And The Big Signing Of The Day Is.....(drum roll please)

Former Carolina Panther QB Matt Moore....TADA!  Talk about a bold move! Yes Dolphin fans, Matt Moore is the man the Dolphins have chosen to come to Miami and push Chad Henne for the starting QB job.  This is the same Matt Moore who threw 5 touchdowns and 10 interceptions last year before losing his job to rookie Jimmy Caulsen.

Actually, I think Miami is bringing Moore in to back up Henne because if this guy can beat Henne out, we are in trouble.  Another thought that has crossed my mind is maybe the Dolphins are using this as a ploy to get Denver and Orton to lower their asking price?  Just a thought.  I really wouldn't feel good about having Moore and an undrafted rookie behind Henne.

And if Miami has indeed brought Moore in to be the back up, then why not a guy like Marc Bulger?  Bulger is an experienced veteran who has actually had a decent career.  I think I would feel safer having him backing Henne up than Moore.

After the Reggie Bush signing yesterday, I thought for sure the Dolphins were set to make a big splash.  Instead, all we get is a little ripple.