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Five Potential Fits For Miami at 22

The purpose of this exercise is to find five realistic fits for Miami at their current draft selection. I based these selections on the best players that may be available combined with those who have had contact with Miami so far in the process. Without further adieu, here they are:

1.      Derek Barnett – The Dolphins have reportedly “spent a lot of time studying Barnett” according to The Miami Herald’s Barry Jackson. Jackson also added that “the Dolphins this year told one high-end front seven defender that they didn’t need to use one of their 30 visits on him because they feel good about his ability without bringing him in.” I’m betting that player is Barnett. Opinions on Barnett’s draft stock are all over the board. Some believe he could go in the top 10, while other believe he could linger into the early 20’s. The All-Time Sack leader at Tennessee would seemingly be a perfect complement to All-Pro rusher Cam Wake. He plays the run well, has active and violent hands to disengage blockers and obviously does a nice job getting to the passer. The only thing holding back Barnett from being a Top 10 lock is his lack of elite athleticism. At the end of the day, this is an outstanding football player and is very much in play to be the Dolphins pick at 22.

2.      Taco Charlton – Another former Wolverine that appears to be a terrific position fit is edge rusher Taco Charlton. The long, athletic pass rusher could become a starter relatively quickly for this team and gives the team much needed depth in the interim. Cam Wake is not getting any younger and newly added William Hayes is only working on a one-year deal. No one doubts Taco’s ability; however he doesn’t show the same maximum effort on every play. Motivation shouldn’t be a problem while playing on the line with All-Pro greats like Ndamukong Suh and Wake. Taco’s length and upside are certainly intriguing and could make for a solid addition for Miami on Thursday night.

3.      Reuben Foster – Foster’s case is maybe the most interesting and intriguing one of all. This pick will depend largely on how teams view the risk of taking Foster in the first round. Foster will now be one failed drug test away from a four-game suspension. Picking the former Alabama product now comes with considerable risk. Reuben Foster is a top 10 pick on talent alone and the Dolphins have been proven to roll the dice if the talent outweighs the risk. They faced a similar decision with their 2016 first round selection of tackle Laremy Tunsil. At this moment, it still seems like a long shot that Foster will be available, but he would be make a lot of sense for Miami if he is. Gase also has a close relationship with Alabama head man Nick Saban, who would likely give his recommendation for Gase to make Foster the next Miami Dolphin.

4.      David Njoku – At first glance, this may seem like a luxury pick. This offseason, Miami traded disgruntled offensive tackle Brandon Albert to Jacksonville for Pro Bowl tight end Julius Thomas. Thomas was a free agent bust for Jacksonville; however, Gase knows the big tight end very well from their time together in Denver and proposes a plan to get him back on track. There is no immediate need, but with Tight Ends becoming a premium skill position in the NFL nowadays, this pick does make some sense. Just ask the division rival and Super Bowl champion New England Patriots. The Dolphins front office brass has maintained that they will go best player available and have positioned themselves well to do so. If Njoku is somehow available at 23, he will likely be the best player available and would make this offense downright scary in 2017.

5.      Cam Robinson – Let me preface this by saying, I don’t believe the Dolphins are considering using their first round pick on an offensive lineman. They re-signed Jermon Bushrod and brought in Ted Larsen as stopgaps at the LG and RG positions. This allows them some flexibility in the offensive line and makes those positions less of a glaring need heading into Thursday. I also sense that Cam Robinson will be long gone by 22. With that being said, if he is available, Robinson is the only offensive lineman the Dolphins may consider here. Most experts have projected Robinson as either a starting right tackle or guard in the NFL. What makes this pick so logical for Miami beyond their need for an update at both guard spots is that the Dolphins remain undecided on their current right tackle spot beyond 2017. The team has yet to make a decision on current starter Ju’Wuan James’ fifth year option. If they decline his option after 2017, Robinson can follow in Laremy Tunsil’s footsteps and slide out to tackle next season.

Obviously, there are other names in play for the Dolphins on Day 1 of the NFL Draft. As we all know, the draft is extremely unpredictable and anyone who says they have the pick pegged right now is either lying or needs to be playing the lottery.

Bottom line is, while the team has preached BPA, the player they choose will likely be ready to step in on day one to make an impact. An impact player is sorely needed if the Dolphins are going to build on their success coming off a 10-6 season and first trip to the playoffs since 2008.

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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Mike's 2017 Miami Dolphins 7 Round Mock Draft

It’s Draft week and we are days away from the Miami Dolphins being “On The Clock” as they select players to improve their football team. I am not a big Mock Draft guy who does multiple mock drafts starting in January and pumping out a new one each week. I am from the Mike Mayock school of do one mock draft the week of or before the draft and that’s it.  Myself and Tom put out our annual dueling Round 1 Mock Draft over the weekend and now it’s time for my annual Miami Dolphins 7 Round Mock Draft. Each year I do this on the site where I mock every pick for Miami in the upcoming draft. It’s one of the more popular columns I write each year so let’s get right two it.

First the ground rules and my thoughts as I go into this to help you understand my picks…..

1)    I don’t predict trades. With that said in real life if I were Miami I would look to trade down or out of Round 1 completely IF (big IF) the offer they get nets them more picks in rounds 2 and 3. Right now Miami has 3 picks in the first 3 rounds. If I could turn pick #22 around and move down and end up with 4 or maybe 5 picks total in the first 3 rounds I’m for it. Those first 3 rounds of this years draft are loaded and you want as many picks as possible in them. So that is my opinion on trading down, but for this article I won’t predict any trade downs as it’s impossible to predict.

2)   I view Miami’s needs as many others do in that they need (in no special order) Guard, Linebacker, Defensive End, Cornerback, Safety.

3)   The Dolphins defense currently has little to no depth, isn’t very athletic in areas, and the overall size and speed needs to be upgraded dramatically. This will be a defense heavy draft.

4) You have to be realistic in that Miami won't fill every need they have in this draft.  It's about the marriage of best player available with team need when they are on the clock. They enter the draft with multiple needs to the goal is to exit the draft with far less needs.

With all of that said, let’s get to the picks in Mike’s 2017 Miami Dolphins 7 Round Mock Draft…

1st Round- 22nd overall
Reuben Foster-LB-Alabama

I know, I know, I know what you are saying. But Mike in last weekend’s Tom and Mike’s Dueling Rd 1 Mock Draft you had Miami taking Taco Charlton, so why are you changing?  You can’t flip-flop like that! Well, that article was written before the news broke that Reuben Foster has a failed drug test under his name. It was for a diluted sample at the NFL Combine (still counts as a failure,) so he enters his NFL career in the NFL drug program meaning he is tested weekly and up to 12 times a month. There is now news that Foster may fall far in Round 1 because of that and even out of Round 1 completely which I find silly honestly. Those of you that heard me on SiriusXM NFL Radio this past Friday with Jim Miller and Pat Kirwin as I was on the air as the Dolphins selector in their Fan Mock Draft, heard me say to a national audience that no way Foster would get past Miami. at pick #22. The Dolphins, just like last year, won’t pass up a Top 10 and even maybe a Top 5 talent at #22 for some of these minor red flags Foster has. Foster is a do it all linebacker who can play the SAM, MIKE, or the WILL. He is a violent tackler who can fly all over the field. There are some red flags about his shoulder as he had rotator cuff surgery this offseason but from the latest reports the medicals are ok and he will be ready for training camp. The off the field stuff is there but isn’t overly concerning in my opinion (not like there is a video out there of him smoking pot through a gas mask.) As a football player Foster is elite and has all of the tools. The red flags are, no doubt and no way to spin it. But Miami just like last year will have to foster (no pun intended) an environment to bring Reuben along and help him mature and keep on the road to success off the field. They did it with Tunsil now they will have to do it again. And the Dolphins opening day linebackers of Kiko, Timmons, and Foster is a major upgrade to a unit that was pitiful last season.

2nd Round - 54th overall
Dan Feeney-G-Indiana

As much as this is a defense heavy draft for the Dolphins the guard position needs to be addressed and this team needs a day 1 starter at guard out of this draft. So the Dolphins will get a guard in the first few rounds of the draft and Feeney fits the bill. Some have Feeney going high in Rd 2 but I don't see that many guards going off the board in the early rounds of NFL drafts. I think he falls to the middle to end of Rd 2. He is a scheme fit for Miami’s zone-blocking system and a plug-n-play guard. Feeney can also play center as well which is key should Mike Pouncey become injured again as it often seems to be the case with Pouncey. Although Feeney being 6’4” is tall for a center by most standards he can man the position if necessary. The Dolphins are bringing back essentially every key element of last years offense so not much to tweak on offense but guard is a glaring need. Feeney fixes that not only this year but long-term as well. Not to mention with a last name like Feeney Dolphins fans can do the “Feeney Call” at games this year (Boy Meet’s World reference, if you don’t understand it google it.)

3rd Round- 97th overall
Dalvin Tomlinson-DT-Alabama

I had to address defensive line here and get either a pass rusher or a rotational defensive tackle. Miami has no depth behind Suh and Phillips at defensive tackle so they need a back-up at that position and Tomlinson is the best defensive linemen on the board at this point. He is a run stuffer first who has great strength and can push people around. His size is good in that he is 6'3" and 310lbs and oh yeah by the way,  he is very very strong. The one thing he lacks is pass rushing ability but as a run stuffer Tomlinson is good to great. Tomlinson is more than willing to get dirty and fight to get to the ball carrier at all costs. While Jordan Phillips is more of a pass rusher who has been known to take plays off, Tomlinson is all strength, no finesse with a non-stop motor who will battle every snap.

5th Round- 166th overall
Dwayne Thomas-CB-LSU

The way this draft is falling Miami still has need at pass rusher and help in the secondary as we enter round 5. Ideally Miami would have liked a pass rusher in round 1 but passing on Foster wasn’t an option as he is an elite talent. In round 2 a day one starter at guard falls in our lap and then come round 3 it’s about the best player available and Johnson is that and it also fills a need. So come round five Miami tries to add picks to their remaining needs of secondary and pass rusher. Dwayne Thomas is a pure nickel CB who can come in and push Bobby McCain for that spot. Thomas had a great senior bowl and a fantastic senior year at LSU playing against top level talent in college. Thomas is also a willing tackler in the run game which is a huge plus. The knock-on Thomas is his size so that’s why he falls in the draft but he can push McCain in the nickel CB position so it is a fit here for Miami. He will have trouble playing CB on the outside in the NFL because his size and taller NFL WR's will abuse him all day long, but he is as pure a nickel CB as you will find and with this being a pass heavy league you need nickel CB's as they are on the field a lot.

5th Round- 178th overall
Josh Carraway-DE-TCU

The knock on Carraway is that he is too nice. Yes that is the main knock on him that he is too happy-go-lucky. He is small for an NFL  DE but he has amazing speed with good to great  pass rushing skills and is explosive off the ball. The knocks are he is too nice, he doesn’t set the edge as a run defender at all, and he can be pushed around too easily. So early in his career he will be used primarily as a pass rushing specialist which for a 5th round pick that is ok. It will be up to the Dolphins coaches to toughen this kid up and get the most out of him.  He will need to put a bed in the weight room for a year to two to bulk up and be an every down player but for a 5th round flier he has long-term potential. The one thing Josh has though is speed and you can’t coach his speed!

5th Round - 184th overall
Darrell Daniels-TE-Washington

Miami upgraded at TE with Julius Thomas but behind Thomas Miami has little depth. Adam Gase is an offensive coach to his core so as we get to the late rounds he will look at all of the defensive players they have taken this year and bang the table for an offensive player. Daniels has the size and speed you want out of a tight end, he just didn’t have the production in college. More of a receiver who uses his speed to get open as he is one of those WR's who has converted to tight end. He is nothing special of a blocker but he can block well enough.

7th Round - 223th overall
Ryan Glasgow-DT-Michigan

Stephen Ross ends the draft with a smile as we draft a Michigan man. All kidding aside Miami is so thin at defensive tackle we double down here and draft a second one at that position. Glasgow isn’t a pass rusher at all and more of a run stuffer who is very strong but not very athletic. Possible practice squad guy year one who could develop in time.

While I would have liked to get a pass rusher/edge rusher early the fall of Foster I had to jump on. Going linebacker in round 1 dictated the rest of my draft and changed it up some. In round two the top pass rushers were all gone so we went to shore up the guard position and lock that in.  Come round 3 I had to address the defensive line with either a pass rusher or depth for Suh/Phillips at DT and the top player on the board at defensive line was Tomlinson so I scooped him up. This is a very deep draft for cornerbacks so I waited for a while there and got a true nickel CB in Dwayne Thomas who can push McCain this year so that was good. With the remaining picks I get depth at tight end and a player who is very similar to Julius Thomas skill wise and a couple guys who can be put on the practice squad and developed over time on the defensive line. We leave the draft with an outstanding linebacker core and an offensive line that will be above average to very good entering the 2017 season. We also have depth at nickel CB and tight end who could be a starter some day. We also get a defensive tackle who can play about 15-20 snaps a game right away and some projects on the defensive line who we can stash on our practice squad most likely.

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Monday, April 24, 2017

LIVE Podcast April 30th @ 9pm

This Sunday Night April 30th at 9pm we will have a LIVE Podcast where you can call in and talk to Randy and Tom and ask questions or give your thoughts on the Dolphins Draft picks. We will do a full post-draft recap and take your calls. Call in Number is (646) 787-1579

If you call in you are automatically entered into a contest to win a Jay Ajayi 8X10 Autograph with JSA certificate of authenticity (JSA is the #1 sports certification company in the country. Meaning this is real and it's not some fake.)  Just for calling in you are automatically entered into the drawing to win this prize and we will announce the winner at the end of the show LIVE on the air.

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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Miami Set to Strike SEC Gold Again in 2017 Draft?

Another year, and another troubled blue-chip SEC prospect appears headed for a draft day tumble.

Flash back to the 2016 NFL Draft and just moments before the draft was set to begin, an ominous video was leaked to the media. This video was depicting stud Ole Miss left tackle prospect Laremy Tunsil smoking a substance through a bong with a gas mask.

In what was almost certainly the worst possible time for a video like this to be leaked, NFL teams panicked and the video subsequently threw Tunsil’s draft stock into a freefall. We later learned that his Twitter account was hacked prior to the draft.

A player most considered a top 5 pick at the very least was getting passed up by lesser heralded prospects, simply because teams were weary of these newfound circumstances.

Sitting comfortably at number thirteen overall without a seemingly strong need for a OT, the Dolphins found themselves with no choice but to pounce on a player that’s Gil Brandt deemed as a “Hall of Fame-level talent”.

Flash forward to the 2017 NFL Draft, and the Dolphins have positioned themselves very nicely to follow the same formula again. Even though the pick comes later this year, it appears that with a week away the team will be content to sit and let the draft play out.

The reason why this scenario is so interesting, is because the Dolphins may yet again be staring at another player of Tunsil’s caliber this year when they make their selection. And this player also comes with his share of red flags. That player is Alabama linebacker Reuben Foster.

Reports began to surface this past Thursday that Foster submitted a dilated urine sample for drug testing at the NFL Combine in February. By rule, this means the Alabama product will enter the NFL’s Substance Abuse Program before ever playing a snap.

The fallout appears to be fierce, with former NFL Network analyst Michael Lombardi stating Friday that:
"Teams picking between 33-45 will need to make sure they are comfortable with R. Foster, cause he will be there."
There is no denying that on talent alone, Reuben Foster is a sure-fire top 10 pick. The same was said about Laremy Tunsil before the 2016 NFL Draft.

It remains to be seen how the draft will pan out; however, with an immediate need at outside linebacker, the Dolphins may be in a perfect position to pluck Mr. Foster at the twenty second pick this Thursday.

Once again, the Dolphins may be able to benefit from a player’s past transgressions and use them to gain a competitive advantage. And I, for one, am all for it.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Tom & Mike's Dueling Round 1 NFL Mock Draft

ESPN has Mel and Todd and we here at have Tom and Mike! This is our dueling first round NFL mock draft with each of our picks for the entire first round. Tom and myself did these independent of each other and we agree on 4 picks exactly, the rest...not so much! Keep score to see who get's the most correct come next Thursday!

1) Cleveland Browns
Tom- Myles Garrett, DE Texas A&M:  There is no question in my mind, Garrett is by far the #1 player in this draft. 

Mike-Myles Garrett-DE-Texas AM: Browns take a franchise defensive player who they can build around. He will instantly make every other player on their defensive line better.

2) San Franciso 49ers
Tom- Jonathan Allen, DT Alabama:  I can't see QB here as badly as they need one.  Shoring up defensive woes is important

Mike-Jamal Adams-S-LSU: SF has drafted heavy on defensive line the past few years so I think they avoid going there. QB they will look at in the later rounds or next year in free agency (ie Cousins,) so I think they take the best player at a position of need which is Adams. 

3) Chicago Bears
Tom- Jamal Adams, S LSU: Another QB needy team, but taking a center-fielder that has elite traits is hard to pass.  Secondary was awful as well.

Mike-Malik Hooker-S-Ohio St: The Bears defensive backfield is dreadful and Hooker is an elite talent who can help them immediately.

4) Jacksonville Jaguars
Tom-Mitchell Trubisky, QB North Carolina:  Tom Coughlin is in town and is not sold on Bortles.  Trubisky is raw but can develop nicely.

Mike-Leonard Fournette-RB-LSU: I am not as high on Fournette as some others are but this is a logical landing spot for him. Jacksonville has a terrible QB and if you can't pass you best be able to run the ball.

5) Tennessee Titans (via Rams)
Tom-Marcus Lattimore, CB Ohio State: After the release of franchise corner McCourty, this is a very logical choice

Mike-Jonathan Allen-DE-Alabama: He is the best player on the board at this time and the Titans are giddy they get Allen at #5.

6) New York Jets
Tom-Solomon Thomas, DT/DE Stanford: With Richardson having issues and Wilkerson one foot out the door, Thomas makes Jets decision easier

Mike- OJ Howard-TE-Alabama:  Jets have a lot of young QB's who they used high picks on currently on the roster so I don't think they go QB here plus next years QB class is better. OJ Howard is a weapon for any young QB and he can replace the targets Brandon Marshall was getting.

7) LA Chargers
Tom-OJ Howard, TE Alabama:  While they can go DE here, taking Howard gives Rivers (and future QB) a phenomenal talent and Gates replacement

Mike-Marshon Lattimore-CB-Ohio St: The Chargers would love a safety but with the top  two off the board they look to improve the secondary at CB by getting the best CB in this draft. 

8) Carolina Panthers
Tom--Leonard Fournette, RB LSU: Dallas disproved taking a RB early is for fools.  Fournette and Newton will cause havoc for opposing run defenses for many years

Mike--Solomon Thomas-DE-Stanford: Thomas is one of the safest picks in this draft and the Panthers would be jumping for joy to get him at #8. They might consider RB but with Thomas falling in their lap they can't pass him up.

9) Cincinnati Bengals
Tom--Reuben Foster, LB, Alabama:  Foster is the best ILB in this draft.  In a division with Le'Veon Bell, this is a huge get for Cincy

Mike--Ruben Foster-LB-Alabama: The Bengals cut Ray Maualuga and need to replace him at middle linebacker and they don't get much better than Ruben Foster. This kid is a do-it-all linebacker who will start day one.

10) Buffalo Bills
Tom--Malik Hooker, S Ohio State:  While Buffalo can go WR here, they need a play making guy in the secondary.  Hooker instantly upgrades the back end.

Mike--Mike Williams-WR-Clemson: The Bills have no WR opposite Sammy Watkins so they go to the same school they got Watkins out of to grab Mike Williams. The Bills can run it and they have a QB in Tyrod who is decent enough, they just need weapons for him to throw to.

11) New Orleans Saints
Tom--John Ross, WR Washington:  Ross blazed the combine with a record 4.22. Brandon Cooks who?

Mike--Gareon Conley-CB-Ohio St: The Saints need to improve their defense and Conley is a CB who has all of the physical tools you want. He is a bit soft in the tackling department but his cover skills are elite.

12) Cleveland Browns
Tom--Gareon Conley, CB Ohio State:  Rumors of Haden being traded/released still in the air, Conley will make the transition less painful.

Mike--Mitchell Turbisky-QB-North Carolina: The Browns need a quarterback. The Browns have needed a quarterback for over a decade. The Browns get their quarterback here and can bring him along slowly. 

13) Arizona Cardinals
Tom--Corey Davis, WR Western Michigan:  Larry Fitzgerald is almost finished with HOF career, bring in someone with comparable metrics.

Mike--Deshaun Watson-QB-Clemson: Carson Palmer isn't getting any younger and this team needs a QB of the future. When healthy this team is talented still; time to think big-picture and go QB here.

14) Philadelphia Eagles
Tom--Dalvin Cook, RB Florida State:  Wentz needs less pressure and more weapons, Cook will provide all that and then some.  Dynamic playmaking ability

Mike--Tre'Davious White-CB-LSU: He is the next best CB on the board and the Eagles secondary needs help badly. 

15) Indianapolis Colts
Tom--Forrest Lamp, OG Western Kentucky:  Joe Philbin is OL coach, Luck was destroyed last season, he needs protection.  Lamp can even play LT.

Mike--Derek Barnett-DE-Tennessee: The Colts need to get better on both sides of the line of scrimmage. They could consider offensive line here but I think they take Barnett to get that edge rusher they lack.

16) Baltimore Ravens
Tom--Hasson Reddick, OLB Temple:  Reddick came on late and has impressive numbers.  Ravens find replacement for an aging Suggs in near future.

Mike--Corey Davis-WR-Western Michigan: The Ravens need to replace Steve Smith and you don't want Mike Wallace as your #1 WR as that is a bad situation. Davis gives Flacco another weapon in the passing game.

17) Washington Redskins
Tom-Christian McCafrey, RB Stanford: The least productive position was RB for Skins.  That changes with McCafrey and his versatility. 

Mike--Haason Reddick-LB-Temple: Reddick won the underwear oympics this past year and put on a show at the combine. He can play OLB, MLB, or possibly DE. The Redskins need help on defense making stops in key moments and Reddick will improve that unit.

18) Tennessee Titans
Tom--Taco Charlton, DE Michigan: Taco is a raw but he has major upside.  Big need filled by Titans.

Mike--John Ross-WR-Washington: The Titans improved their secondary with their first pick now they look to improve the return game and give Mariotta a deep threat. Ross can fly and will open up the rest of the field for their other WR's.

19) Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Tom--Malik McDowell, DT Michigan State: McDowell has skyrocketed up draft boards with his workouts and tape from last year.  Bucs get a versatile DL.

Mike--Dalvin Cook-RB-FSU: Cook and Winston are reunited in Tampa Bay. With Doug Martin's status up in the air Cook will step in and be a day one starter.

20) Denver Broncos
Tom--Garrett Bolles, OT Utah: The Russell Okung experiene was a disaster. Bolles provides blind side protection for future Qbs.

Mike--Ryan Ramczyk-OT-Wisconsin: The Broncos need help at tackle to give whoever their starting QB is a chance in hell to survive. I like Ramczyk as the best tackle on the board and I think Denver will be happy to have him.

21) Detroit Lions
Tom--Jabirl Peppers, CB/S Michigan: Peppers is a player nobody knows what to expect.  Lions use him at safety and helps their back end of the defense.

Mike--Jabril Peppers-S-Michigan: The Lions really want a linebacker but Peppers is too good to pass up here and there will be a quality LB on the board in Round 2 for them to grab. Lions keep their fans happy by keeping the Michigan product in state.

Jabril Peppers
22) Miami Dolphins
Tom--Takkarist McKinley, DE UCLA: With a relentless  motor and a need to keep getting better, a motivated McKinley is exaclty what the Dolphins need for the future at the DE position

Mike--Taco Charlton-DE-Michigan: Miami has pressing needs at (in no special order) G, LB, DE, CB/S. Defensive End is the most pressing needs for this team. The four names that will pop off the board are Charles Harris Taco Charlton, Jordan Willis, and Takkarist McKinley. I think Miami can add a starting guard in rounds 2 or 3 or later but I am not sure they can find a day one impact defensive end after round 1 so we go with Taco Charlton.

 23)  New York Giants
Tom--Jarrad Davis, ILB Florida: Davis is the final piece to give the Giants an elite tackler and defense.

Mike--Christian McCaffrey-RB-Standford: The Giants have zero RB's on their roster that put the fear into any defensive coordinator. McCaffrey can do it all and would be a perfect fit for the Giants offense.

24) Oakland Raiders
Tom--Kevin King, CB Washington: King is now the best Washington CB with Sidney Jones hurt.  Great length and coverage skills.

Mike--Jarrad Davis-LB-Florida: The Raiders run defense was awful last year and Davis is a guy who can play OLB or MLB and do it all. Very smart player who will come in and make an impact instantly.

25) Houston Texans
Tom--Marlon Humphrey, CB Alabama: the loss of AJ Bouye and Jonathan Joseph getting older, Texans need to go younger. Especially in a division with Luck.

Mike--Patrick Mahomes-QB-Texas Tech: Houston is a very good team that just doesn't have a QB. Mahomes will have a chance to come in and start from day 1 which is something I am not sure Watson or Turbisky will have. 

26) Seattle Seahawks
Tom--Ryan Ramczyk, OT Wisconson: Russell Wilson took a beating last year, Ramczyk will help him stay upright.

Mike--Forrest Lamp-G-Western Kentucky: Lamp to Seattle is a match made in heaven. The Seahawks offensive line has been poor the past couple years and it has hampered their running game and gotten Russel Wilson hit a lot. Lamp can play all 5 positions on the o-line and will help out wherever is needed.

27)  Kansas City Chiefs
Tom--Mike Williams, WR Clemson: Williams could go higher, but Chiefs get another good WR to pair with last year's playmaker Tyreek Hill.

Mike--Joe Mixon-RB-Oklahoma: If a team and a coach isn't afraid to take a guy with off the field issues its KC and Andy Reid. Jamal Charles is gone and KC has just so-so guys behind him. Mixon is an every down workhorse.

Charles Harris
28) Dallas Cowboys
Tom--Charles Harris, OLB/DE Missouri: Cowboys finally get some defensive help.  Harris versatility give Dallas options on where to play him.

Mike--Charles Harris-DE-Missouri: You can never have enough pass rushers and Harris gives the Cowboys another guy who can bring heat vs opposing QB's. CB is a bigger need but the best player on the board is Harris.

29)  Green Bay Packers
Tom--Quincy Wilson, CB Florida: Packers missed cornerback help in the NFC title game.  Wilson helps immediately.

Mike--Kevin King-CB-Washington: The Packers must improve their secondary and I like King a little more than guys like Jackson, Wilson, and Tabor. King to GB is a nice scheme fit as well.

30)  Pittsburgh Steelers
Tom--TJ Watt, OLB Wisconsin:  Steelers need LB depth, the younger brother of JJ is very good and will be perfect in Pittsburgh

Mike--Deshone Kizer-QB-ND: Big Ben is coming to the end of the road and is already talking retirement. Kizer is a Big Ben clone in some ways and Pittsburgh taking him here gives them the luxury to bring their next QB along slowly. 

31)  Atlanta Falcons
Tom--Tre'davious White, CB LSU:  Falcons blew a 25 point lead, which mean they were torched in the air.  White will help shore up that problem in the secondary.

Mike--Cam Robinson-OT-Alabama: Robinson falls some but I think lands in a perfect spot. He can play tackle or guard and he will make the Falcons offensive line even better.

32)  New Orleans Saints (via NE)
Tom--Deshaun Watson, QB Clemson: No better QB to learn from for a year or 2 in Drew Brees.  Watson has a winning pedigree.

Mike--Jordan Willis-DE-Kansas St: It will kill Sean Payton to pass on David Njoku the TE out of Miami here as he has the potential be a superstar TE for many years,  but he has to go in a different direction as he needs to improve that defense. Jordan Willis is one of the safest draft picks in this entire draft.

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Friday, April 21, 2017

Thank you to SiriusXM NFL Radio

Special Thanks to the boys at SiriusXM NFL Radio for letting me make the selection for the Miami Dolphins in the "FAN MOCK DRAFT" today. Thank you Pat Kirwin and Jim Miller it was an honor!

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