Thursday, March 26, 2015

My mock draft for the Miami Dolphins

Here is the mock draft I created for the Miami Dolphins via Fanspeak.Com

Tell me what you guys think.

Dolphins Mock Draft 2.0

We are in boring times right now, so I think we are due for another mock draft.  With nothing new occurring since my previous mock, I do believe we will see a new direction from Mike Tannenbaum.  Here we go:

Round 1- Pick 14: Brandon Scherff (OT/OG, Iowa)

This isn't a sexy pick, I know.  However, we will never know what Ryan Tannehill has on a deep pass if he doesn't have time to throw.  Insert Scherff,  who has a great ceiling and is the top rated OL in this draft in my opinion.  He will fill an immediate need and will help protect our QB.  He will also give a new dimension in our running game, not just in pass protection.  If Scherff falls, he could be the pick.  I show Parker and Todd Gurley available as well.  Either can give this offense some punch, and I am still a strong advocate for Parker.  However, I also do not want Dallas Thomas inserted as a starting guard.

Round 2- Pick 15:  Marcus Peters (CB, Washington)

Peters fell to me in my mock and will start right away opposite Brent Grimes.  He will give our defense an aggressive corner who can shadow a receiver right off the line.  While he was kicked off the team in Washington and has some character concerns (which is why he falls from round 1), he will provide that immediate need and Tannenbaum and Hickey hit a home run in two picks while missing out on round 3.  Melvin Gordon and Sammie Coates were my other options.  But I can see some teams reaching for Coates early in round 2

Round 4- Pick 15- Breshad Perriman (WR, UCF)

The big target we are looking for drops in round 4.  Perriman has ideal height and separation skills that will make him tough to keep off the field inside the opponent 20.  The knock on Perriman is his ball skills.  He frustrates people with not allowing the ball to come to him and stabbing at it in the air.  His drops will drop him in this draft and in my mock, falls in our lap.  Highly unlikely he makes it to us but if he does, could be a blessing in disguise.  Needs proper coaching to help  him succeed at the next level.  His big play ability will help spread the field.  My other options were Tyler Kroft, TE out of Rutgers or Tyler Lockett, WR Kansas State.

Round 5- Pick 13- Buck Allen (RB, USC)

We have our lightning with Lamar Miller.  Damien Williams also became a dependable third down back in the passing game.  With the status of Moreno up in the air, I believe Miami selects Buck Allen.  His big frame will give Miami that bruising back at the goal line and short yardage situations.  He has good vision and looks for a cutback lane. He does have issues following his block at times and needs to improve ball security.

Round 5- Pick 14- Bryce Petty (QB, Baylor)

There is no secret, bringing back Matt Moore for one more year, means Miami is in the market for a third QB to develop into Tannehill's back up.  Insert Petty, who had an amazing college career.  He is a great competitor and works out of an up-tempo offense but he needs to develop into an NFL QB.  His mechanics and accuracy need work but has a strong arm.  Dolphins ran with two QB's every week last year and even behind a dreadful line, Tannehill still hasn't missed a start.  But having Petty on the sideline for all games next year will be beneficial.

Round 6- Pick 15: Jake Ryan (OLB, Michigan)

With so much uncertainty, and disagreement between fans and probably the teams staff, Dion Jordan will not be transferred to OLB, Koa Misi remains in the middle and there's a possibility of Kelvin Sheppard winning a job.  Miami has not addressed the LB position at all and they need to build up some youth at that position.  Ryan has durability concerns but is a monster LB.  He played against tough competition in college and recorded 112 tackles.  He reads and diagnoses quickly and tracks the ball well.  He struggles to get off blocks to get to the ball carrier quick enough.

This draft is vital to the team and its short term future.  With the cap possibly getting strapped in the next few years, Miami needs to find depth.  The next month will be telling about where this team goes in the draft.  I will have another mock draft before the first round on April 30th and will also have a draft recap to follow.  Feel free to comment and let me know what you think.



Sunday, March 22, 2015

Greg Jennings to visit Dolphins

Per ESPN, Greg Jennings will visit with Dolphins. Jennings would bring a veteran presence to the locker room. His best years in GB were also under the tutelage of Joe Philbin. Could be a great match. We will keep you updated on dolphinstalk.com


Friday, March 20, 2015

Dolphins bring back Matt Moore

The Dolphins have re-signed QB Matt Moore this afternoon. No word on the details of the contract at this time.


“Five letters here just for everybody out there in Dolphin-land: R-E-L-A-X”

I’ve been reading a lot of articles and tweets about the state of our offense particularly at the wide receiver and tight end positions.  Yes, I know what we’ve lost and the production of those players. 

Mike Wallace, Brian Hartline, Brandon Gibson and Charles Clay accounted for 193 receptions, 2,236 yards and16 touchdowns…all gone, so what? No reason to cry over it.

The week 17 postgame show starring Mike Wallace and Brandon Gibson sealed their fates as Miami Dolphins, Brian Hartline regressed tremendously in our system and Charles Clay will be taking “his talents to Buffalo”…doesn't really have the same ring does it?

So I’m here to ease some doubts about what we've lost and try to show you that all hope is not lost, in fact, we should be even better.

2014 Miami Dolphins WR/TE stats:

WR1:  Mike Wallace-  Rec: 67  Yards: 862  YPR: 12.9  Long: 50 TD: 10  Catch Rate: 58% 
WR2:  Brian Hartline- Rec: 39  Yards: 474  YPR: 12.2  Long: 35 TD: 2    Catch Rate: 62%
SWR: Jarvis Landry-  Rec: 84  Yards: 758  YPR:  9      Long: 25 TD: 5    Catch Rate: 75%
TE:     Charles Clay-   Rec: 58  Yards: 605  YPR: 10.4  Long: 41 TD: 3    Catch Rate: 69%

Too much money not enough Touchdowns, Miami had the most expensive recieving corp in the league. 

I want you to Look at the last stat, the catch rate percentage and the difference between a rookie in Landry and the vets...big difference. And remember, they were all catching balls from the same quarterback.

According to Football Outsiders, “Catch Rate represents the percentage of passes to this receiver completed. This is a reference to incomplete passes, not dropped passes: dropped passes are not specified in publicly available play-by-play, and unfortunately we cannot yet correct for this.”

Projected 2015 Miami Dolphins WR: (2014 stats)
*= New Weapon

WR1: *Kenny Stills-       Rec: 63  Yards: 931 YPR: 14.8   Long: 69 TD: 3    Catch Rate: 76%
WR2: *D. Parker-           Rec: 43  Yards: 855 YPR: 19.9   Long: 71 TD: 5    (In only 6 Games!!!) 
SWR: Jarvis Landry-     Rec:  84  Yards: 758  YPR:  9     Long: 25 TD: 5     Catch Rate: 75%
TE:*Jordan Cameron-   Rec: 24 Yards: 424  YPR: 17.7   Long: 81 TD: 2    Catch Rate: 50% (Forgive him, he was a Brown)

I know I know, the total numbers don't look that glamorous at first, but each player brings a completely different dynamic and skill set to the team. 

We have lacked this kind of potential for years. The offense scored a touchdown in the red zone only 51.4% of the time, that was good for 21st in the NFL. That is not playoff worthy. 

Who scores red zone touchdowns?…TIGHT ENDS. Jordan Cameron and Dion Sims are 6’5’’ and 6’4’’ respectively and both are freakishly athletic. Expect to see a lot of double tight end sets in the red zone and the that percentage should get a huge bump when you factor in that Tannehill will have an even better grasp of the offense. 

The system that Bill Lazor runs is PERFECT for the players we’ve picked up and will pick up via draft and free agency. I have complete faith in Lazor and Tannehill to make the jump into top 10 territory. We are only going to go as far as the right arm of Ryan Tannehill will take us but the talent he now will now have around him will be better than he's ever had.

So sit back, relax and enjoy the ride...still a long way go and who knows, maybe Mikey T has some tricks up his sleeve come draft day.

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What's next for the Dolphins?

With the draft still a few weeks away there are still a couple holes on this Dolphins team including a starting guard spot, wr, cb,lb, rb,and safety despite the recent signings of Lamichael James and Louis Delmas. The cream of the crop regarding free agents are gone and we will likely see only a couple more signings and fill the rest of our needs through the draft. With following a lot of dolphins fans on twitter the prospects I hear the most about are Amari Cooper If he was to drop or trade up, Devante Parker, Trae Waynes, Eric Kendricks, Jalen Strong and lael Collins. What free agents would you like to see the Dolphins sign on bargain deals and who would you like the dolphins to select at 14?