltimore as the weakside linebacker and Wheeler should be more comfortable year two with the team. Kevin Coyle even went as far as to say, "If you listen and watch our entire group right now, we have had the best communication that we've had since we've been hear."

But as Cam Wake said, "The proof is in the pudding." The defense is going to have to hold it down until the offense figures it out.


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

UPDATE: Victim's Lawyer in Pouncy lawsuit speaks

UPDATE: Attorney Marwan Porter, who is representing the victims in this case, was on The Andy Slater Show on 940 WINZ yesterday to talk about the possible charges being brought up on the Pouncey brothers. Take a listen below.

Riquan James, A.K.A. Ricky Vasquez, has decided to file a lawsuit against the Pouncey brothers for their alleged involvement in a Cameo night club scuffle last Saturday.

Per NBC 6 South Florida, James, along with two other victims and their attorney, will announce their intentions at a 6 pm press conference.

The primary accuser, James told NBC 6 in a phone interview that the Pouncey brothers were taunting him in the VIP section and, "from there somebody grabbed me and I got hit."

Once again, until the Cameo security footage comes out we won't know for sure. It took over 24 hours for them to decide to file a lawsuit and the defendants are high profile athletes with deep pockets.


Monday, July 14, 2014

Pouncey won't be punished by league for bullygate

Miami Dolphins' polarizing starting center likely won't be punished for his role in bullygate last season.

According to Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald, NFL spokesman Greg Aiello exchanged emails with the Herald in which he stated that there is, "no change in [Pouncey's] active status [and] we have no other information to offer on the subject." "But I don't anticipate having to address this issue again."

The Herald report all but absolves Pouncy from the 2013 bullying scandal that rocked the Dolphins locker room and caused the team to revamp the entire line.

Finally, some good news for this embattled fan base.


Sunday, July 13, 2014

Video: New Dolphins LB Coach Breaks Down the Tape

New Dolphins Linebacker coach Mark Duffner breaks down the Dolphins linebacker drills from this years minicamps. 

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Still no report filed on Cameo nightclub incident

Mike Pouncey and his brother Maurkice are facing allegations of assault on a Miami man named of Ricky Vasquez at Cameo Nightclub early Saturday morning.

Given Mike Pouncey's past behavior it's easy to assume guilt. But until the Cameo security video comes out we won't know for sure. 

What we do know is that a report has not been filed. Mr. Vasquez decided to go to Instagram and Twitter instead of the police. Three of the videos have since been removed from his Instagram account.

In a statement to the New Times, Miami Beach Police Sgt. Bobby Hernandez said, "File a police report and come forth, otherwise it's just speculation."

Pouncey's no angel, but he's a great player.

Mike Pouncey Being Investigated for Assault

The Palm Beach Post is reporting injured Dolphins center Mike Pouncey is being investigated for an assault that took place at a night club between 4am-5am this morning. Pouncey and his twin brothers allegedly beat a man up very badly.

If this is story ends up being true (and with Pouncey's history odds are that it is) the Dolphins really need to step up and do something. It might be time to cut ties with the Pro Bowl center. Between his involvement in the "Bullygate scandal," being subpoenaed by the federal government for being a central figure in a gun trafficking ring (an investigation that is still open by the way,) his tweets about making Dolphins rookie JuWaun James buy him things this year (joke or not it was stupid,) Mike supporting a killer in Aaron Hernandez by wearing FREE HERNANDEZ hats in public, tweeting out pictures of his home where he has an Aaron Hernandez framed jersey hanging in his house, and on top of all of that being injured and out for the first 4-6 games of the year but yet still hanging out at a nightclub at 5am...it's time to move on. Mike Pouncey is a joke. A clown. A fool. Someone who clearly takes for granted what being a professional athlete is. Guilty or not of this recent story (again, safe bet he is guilty) the Dolphins have to grow a spine and just cut ties with this jerk.Mike Pouncey is a bad human being. He is impossible to root for as a fan. If the Dolphins offensive line struggles without him, so be it. He gives the entire franchise a black eye and makes the Dolphins look like a bigger joke than they already are sometimes. Time to CUT MIKE POUNCEY!

Of course, today's latest charge could be false and he could be innocent...but I doubt it!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Back to Football in Miami

Unless you live under a rock, by now you've heard that LeBron James has decided to go back home to Ohio and is going to sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers. 

So now what, Miami? We're back to football, that's what! 

In light of being ranked the second worst team in the NFL in ProFootballTalk's preseason rankings, there is cause for optimism going into the 2014 season. 

Ryan Tannehill will undoubtedly show improvement under Bill Lazor. The new OC has number 17 making quicker decisions and has taken Tannehill out of his comfort zone. Tannehill is going into year three and has taken a more assertive approach to his leadership style. 

"I think now I'm more apt to step up and say something, make a statement. That's part of playing the QB position. Now I feel more comfortable. I have the respect of my teammates around me and I can do that."

Yes, Pro Bowl center Mike Pouncey is going to miss some time to recover from hip surgery. Yes, this is significant because you have four new starters on the O-line; one of them a rookie. But the line can't be much worse than it was last year. Ju'Wuan James is a plug and play and I think Bill Turner is going to be a Miami Dolphin for a long time.

MY GLASS IS HALF FULL POINT: Dallas Thomas is in the starting unit. This shows me he can improve and the coaching staff is developing players. This is in large part due to the acquisition of new offensive line coach John Benton.

"John is a teacher first and foremost and I think when you watch his film the techniques and the fundamentals he teaches show up on tape." Philbin added, "I'm confident he's going to do an excellent job."

The wide receiver group boasts the most talent on the team after the defensive line. Mike Wallace will most certainly benefit from the movement in Lazor's offense.

And of course the defense - consistently the Dolphins' biggest strength. But just as reported by Chris Perkins of the Sun Sentinel, the "Dolphins need to forge their identity through defense."

Before the King arrived in South Florida, Miami Dolphins football reigned supreme. The Undefeated Season, the winningest coach in NFL history, and the greatest pure passer the game has ever seen, Dan Marino, all own our undying loyalty. Now that James has left Miami, the Dolphins can retake their rightful place on the throne. The new king, who was the old king, will rule South Florida again. Let's hope this season's campaign results in rejoicing and not in an uprising.