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Landry Jones turning Pro according to ESPN

Heather Cox of ESPN  reporting from the Oklahoma sideline during the bowl featuring Iowa and Oklahoma that "word" going around the Oklahoma team is that Landry Jones will declare for the NFL draft and this will be his final game for OU. With RGIII and Andrew Luck expected to enter the 2012 NFL Draft class the addition of Jones makes the quarterback class that much deeper. Even with the loss of Matt Barkley, this upcoming years Quarterback class looks to be one of the stronger ones in recent years. So a quarterback hungry team like Miami has no excuse to not get one of these guys.

2012 Resolutions

Not only will Sunday's game vs. the New York Jets be Jason Taylor's final game, but it will also be the first game of 2012. Sure, the 2011 season is over, but it's never too early to start thinking ahead (as Dolphin fans, we're used to this concept).

So to kickoff the new year, here's a list of new years resolutions for the men in aqua and orange as they take on the Jets New Years Day (it's a pointless game, so why not have a pointless post?):
  • The Miami Dolphins are going to DESTROY the New York Jets on Sunday or else my 2012 "I'm going to lose 20 pounds" resolution is going to be delayed a few days until I've eaten enough ice cream to numb the pain.
  • Since Reggie Bush is out, Daniel Thomas will be expected to replace him as the premier RB. Obviously the rookie shouldn't be held up to the same expectations as Bush who broke 1,000 yards the week before, but Thomas has shown a lot of promise. My resolution for him: keep doing what you're doing, just don't fumble the ball.
  • As a Penn Stater, I'm still bitter about losing the Rose Bowl in 2009 to USC, and I'm sure Jared Odrick is too, so with that being said, I hope J.O. gets sacks on sacks on sacks on that "quarterback" Mark Sanchez. Besides, it's been a while since we've been able to enjoy the pee-wee dance. TEQUILA!
  • Brandon Marshall will be able to get through all 4 quarters without dropping a catchable pass....nothing's impossible.
  • Matt Moore will realize Brian Hartline has hands of glue and should be the go-to receiver.
  • Perfectville will have a population of 2: The 1972 and 2012 Miami Dolphins :)
Remember, there are resolutions, not predictions. PHINS UP! J-E-T-S SUCK, SUCK, SUCK!!!

**REMINDER** If you are attending Sunday's game, make sure you are in your seats by12:45 for Jason Taylor's retirement ceremony!!!


Reggie Bush OUT vs Jets

Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post is reporting Reggie Bush will not play Sunday vs the NY Jets

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Whose Horizon is Brighter?

The upcoming Dolphins-Jets game on Sunday will be a very interesting one for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, a Dolphin win would eliminate the Jets from the 2011-2012 playoff picture and give all Jet-haters a very warm and fuzzy feeling. The matchup will serve as an excellent test for Dolphin QB Mike Moore against a desperate Jets team that must do everything possible to win. It will also be Jason Taylor's last NFL game. But an observer should look beyond the obvious by comparing two franchises starved for success and their rebuilding methods.

We all know the long. sad story of the Dolphin QB position since the retirement of Dan Marino in 2000. But one can argue that the Jets have been searching for a QB since Joe Namath left in the mid-1970's. First-round draft choices Richard Todd and Browning Nagle were complete busts. Ken O'Brien, another first-round pick, was a decent QB but never outstanding. They signed Brett Favre for a season that ended in complete failure. The Jets organization was so hungry for a franchise QB they traded up in 2009 to get the draft choice that turned into Mark Sanchez. Needless to say, Sanchez has not lived up to expectations. Hints are now being dropped that a 36-year old damaged Peyton Manning might be their answer at QB. Since Rex Ryan became Jets coach, he has similarly "plugged in' veterans such as LaDainian Tomlinson, Braylon Edwards, Antonio Cromartie, Santonio Holmes, Plaxico Burress, etc. Yet, that team is now fighting to salvage the season. If there's a lesson to be learned from the 2011-2012 Philadelphia Eagles, it's that "plugging in" bodies doesn't work. Systems work. The Patriots, for example, have a successful system from which they don't deviate. They only "plug in" players that fit, not randomly as the Jets seem to do.

The Dolphins desperately need management that will institute a winning system, not continually patch over problems for perceived short-term gain as the Jets have done. Not trade draft picks as quickly as the Jets have done. In many ways, I prefer to be in the Dolphins' shoes, not the Jets. The Dolphins now know what they must do to rebuild. They just need to make good choices. The Jets don't seem too certain about their next step and may be mired in mediocrity for a very long period of time. The future of the Dolphins may not be as grim as it seems.

Dumbass Opens his mouth again

More pearls of wisdom by Brandon Marshall this week in the lead-up to the Jets game.....

On starting a fight this week and getting thrown out of the game: “I was thinking about getting kicked out again, but I don’t want to start out next season at home being suspended,” Marshall said. “I’m gonna play clean this week and try and be ready for next year.”

On the Revis INT returned for a TD against him earlier this year:  “My technique could’ve been better, but I think they gave him the [Michael] Jordan rule,” Marshall said on a conference call yesterday. “You get a little close to Michael Jordan, they’re gonna call a foul. It works that way in football. Some guys they’re scared to throw the flag on and he may be getting that rule.”
“Nine times out of 10 you will,” Marshall said. “I have a little following behind me. I am one of the faces of football, but it’s not as big as Darrelle, so when they have to pick, they pick Darrelle.”

On playing against Revis: “I look at my matchup with Darrelle and it reminds me of a boxing match,” Marshall said. “It’s 12 rounds. It’s a fight. We’re both physical players. We’re both tough, smart players. It’s fun. I love competing versus the best and I look forward to the challenge again this week.”

“Darrelle is one of the best corners in the league right now, but he’s still human,” Marshall said. 

“Being honest, there’s some guys you have to put in a couple hours to prepare for and there’s some guys like Darrelle that you gotta put in a lot of overtime. I still have my old notes on him so it makes it easier. ... There’s no real trash talking, but there’s no backing down.”

Where to start, where to start. It's funny that Marshall thinks he is one of the "faces of the football" and has a following. He does for all the wrong reasons. Brandon needs to realize people are laughing at him and not with him. He is a joke and stands for all that is wrong with this league. The second funny thing is how he entertained the idea of starting a fight this week and getting thrown out again..., wait again? When was he kicked out the first time?. Once again the first time Brandon said this foolishness he came off as an idiot, saying it again just re-enforces what kind of idiot he is. And last but not least, the "Jordan Rules"....look all superstar players get away with a little more than the average joe/run of the mill player, Brandon needs to stop making excuses and man up and beat him! Enough with the excuses!

(quotes courtesy of the NY Post)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Jason Taylor: The Last Great Dolphin

Over the past 30 years there really have only been two long-time Dolphins who can be considered as Hall of Fame worthy, one of course was Dan Marino and the other will play his last game this Sunday. Junior Seau and Cris Carter are going to the hall of fame, but they were never "real Dolphins," they were only in Miami for a cup of coffee. Jason Taylor since 1997 has been the best player the Miami Dolphins have had on its roster year in and year out (minus the 2 years away he spent in Washington and New York.) Jason Taylor is the last tie to the Dan Marino era as well for this franchise as he was Dan's teammate for Dan's last two seasons. So when JT retires after Sunday's game a lot of history is going with him.

For most of Taylor's time in Miami the Dolphins have been a downright miserable franchise but the one constant has been JT's elite and high level of play week in and week out. Now, JT has had his drawbacks no doubt. He has often thrown fellow teammates under the bus in the media, he has often not been a locker-room leader when he was being paid to be one and when the situation called for it, he has not taken his offseason workouts seriously in recent years, and his attacking of Sparano when he went to New York and his public feud with Parcells was very messy.  But, come game-time for those 3 hours on the field, JT always brought it. And with all of that said, JT belongs in the Dolphins Honor Roll. They shouldn't retire his number, I believe only a select few should have that honor and JT didn't meet the criteria for that, but Dolphins Honor Roll, no doubt.

So, for the couple thousand of you South Floridians not hungover come Sunday morning/afternoon after New Years Eve, when you make the trip to Sun Life/Pro Player/Landshark/Joe Robbie Stadium, stand up and applaud Jason Taylor. Because who knows the next time you will see an NFL Hall of Fame player in a Miami Dolphins uniform and also thank him for his many years of service to this franchise.

Taylor To Retire

Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald reports that Jason Taylor will retire after the season is over. Taylor, a six-time Pro Bowler has totaled 139.5 sacks, the sixth-best in NFL history. He’s also scored 9 touchdowns in his career.

Dolphins In The Pro Bowl

Despite an injury plagued year, Jake Long was named to his 4th Pro Bowl. Brandon Marshall was also named to the AFC squad.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Brees Eclipses Marino's Passing Yards Record

New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees entered Monday Night's game against Atlanta needing 305 yards to break Dan Marino's single season passing yard record of 5084 yards. He got 307 yards. The record came on a 9 yard TD pass with 2:51 left in the game. Brees may not be the only one to pass Marino's mark. Tom Brady needs 188 against Buffalo to pass Marino. Aaron Rodgers is 431 yards away, but is not likely to play a full game against Detroit Sunday.

Congratulations to Brees, who could have been (should have been) a Dolphin twice. Unfortunately the idiots in charge at the time thought Jamar Fletcher and Dante Culpepper were the better choice at the time.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Dolphins Can Stick It To The Jets

This coming Sunday, the Dolphins have a good chance to end a bad season on a positive note. The NY Jets and their big mouth coach, who guaranteed a Super Bowl, roll into Miami in a must win game. The Jets playoff hopes are slim to start with, but a loss knocks them out. In order for the Jets to get in, they need a win plus losses from Cincinnati (Vs Baltimore) and Tennessee (at Houston) coupled with a loss by either Oakland (Vs San Diego) or Denver (Vs Kansas City).  The only one of those games that is at 1:00 is the Tennessee at Houston game, so the Jets won't know their playoff fate early on.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Jake Long tore right biceps; injuries continue to mount

Chris Mortensen of ESPN is reporting Jake Long tore his right biceps in Saturday's loss to the Patriots. This will end Long's season and put a huge question mark on his status entering the 2012 season. Long will be entering the final year of his contract and with this injury as well has his bad shoulder, lower back problems, and knee issues Miami must decide if it is willing to invest big money in this player who is clearly damaged only 4 year into his NFL career.

This latest injury also shines a light on how much of a colossal mistake it was to pass on Matt Ryan for this now banged up left tackle.

2012 is a make or break year for Jake Long. If the injuries prevent him from starting the season on the active roster or the injuries continue to mount it most likely will be his last season with the Miami Dolphins. To invest big money in a guy who is so beaten up only 4 years into his career would be foolish.

Will The Dolphins Make A Bold Move For A QB?

One week he's hot, one week he's not. That seems to be the story with Matt Moore. Saturday it was one half he's not, one half he's not. Still, did anyone expect this game at New England to be this close? Even after the first half, did anyone expect the Pats not to adjust, or Tom Brady not to do what he did? That is what an elite QB does. Guys like Brady, Rodgers and Brees put their team on their shoulders and find a way to win. While I think Matt Moore could be a quality starter, I don't think he will ever be elite. It is why, no matter what, Jeff Ireland MUST land a QB in the 2012 draft.

As Mike Oliva stated in an earlier post, Miami is not out of the running for Andrew Luck just yet. That could be decided next week. If Indianapolis can win at Jacksonville and St Louis loses to San Francisco, St. Louis will end up with the number one pick. The team still has a lot of faith (and A LOT of money) in Sam Bradford and will likely entertain trade offers. But that number one pick won't come cheap. There have been reports that it could cost the team wanting to trade up 3 or 4 number ones. That's a pretty steep price, but if Luck is everything some say he is going to be, he would be worth it. If St. Louis ends up with the number 2 pick, they would probably entertain offers for that pick as well for anyone wanting to draft Robert Griffin III.

Miami is currently sitting in the 8th spot in the 2012 draft and their prospects for moving up are not very good, even with a loss to the New York Jets, who must win this game for any shot at the playoffs. Jacksonville (4-11), Cleveland (4-11) and Tampa Bay (4-11) and Washington (5-10) all sit in front of Miami and all have tough games except Jacksonville, who hosts Indianapolis next week. Cleveland hosts Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay is at Atlanta and Washington is at Philadelphia. So it's quite possible the Dolphins could lose and gain no ground on the teams in front of them.

It's also possible the Dolphins could wait and see if Landry Jones drops down to them at number 8. From what I saw of him in the last half of the college season, he didn't look like a top 5 pick. And I've seen people mention him anywhere from the top 10 to the second round. It's hard to tell with him at this point. There is one other little thing I'm forgetting to mention. All three of these guys have a year of eligibility left. Regardless, I'm hoping that Ireland has some kind of plan in place for the draft. The free agent class is not going to be that strong. Unless the Dolphins want to see more empty seats next year, it's time to make a bold move, not only at draft time, but in their search for a head coach.

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We agree QB is the Dolphins' primary need in the upcoming college draft, Matt Moore notwithstanding. But what if none of the leading college QBs are available for the Dolphins in the first round of the 2012 draft? Some might be taken already, some may choose to stay in college for an additional year, some may not want to come to Miami, etc. Perhaps the Dolphins may not want to pay the very steep price in order to trade up. Just take the best QB available at that spot, no matter who he might be? I don't think so. The Jets traded up to get Mark Sanchez and that may now be starting to cost them dearly.

The Dolphins have many other deficiencies that require attention. SS Yeremiah Bell is turning 34 and may be starting to slip. The FS position has been a patchwork with neither Chris Clemons, Rashad Jones, nor Tyrone Culver able to secure it on a full-time basis. The right side of the offensive line is disintegrating. John Jerry was unable take hold of the RT position plus we may be seeing the last of Vernon Carey. The CB position has not been nearly as strong as people had thought, with the disappointing Sean Smith possibly about to bolt in free agency. NT may be up in the air as well. None of this is a secret to Dolphin insiders. The point here is not to look at the QB as a "savior". He is but one person, albeit a critical person, on a 53-man roster. Fans are obsessed with QB because he is often the team leader, the most obvious face on the field. There have been many great QBs in the past (e.g. Sonny Jurgensen, Archie Manning, Fran Tarkenton, etc.) who achieved little team success because they didn't have the necessary pieces around them. If the Dolphins can get either Luck, Barkley RG3, or Jones, for example, that would be wonderful. I wouldn't give up most of my draft to move up to get any of them, as New Orleans did to get Ricky Williams or Minnesota did to obtain Herschel Walker. San Francisco succeeded when they gave up their draft to move up to get Jerry Rice, but that is the exception not the rule. The important thing is to have a high "batting average" in the draft, to obtain players who will contribute for years to come. Starving for a QB doesn't mean that a team should overpay to get one. Even if the QB position has been a revolving door for over a decade.


With the Red-Hot Colts winning their 2nd in a row last night, they are on the verge of giving up the #1 pick in the NFL Draft. Don't laugh, but if the Colts beat Jacksonville next week (not that difficult in all honesty) and the Rams or Vikings lose, the Colts go from picking 1st to either 2nd or 3rd.

With the Rams paying Sam Bradford a ton of money, they would have to trade the pick (ie Luck) or Bradford. Miami would be in play for either. If the Vikings are picking first they would trade Christian Ponder or the pick (ie Luck) and Miami would be in play for both of those as well.


A Patriotic Prediction

The first time the Phins and Pats met this season, on opening day, the Patriots lit the Dolphins up like a Christmas tree, with extra lights. The Dolphins have gotten better since and will have to be even better if they want to have a chance to win this game. The Dolphins must contain the Pats TE duo of Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez. The Dolphins have always had problems with tight ends and don't think Tom Brady doesn't know this. The Pats defense isn't all that good and they don't have much of a running game, but Brady is having another great year.

While I don't think the Pats will put up the numbers they did in the first game, they are just too good and are playing at home with homefield through the playoffs on the line. Miami will keep it interesting though.....

New England 31  Miami 24

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QB Draft Prospects Drop By One

USC QB Matt Barkley announced today that he is returning to school for his senior year. For the Dolphins, that lessens the chances that one of the top college QB's will be there for them when their turn comes up. Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III will likely be gone early assuming both come out this year. Landry Jones, who is also a junior might be around when the Dolphins pick, but he didn't impress me that much.

So unless the Dolphins make a trade in the draft, Matt Moore could return as the starter next season. It's possible Indianapolis could part ways with Payton Manning, so he is a possibility. Either way the Dolphins will need at the least a back up for Moore.

Sun Life Stadium getting a new name....again!

The Miami Dolphins will need a new name for their stadium within 3 years. According to the article Manny Navarro wrote in the Sun Sentinel. According to the article...

Sun Life Financial, the parent company behind the naming rights to the stadium, announced last week it was pulling up stakes in the United States. The Canadian company is retreating from two staples of its U.S operation and will no longer sell life insurance and variable-rate annuities in the U.S. The company is expected to turn its sights toward Asia. And that means that in three years when the naming rights agreement between the Dolphins and the financial giant expires, the name Sun Life will come off the stadium. A Dolphins spokesman was unavailable for comment. The Dolphins are expected to begin a search for a new naming rights partner in the very near future.

Brandon Marshall "DROP IT" video compilation of only some of his many drops

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Jimmy Wilson VIDEO (must watch for any Dolphins Fan)

CLICK HERE to watch the Video

Baby with the bath water

So, the Dolphin trifecta is breaking up. Bill Parcells left over a year ago and Tony Sparano was just fired during a disastrous 2010-2011 season. Nobody should be mourning over this. In retrospect, the thought of the Dolphins hiring a 1980's fossil like Parcells was ludicrous. Furthermore, the idea of trusting Parcells in his hire of an inexperienced coach like Sparano was even more absurd. The only remaining member of the Trifecta is Jeff ireland. Stephen Ross has made it clear that Ireland is staying. The decisions that will be made from now until next August may affect the direction of the Miami Dolphins for the next decade or more. Should Ireland, who was involved in key personnel decisions, be retained?

There have been four drafts since the Trifecta arrived. Parcells had a strong hand in the first three (2008, 2009 and 2010). The fourth (2011) occurred after Parcells disappeared from view. One can thus conclude that the 2011 draft was the sole property of Jeff Ireland. How did he do? Outstanding. It may turn out to be one of the greatest Dolphins drafts ever. Mike Pouncy, the first draft pick, has been terrific and will probably anchor the offensive line for the next decade. Should Ireland have taken a QB? Probably. His decision to award the job to Chad Henne without real competition was a mistake. But the center position, a slot that has had constant turmoil since the 1990's days of Tim Ruddy, is now resolved without question. Daniel Thomas has shown flashes of excellence between stints on the injury list. His inability to gain goal line yards is disturbing. Yet, one has to feel that his very best days are ahead of him. Also, Thomas' blocking skills have markedly improved since the beginning of the season. Charles Clay has unique ability as an H-back and should be a vital cog in the Dolphin offense once he gets additional seasoning. Clyde Gates is a speedster who has also shown flashes but needs experience. Jimmy Wilson is a late-round cornerback who already shows playmaking ability. Frank Kearse was a late-round draft bust. Keep in mind the general consensus of experts is that successfully hitting on 50% of draft choices constitutes a rousing success. The 2011 Dolphin draft should far exceed that.

Many other Ireland decisions were sound. Taking a chance on Matt Moore after he failed as QB with two other teams was a brilliant decision and could have far-reaching impact. Signing Reggie Bush as free agent exceeded all expectations. The decision to discontinue Parcells' absurd roster churning has led to vastly improved Special Teams play. Ireland's decision to ignore the ridiculous preseason chants for QB Kyle Orton was justified, especially when Denver overplayed their hand and wanted a second-round choice in return. Ireland has a reputation as an exceptional evaluator of talent. A major error was in signing Marc Columbo, an over-the-hill offensive tackle. Ireland may have put too much faith, in this case, in Tony Sparano's supposed expertise as an offensive line "guru". We'll never know.

Anecdotally, most Dolfans and observers would prefer Ireland be fired to remove the stench of the Trifecta from the franchise. I don't subscribe to that view. Ireland should be judged on his own merits, not those of either Parcells or Sparano. The 2012 draft may be the most critical in Dolphin history. Let's give him a chance. I have confidence in him.

Dolphin RB 200 Yard Days

Reggie Bush's 203 yard effort against Buffalo this past Sunday makes him the 3rd Dolphin runner in team history to eclipse the 200 yard mark. Ricky Williams accomplished the feat twice and holds the team record of 228 yards and Lamar Smith had a 200 yard day against Indianapolis in the 2000 wild card playoff game Vs Indianapolis. Just like Bush's effort, Williams team record 228 yard day also came on a snowy December day in Buffalo.

Lamar Smith's 200 yard day on December 30th, 2000 was the first in team history. The closest any runner came in the previous 34 seasons was Mercury Morris, who rushed for 197 yards against New England on September 30th, 1973. Morris accomplished his 197 yard day on only 15 attempts. He did have a 70 yard TD run.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Reggie Bush to Co-Host with Kelly Ripa on LIVE WITH KELLY

January 9th, 2012 Reggie Bush will be Co-Hosting with Kelly Ripa on her morning TV Show LIVE WITH KELLY! Since Regis Philbin has retired Kelly is trying out different people looking for a permanent co-host.

With 2 weeks to go, Fins drafting 8th

Currently the Miami Dolphins hold the 8th position in the NFL draft. Being behind Indy, Cleveland, and Washington it looks like if the Fins will want either Luck, Barkley, or Griffin they will have to trade up to get one.

Breaking sports news video. MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL highlights and more.

Peter King: Jeff Fisher is the leader for the Miami Dolphins Head Coaching Job

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Todd Bowles Post Game Press Conference

CLICK HERE to watch Todd Bowles Post Game Press conference

Still the only PERFECT team in NFL History

Bowles Gets First Win As Head Coach

Depending on your point of view, it was a good day for Dolphin fans, young and old. For the older fans, such as myself who cherish the Dolphins perfect 17-0 season, it was a good day as the Green Bay Packers fell at Kansas City. Oddly, as Green Bay fell to 13-1, the only 0-13 team, Indianapolis pulled off a win to improve to 1-13.

The Dolphins won a game today that at times, was pretty sloppy. Brandon Marshall made a nice play on a 65 yard TD pass from Matt Moore, but again dropped 2 passes in the endzone that led to field goals and fumbled the ball away with the Dolphins driving in Bills territory.

If you are concerned about draft position, this win could hurt. Two other 4-9 teams, Carolina and Washington also won, but the loss also dropped the Bills to 5-9.  Jacksonville, Cleveland and Tampa Bay lost this week to drop to 4-10. St Louis and Minnesota check in at 2-12 while Indy brings up the rear and 1-13. As it stands now, Miami would have the 9th spot. Even though they swept Buffalo, they would still draft ahead of them based on strength of schedule.

Congratulations are in order for RB Reggie Bush who had a career day with 203 yards rushing including a 74 yard run late in the game that proved to be the difference as the defense let Buffalo score 10 points in the last few minutes t let the Bills get back in it.

Marino's Passing Mark Going Down

One of Dan Marino's last remaining records is going to fall, maybe as soon as next week. Drew Brees threw for 412 yards today against Minnesota and now is only 304 yards away from Marino's mark of 5084 yards. With 2 home games left, only an injury would prevent Brees from breaking the record. Another record Brees could break is consecutive games with a TD pass. He is currently at 41 games. The record is 47 held by Johnny Unitas. Just think, we could have had this guy twice.....

Meaningless Game? Not Really

The Todd Bowles era kicks off today with a not so meaningless game at 5-8 Buffalo. But Ken, you say, Miami is 4-9 and Buffalo is 5-8, neither is going to the playoffs, so how can this not be a meaningless game? It's meaningless in the playoff standings but very meaningful in the draft position standings. As it stands, the Dolphins are in the 8th slot. The Dolphins are bunched in with 9 4-9, 5-8 and 4-10 teams. Out of those teams, Miami currently holds a tiebreaker over just one, Tampa Bay. And they aren't looking for a quarterback.

Here are the teams looking for or maybe looking for a QB and their remaining schedule:
Washington 4-9, @NY Giants, Minnesota and @Philadelphia.
Cleveland 4-9, @Arizona, @Baltimore and Pittsburgh
Kansas City 5-8, Green Bay, Oakland and @Denver

Minnesota spent a 1st round pick on Christian Ponder last year, but could they pass on Barkley or Griffin? St. Louis has Sam Bradford. Jacksonville spent a 1st on Blaine Gabbert. Those are the three teams, in my opinion who would make the most likely trade partners, should the Dolphins need to go the trade route. But they will need to be aggressive if it comes to that because no doubt there will be other teams looking to do the same. If the Wonder Boy Jeff Ireland wants to score some points with Dolphin fans he better do what it takes to get a QB.

As for today's "meaningless" game....If Matt Moore and Jake Long play
Miami 24  Buffalo 13
If Moore and Long sit...
Buffalo 13  Miami 6

Saturday, December 17, 2011

FLASHBACK: Dolphins vs Bills 1993

When ESPN actually showed highlights and explained what happened in the game and when Chris Berman used to be good!

Jimmy Johnson speaks on Dolphins head coaching opening

On Twitter Jimmy Johnson said his choice for the Dolphins head coaching position is Brian Billick.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Moore and Long expected to play

Mat Moore and Jake Long returned to practice on Thursday and are expected to play on Sunday.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Nutcase is promoting his movie about being a Nutcase


Now that I got your attention...

This is NOT true, but could you imagine how amazing that would be?!

I told @FinsForLife13 and @finsjesse that I would explode with happiness if this were to happen, but I actually think that's an understatement. So just for fun (since we don't have much more to look forward to this season), consider this a "petition" to convince Dan Marino that he should forget the office and get back on the field! Comment below with your thoughts or just "sign" your name. Let's see how many DolFans we can get!


Predictions: From Here To April

-Miami at Buffalo, JP Losman at QB, someone other than Jake Long at left tackle? Let the collapse begin.  Buffalo 27 Miami 6
-New England at Miami, New England shows a little mercy. New England 42 Miami 6
-NY Jets at Miami, Vonte Davis picks off a Sanchez pass and returns it for a TD! Unfortunately it's the only score the Dolphins can muster. NY Jets 20 Miami 7.
-Owner Stephen Ross announces that former Kansas City Chiefs CEO and GM Carl Peterson is hired as his new football czar. Never mind that Peterson ran the Chiefs into the ground. Peterson is Ross's buddy.
-Peterson and current GM Clueless Jeff Ireland decide that relic Marty Schottenheimer is the best man for the head coaching job, mainly because nobody else wants it. Schottenheimer just won a championship in the UFL, whatever the hell that is.
-Ross announces that Ringling Brothers will perform at all halftime shows at Sun Life stadium during the 2012 season. It's fitting since this is already a three ring circus.
-Payton Manning becomes a free agent. Ross offers to back a semi-load of cash up to his back door and to give him part ownership when he retires to come play for the Dolphins. Manning declines, saying he wants to play for a real NFL team.
-Finally we get to draft day. The Dolphins 4-12 record has afforded them the 5th pick. Andrew Luck and Matt Barkley are off the board when the Phins turn comes up, but Robert Griffin III is there, staring them in the face. A glance into the Dolphins war room shows a smiling Jeff Ireland on the phone, giving a thumbs up. Gleeful Dolphin fans think THIS IS IT! We got RGIII! Roger Goodell walks up to the podium and announces that the Dolphins have...traded the pick to NFC Chmapionship runner up San Francisco! Ireland later says he traded down for San Fran's 28th pick in the 1st round and their 2nd round pick because there are lots of quality players later in the draft. The Dolphins use that 28th pick on a guard to bolster the offensive line.

Todd Bowles talks about being the New Dolphins Head Cocah

Jared Odrick speaks

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Quick Notes from Dolphins Practice today

-Jake Long didn't practice and Jon Jerry took all 1st team snaps at LT. Nate Garner worked with the back-ups
-JP Losman and Pat Devlin split 1st string QB reps. Matt Moore didn't practice
-Koa Misi didn't practice with an arm injury and Jason Taylor as working with the 1st team unit
-Reggie Bush announced he was fined $5,000 for a uniform code violation because of his socks

As of now it looks like Long won't play Sunday and may go to IR. Moore's status is up in the air as of today. No word on Misi's arm  injury.

Les Miles not interested in Dolphins job

CBS Rapid Reports college writer Glenn Guilbeau is reporting that LSU coach Les Miles is not interested in the Miami Dolphins' head coaching job. When contacted about the report of Miles being a candidate for the Dolphins job, LSU sports information director Michael Bonnette said,   "He said he is full steam ahead for the national championship and not interested in any other job."

It would be surprising to see the Dolphins go after another LSU head coach after being so badly burned by Nick Saban. It would also be surprising to see Miles leave such a great job like the one he has at LSU. Of course one shouldn't expect Miles to say he would be interested even if he was due to the fact one of the biggest games of his life is a few weeks away. After the BCS Championship game if Miami doesn't have a coach and Miles is really interested, his tune could change.

Chad Pennington NOT happy with Mr. Stephen Ross

Chad Pennington during his weekly spot on the Dan LeBatard Show on 790 THE TICKET pulled no punches and went after Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross and GM Jeff Ireleand.

“Sometimes, certain decisions don’t make sense,” Pennington said. “This isn’t college, where you have to get your coaching staff in place so you can recruit. There are plenty of candidates out there and you can certainly have preliminary talks with some of these candidates while the season is going on, especially this late in the season.”

“This just doesn't bode well for the team at all. I think you’re bailing out. Either (fire him) early or late. You don’t do it in the middle. That makes no sense, unless you’re trying to evaluate a potential candidate.”

Chad went on a rant about Jeff Ireland...

“I know Jeff probably doesn’t want to hear that, and I hate to say that, but I can only look at the actions,” Pennington said. “Jeff probably was put in a bad position by Stephen Ross when they went to go talk to Jim Harbaugh, but at some point in time as a man you got to look another man in the eyes and say, ‘I know you’re my boss, but I don’t agree with this and I’m not going through with it.’ And so I think from that point on there was certainly some tension between Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano, and rightly so, because of the actions that took place.”

And in closing Chad got one last thing off his chest...

“I don’t care if this is your first time being an NFL owner. You treat people a certain way,” Pennington said. “Stephen Ross was always nice to me, we always had great conversations. But when things like this happened like it happened in the offseason, that really frustrates me. Because I’m not a wealthy business owner, I’m not a billionaire, but there are certain ways that you treat people whether you have a dollar or 10 billion dollars, and I just didn’t agree, and I’m being totally honest.”

Tony Sparano Issues a Statement

“I want to take this opportunity to thank the Miami Dolphin organization, my players and coaches and our fans for all the help they gave me during my time in Miami.

It was an honor and a privilege to have been the head coach for such a storied franchise as the Miami Dolphins. Visiting with Coach Shula before games, getting to know the Hall of Famers and so many other great Dolphin alumni, and being surrounded by the team’s tradition every day of the year are memories that will stay with me forever.

I can’t say enough about our players — I love and appreciate them all and I value the effort they gave me from the very first moment I walked in the door. They practiced and played hard every day, and always put the success of the team ahead of themselves. It was a joy to work with these special men, and no one can ask for more than what they gave me. For this they will always have my gratitude, and I am proud to have coached them.

My coaching and support staff were wonderful — I’ve never been around a better group of guys. There is no way I can thank them for their commitment and their loyalty. We worked hard together to reach a common goal and I appreciate their sacrifice and dedication.

And finally, my wife Jeanette and I want to thank our great fans here. They made us feel at home the day we moved down and welcomed us with open arms. We enjoyed making so many friends and are grateful for the opportunities they gave us to contribute to the South Florida community. It’s a special place with special people, and we appreciate all their warmth and friendship.

My heartfelt thanks to everyone who supported me during my tenure with the Dolphins. It was a special time in my life, and I’m looking forward to continuing my coaching career very soon.”

Does anyone want to be the Dolphins head coach?

Adam Schein of Fox Sports and Sirius NFL Radio thinks the Dolphins head coaching job is a dead end gig. That it won't attract any decent candidates and working for Ross might be a nightmare.

CLICK HERE to read the column.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Bum Had to Go

It was time. It was time to let Tony go. I applaud Mr. Stephen Ross for firing Tony yesterday and how he went about the whole situation. Firing someone is never easy nor fun but the way Mr. Ross handled it was perfect. Do it before the holiday's, do it with 3 games left so nobody (especially Tony) was given false hope that he could possibly stay, and do it late on a Monday afternoon giving Tony a shot to get out of dodge before the media hit.

Firing Tony was inevitable.The man was a bum as an NFL head coach and couldn't cut the mustard. He was in the tail end of his 3rd losing season in a row with the Dolphins. The NFL is a results oriented business and flat out, Tony was't getting results. This isn't a popularity contest where "good guys" finish first or "the team liked him" so he gets to keep his job. Al Davis said it best..."Just Win Baby!" That's all fans and owners care about; winning!  Let's also be honest, if the Jets don't get Favre in 2008 and cut Chad Pennington in August and if Tony doesn't have Chad fall right in his lap...Sparano wouldn't have had even one winning season in Miami. Not one! The fact Pennington stayed healthy all of that year is another bit of luck Tony got. Bottom line, Tony had one lucky year in Miami and three miserable losing seasons. Not good enough!

Tony had many issues as the Dolphins Head Coach. A god awful 2pt conversion decision vs the Jets in 2009. The timeout debacle vs the Saints in 2009 before halftime. Endless and I mean endless terrible "red flag" challenge decisions over four years. His play it close to the vest and no risk taking offensive style. The embarrassing fist pumps after field goals. But the true killer of them all...the supposed "O-line Guru" couldn't build a decent o-line. He got to use two first round picks (Long, Pouncey), had the front office break the bank on Justin Smiley, traded for Jake Groove, was left with a decent holdover in Vernon Carey yet still, Tony's evaluation of the o-line was a flat out disaster. If you can't coach you're own position you probably can't coach an entire team. And this unfortunately turned out to be true!

Starting off 0-7 this year sealed Tony's fate, the mini win streak over some god awful teams like KC, Washington, Buffalo, and Oakland wasn't going to save him. Tony could have beaten Dallas on Thanksgiving and Philly this pat Sunday, he was still going to get fired  at some point this year or after the year and deservedly so.

I am sure Tony is a great guy. An outstanding father and husband. He probably buys a ton of girl scout cookies and helps old lady's cross the street...but as an NFL head coach he was terrible. The bum had to go. Don't let the door hit ya on the way out Tony!

Ross and Ireland explain WHY they fired Tony now

Wanted: Experienced NFL Head Coach

So it is becoming evident that the Dolphins are going to be looking for an experienced head coach to replace Tony Sparano. Bill Cowher, Jon Gruden, Jeff Fisher, Brian Billick and Andy Reid (if he is let go by Philly) are among the names being mentioned. That's all fine and good, but I have one question. Are ANY of them going to want to work with Stephen Ross sidekick and GM Jeff Ireland?

The writers at the Sun-Sentinel and Miami Herald have to be careful about what they put in print, but I don't. I think that Ireland is nothing but a weasel and has his nose stuck so far up Ross ass it's hard to tell where Ireland begins and Ross ends. His drafts have been questionable. He threw his alleged best friend Sparano under the bus last year when Ross wanted Harbaugh while Sparano was still on the payroll. Who knows how many other times he has stabbed him in the back?
If you are Cowher, Gruden or Fisher, would you want to work with this guy?

Stephen Ross and Jeff Ireland announcing that Tony Sparano has been fired

Monday, December 12, 2011

A fight and a viscous knockout after the Eagles-Dolphins game Sunday in the parking lot of Sun-Life Stadium

A Few Random Thoughts On The Day's Happenings

Now that the deed has been done, I want to give you my opinion about the firing of head coach Tony Sparano.

First of all, I think that Sparano should have been retained. This is not a talented team and he didn't buy the groceries, as Bill Parcells was fond of saying. He was handed an old and outdated offensive coordinator for three years. He was saddled with a QB who was nothing more than a serviceable back-up. He was saddled with the Bill Parcells blueprint for the past three years. Once he moved away from the Parcells way of thinking, things turned around this season.

Yesterday was a bad game, no doubt about that. Jake Long gets injured and the whole offensive line goes to crap. Matt Moore gets hurt and they have to turn to who? J.P. Losman? This was the first bad game since the 0-7 start. Injuries took a toll. If they wanted to fire him, it should have been done after the 7th game. Then again, maybe Ross sees that the team is playing hard for Sparano and he sees draft position slipping away. Surely the Phins might sneak in a win against the Bills, and maybe even the Jets. That would drop Miami even farther. Maybe Ross figures that now the team will quit and lose out.

There's something to be said for continuity too. Since Shula was convinced to retire, the head coaching position has been a turnstile. Constantly changing. Continuity and the fact that the players play hard for Sparano, that has to count for something, right?

Hopefully, if Ireland does stay, he can grow some balls at draft time. Instead of trading down and taking another project 2nd round QB, trade up and get a real QB. Get Griffin or Barkley no matter the cost. My money is on Griffin, and not just because he won the Heisman. Go watch highlights of the Baylor/Oklahoma game. Baylor had NEVER beaten Oklahoma and Griffin put his team on his shoulders and led them to victory. That 34 yard touchdown pass with 8 seconds left to win it was a thing of beauty and sold me on him.

Anyway, I wish Tony Sparano nothing but the best.

Dolphins To Hire Peterson

ESPN's Chris Mortensen reports that the Dolphins will hire former Kansas City Chiefs GM Carl Peterson to an advisory role in their organization.

Fans React to Sparano's Termination

Starting off the season 0-7, the termination of Miami Dolphins Head Coach, Tony Sparano, seemed like a reasonable outcome. However, the past few games have proven that the Dolphins are finally coming together as a team, making plays, and at times, look like they could have been playoff bound.

Unfortunately, the 26-10 loss to the "Dream Team" Sunday soon turned into a nightmare for Sparano. Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, reported that the team will fire Sparano at the end of the season, but the end of the season turned into Monday afternoon.

Sunday's frustrating loss against the Philadelphia Eagles means that the Miami Dolphins will now suffer a losing record for the third season in a row within only four years of Tony Sparano being named head coach. While these statistics alone should justify Sparano being fired, finding a new head coach may not be the answer for franchise success.

When Tony Sparano was named head coach in 2008, the Dolphins went 11-5, a major upgrade from the previous season's 1-15 record and arguably the greatest single-season comeback in NFL history. Winning the AFC East, to some fans, was as worthy of a celebration as wining the Superbowl (I threw a party and invited all my depressed Jets fan friends, it was amazing). I think we all expected that this was just the beginning of a long, successful career for Tony Sparano, but instead, he was just a tease.

Granted, Bill Parcells was still Executive VP of Football Operations during the 2008 season, but he did hire Jeff Ireland in 2008 as General Manager, who I would go as far as saying did not make any player-related decisions under Parcells but instead acted as his puppet. So now that Sparano is gone, why is Ireland's job not being threatened?

Better question: can anyone truly pin point the teams main problem? They need a new coach. They need a new Quarterback. They need a new GM... I've even heard from fans that they need new uniforms because they're cursed (apparently, the mental stress of your team losing results in the rare side effect of delusional rationality and fashion concerns). Regardless of what WE think the reason is, it is clear that the team loves Coach Sparano and for that reason alone, I am partial to the guy. I love his energy and enthusiasm about his team and you can tell from watching a press conference that he genuinely cares for his players. Does a positive attitude and compassion win football games? Of course not. But if a team isn't motivated by their coach, they're not going to win anyway.

But who cares what I think, my opinion is one of thousands.

I assumed that I was part of the minority in thinking Sparano should stay (although Ireland I think should go), but after seeing what fans had to say on twitter, I was surprised that the overwhelming majority of the small sample size of DolFans say they disagree with the decision to fire Sparano.

Here's what you had to say:


I agree....keep him! we dont have time to get use to another coach and they are actually trying to get it together!!!

Mike Daniels
sparano getting short end of stick he coaches players Ireland gets him and coaches pretty well!

I would rather have Tony stay then Jeff is your mother a hooker Ireland

John Torrey
I'm no Dolphins fan, but the players like him so he should stay and change should be made elsewhere.

Scott Stewart
Stay...he should win coach of the year for what he's been able to do since the craptacular start.

Matt Armstrong
I want him to stay but my biggest fault is loyalty. I like TS. He seems to be a straight shooter. Continuity is critical too.

MIami Dolphins Baby
Sparano should stay but he needs 2 improve the O-line isnt he a O-Line guru along with his Game Management&his Predictability


Chris Baker
Sparano should go. Could not get it together when it mattered. Ideally Ross and Ireland should go too.

As for Steve Ross, during Monday afternoon's press conference he went as far as saying that Tony Sparano was "relieved" to be fired, not to be mistaken with he was relieved of his duties. I highly doubt that any Coach (unless your Urban Meyer and can't handle the stress of football unless offered a ridiculous amount of money) WANTS to be fired, especially Sparano. He clearly loved his team so the image of him having a sigh of relief after Ross and Ireland kicked him while he was down seems unlikely.

With three division games left, it should be interesting to see how the team reacts these next two weeks on the road against the Bills and Patriots, but even more so back home at Sun Life on Jan. 1st against the Jets. The Phins record may be shot, but not all dignity is lost.

It's times like this when you got to remember to keep your Phins Up and support the team, they need it.