Anyone Else Confused?

With the Orton trade talks appearing to now be officially over according to multiple reports coming out on this Saturday morning of July 30th. Let me get this straight, Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano had a 7 month offseason and they were unable to replace Chad Henne at quarterback? They couldn't part with a couple 6th round picks for McNabb? They couldn't give Hasselbeck a 1 year deal? They didn't want to meet the asking price for Kevin Kolb. They didn't want to roll the dice on Vince Young. Tavaris Jackson they didn't consider.

So I am now supposed to believe that in 7 months that Ireland and Sparano couldn't come up with a better plan than what played out this week? In 7 months the plan was lets try to trade for Orton and if that doesn't work out we will just sign Matt Moore (another ex-Cowboy) and call it a day? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!

These two weren't being asked to replace a pro bowl player or a superstar, just find a replacement for one of the five worst starting quarterbacks in the NFL currently. Anything would have been an upgrade and would have satisfied this fan base. Literally anything except the move they made.

I am not going to sit here and tell you Kyle Orton is the second coming of Bart Starr, he isn't. But put him on this 7-9 team last year and the Dolphins win at least 9 games maybe more. Going into this year they are a legit playoff contender in the AFC with Orton under center.

And why not just trade for Orton, let him play out his final year of his deal. If he is great you franchise tag him (if he is great you would want to keep him anyway), and if he is terrible let him go. According to Jay Glazer of FOX Sports on Friday night the deal was a conditional 4th round pick that couldn't go higher than a 3rd rounder. Why even try and work out a new deal with Orton now? Let him earn his big payday in 2011 with his play.

We all knew Sparano was in over his head as a head coach that has became painfully obvious the past two seasons. Now its pretty clear after the past couple days that Ireland is in over his head as a GM.


  1. can't say I disagree with any of this


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