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Three Hot Topics Around the Dolphins

Offseason workout? Nah, Dion skipped that for this instead
With the NFL Draft less than a week away there is a lot of news and rumors in Dolphins land these days. Let's break down three hot topics surrounding the Dolphins.

1) Dion Jordan and the Dolphins rocky relationship
It appears Dion Jordan and the Dolphins are on the outs these days in a major way. Dion was the only member of the team not to show up for the first of the Dolphins offseason workouts this past week. For a guy who has failed multiple drug tests, has made no impact on the field at all in two years you would have to wonder what could he be thinking skipping these? Well, it looks like the kid is just a total bust of a player. Lazy, unmotivated, and on drugs. Safe to say he flat out doesn't care. If he is trying to force his way out of Miami well he is doing a good job of it as he will probably get his wish.

I read a report last night that when Jordan failed his two drug tests last year it voided out a large portion if not all of his guaranteed money in 2015 and 2016 which now makes it easier for the Dolphins to cut him or trade him. Trading him will be tough if not impossible since he has two failed drug tests and is one failed drug test away from a one year suspension. Not to mention his contract isn't very cap friendly and would be tough to move. Remember though Mike Tannenbaum found a way to trade Ellerbee and Wallace who also had bad contracts so I will give Mr.T the benefit of the doubt he could find a way to trade Jordan. Two realistic landing spots for Jordan would be Philadelphia and Dallas. Philly for obvious reasons as they were going to take him 4th in the 2013 NFL Draft if Miami didn't trade up to grab him and his old college coach Chip Kelly is there. Dallas because they are in the need of a pass rusher after Greg Hardy will now miss 10 games. Could and should the Dolphins cut him? I say yes that seems more realistic honsetly.

Oh and wondering where Dion Jordan was when he skipped the offseason working. Look at the above picture. He was on vacation with his girlfriend of the week.

2) Todd Gurley: Legit Option at #14 or a Smokescreen
To me this has smokescreen all over it. There are three teams picking after Miami that are in desperate need of a running back. San Diego, Baltimore, and Dallas. With the news this past week that Gurley is on the fact track to being 100% and his knee is all but fine, the Gurley hype is going through the roof. I have seen some drafts having him go as high as #6 now to the Jets. While I don't think Gurley will go in the Top 10 nothing would shock me. There have been numerous reports (both local in Miami and National) that the Fins are very interested in Gurley at #14 and might take him.

To me this is a total smokescreen and some draft day strategy to maybe get a team to trade up and grab him. For one, Lamar Miller is coming off a very very good year so why are the Fins even looking at a RB of this level and someone who would come in and replace Miller from Day 1? Second, the Dolphins have glaring needs at Offensive Guard, Linebacker, Corner, and Wide Receiver. Drafting a running back does nothing to improve this team. Third, there is a chance Gurley gets a setback in rehab and could start the year on PUP and miss the first 6 weeks. While I understand the Dolphins desire to get a running back to compliment Miller, I don't see using a top half first round pick on one as being wise.

Also, something to keep in mind. It was reported (by Omar Kelly I believe) that the Mike Tannenbaum is BFF's (Omar didn't use that term but esentially that's what they are) with the agent for Gurley. So, by this "leaked info" that the Fins are interested in Gurley it might force a team to trade up in Rd 1 to grab Gurley. Which means more $$$money$$$ for Gurley and more $$$money$$$ for Gurley's agent. Could Tannenbaum be doing his BFF a solid by leaking info the Fins are interested in him to drum up interested for his BFF's client?! Could be the case. In fact gun to my head I believe that to be the case.

3) Greg Jennings and why this signing was brilliant
The Dolphins added Greg Jennings at WR this week and it was a brilliant move. First off people talk about Greg Jennings like he is in his 40's the guy is only 31 years old and has been putting up productive seasons as of late. His numbers last year in Minnesota with a rookie QB and no running game weren't awful. Put him in a better offense with a real QB (yes Tannehill is a real QB people) and he could be a 75-80 catch guy with 900 yards and 7-8 TD's. Which isn't bad for a two year $8 million deal. Is Jennings the long-term answer and a #1 WR? Hell no. Is he a good fit for this team? HELL YES! And signing Jennings doesn't mean the Dolphins won't look to add another WR in Rounds 1 or 2 of the draft. If Parker falls to them at 14 they will jump on that. If someone like Dorsett is there in Rd 2 of course Miami will be all over him. And if nobody is there worth taking at either spot Miami can now wait until the mid-rounds to find a WR they like. The signing of Jennings doesn't solve the WR problem Miami has, it just puts a band aid on it and doesn't force Miami to reach for a WR in rounds 1 or 2 now next week at the draft.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Fins sign WR Greg Jennings

The Dolphins signed Free Agent WR Greg Jennings today to a 2 year $8 million deal. Jennings will be a day 1 starter for the Fins and bring a lot of valuable experience to a young WR corp. Jennings was cut by Minnesota when Miami traded Mike Wallace to the Vikings in March.

This move also creates options for Miami in Rd 1 of the draft. Miami which was desperate for a WR as they were very thin at the position depth chart wise now has the option to look at other areas when they are on the clock in Rd 1. WR isn't such a need they need to reach to take someone who might not be worthy of their pick when they are on the clock.

A solid signing all around for the Dolphins today.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Miami Dolphins 2015 Schedule

Sep 13  Miami @ Washington 1:00 PM
Sep 20  Miami @ Jacksonville  4:05 PM 
Sep 27  Buffalo @ Miami  4:25 PM
Oct 04  NY Jets @ Miami  @Wembley Stadium, London 9:30 AM
Oct 18  Miami @ Tennessee 1:00 PM
Oct 25  Houston @ Miami 1:00 PM
Oct 29  Miami @ New England 8:25 PM
Nov 08  Miami @ Buffalo 1:00 PM
Nov 15  Miami @ Philadelphia 1:00 PM
Nov 22  Dallas @ Miami 1:00 PM
Nov 29  Miami @ NY Jets 1:00 PM
Dec 06  Baltimore @ Miami 1:00 PM
Dec 14  NY Giants @ Miami 8:30 PM
Dec 20  Miami @ San Diego 4:25 PM
Dec 27  Indianapolis @ Miami 1:00 PM
Jan 03  New England @ Miami 1:00 PM

No December games up north, the last 5 games all in warm weather cities with 4 of the 5 being in Miami. The NFL's way of thanking the Dolphins for giving up a home divisional game to play in London?
Other than the divisional games, the ones I'm most looking forward to are:
Houston. The only team Miami has never beaten. This could be the year that streak ends.
Indianapolis. Luck Vs Tannehill III
The game I am most looking forward to? Dallas. Already have my ticket for that one :)

Miami Dolphins 2015 Schedule is Out

Here is the Schedule....CLICK HERE

Some things that stick out...

1) Fins play ONLY 2 games in Sun Life Stadium the first 10 weeks of the year. Only 2 true home games first 10 week....season will be won or lost then.

2) Fins end the year with 4 of 5 at home, which is nice (if they can stay afloat early on)

3) Fins open soft vs 2 downright bad teams, must get off to a good start.

4) Fins really avoid any bad cold weather game. Only chance for bad weather is Nov 29th vs Jets. 

My top 5 draft picks for 2015

As we fast approach the NFL draft, many different pundits have different takes on what Miami would look at.  I am no different and would like to share my top 5 picks for Miami at 14.

1.  DeVante Parker-  It seems like it will be a pipe dream at this point.  Parker has been sky rocketing up draft boards and could go as high as 7-12 picks.  Miami, being at 14, would have to trade up if they truly love Parker.  According to many Dolphins writers, that seems to be the case.  However, trading up isn't really in the cards unless they offer up players with a swap of firsts. 

2.  Todd Gurley-  Gurley was one of the top prospects in this draft prior to his ACL tear in November.  He seems to be recovering well and should be ready for training camp.  Gurley is the power back that Miami is searching for.  The team struggles on third downs and short distances.  It seems Lazor has Tannehill passing on those situations due to lack of trust with the interior OL and the running backs size.  Gurley would fill a huge need and allow Miami to run the ball more.

3.  La'el Collins- Speaking of interior OL, La'el Collins would fill an immediate need at OG.  He played LT in college but could make the switch.  The dude is a mauler and will allow better protection for Tannehill, and give the running game a signifigant boost.  He could also be a plug and play if Albert is not ready for the first couple weeks of the season (even though Albert is working out with the team as we speak).

4.  Marcus Peters- I don't agree with most when putting Trae Waynes at the head of this class.  Marcus Peters is the most complete CB in this draft.  He has the size and physicallity that Miami sorely needs.  Granted, Miami does have depth at corner (Taylor, McCain, Davis, who could start opposite Grimes), but it seems like the franchise isn't sold on them.  Peters does have character concerns (Philbin hates problem characters), but this guy is the real deal.  Philbin may not even be here next year.

5.  Bershad Perriman-  Perriman has also shot up draft boards with great workouts and pro day.  He has the size and speed to help the offense and can be a plug and play now.  Granted I am not completely sold on him, but WR is the biggest need in this draft.  They need to land one but may reach.  Over time, Perriman could be what we all wanted Wallace to be.  It still depends on if the QB can hit the long ball in stride


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