Decisions Facing The Dolphins

With the lockout over and the 2011 season about to get underway the Dolphins have a few tough decisions to make. Which players to keep and which players to let go. In my opinion there are 3 big issues facing Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano heading into the 2011 season.

1) Ricky/Ronnie: To me this decision is an easy one; both have to go. First lets look at the Ronnie Brown situation. Ronnie is a nice player but not a special player by any means. He has never had top flight speed and has had durability issues from day one. The Wildcat has come and gone and Daniel Thomas who Miami drafted in Rd 2 from K-State has experience running the Wildcat if the Dolphins continue to keep it in the playbook. In the case of Ricky Williams its a little bit different. Ricky has once again let his off the field antics overshadow his on the field play. One day after the season ended Ricky was on WQAM throwing his head coach, QB, and assistant coaches under the bus saying not very nice things about them. Airing the teams dirty laundry to everyone. It showed once again Ricky just doesn't "get it". It showed his lack of class, his immaturity, and his me-first mentality. Throw all of that on top of the fact Ricky is now 34 years old which very old for a RB in the NFL and its time to finally cut ties with Ricky Williams. The Miami Dolphins are old and slow on offense and Ricky and Ronnie are the poster boys of that stale offense. This is an offense that doesn't score points and doesn't put fear in any opponents.

2) Sign Paul Solai long-term: This man is a beast who is reaching his prime in a big-time way. Quality defensive tackles are rare in the NFL. Very rare to be honest and when you find a good one you keep him at all costs. This man has earned a big time contract and he is the most important piece in Mike Nolan's 3-4 defense.

3) Oh that Quarterback position: This one is the toughest decision of them all. First and foremost, Chad Henne has shown nothing yet and something needs to be done at this position. All Fins Fans understand Henne will start 2011 as the starter simply because nobody we sign will learn an offense and get on the same page with the WR's in less than a month. Henne has a huge leg up heading into the season. With that said, the Dolphins needs another QB if by Week 5 or 6 Henne is out there looking like a fool under center turning the ball over every other play. Who are the options.

Best Case: Trade for Kyle Orton. Anything less than a 1st round pick and I make the deal in a heartbeat. Orton is on the verge of NFL greatness in my opinion. Signing Vince Young on the cheap. Young has his issues, but his numbers when he plays don't lie. He has ability and because of his issues if you can roll the dice on him cheap where there is little risk, do it!

Could live with it: Giving McNabb or Hasselbeck a 1 year deal to come to the Fins. These guys are old and not what they once were, but as a 1-year stop-gap type it wouldn't be the end of the world.

Worst case: Bringing back Tyler Thigpen thinking he can play in this league. Thigpen is NOT an NFL QB. Sorry, a few good games on a horrible KC team a few years back doesn't make you an NFL QB. It just means you put up some stats in garbage time. Giving up a 1st round pick for Kevin Kolb. I am actually a Kolb fan and think he has huge upside, but I wouldn't give up the 1st round draft pick asking price for him. NO WAY! Trading for Carson Palmer; has anyone see him play in recent years. Palmer has been terrible and he has had alot of weapons to throw too. I don't think he is all that good. And last but not least, bringing in Jake Delhomme thinking because he was with Brian Daboll last year in Cleveland he will be up to speed on our offense quicker than any other free agent. Jake Delhomme can't play anymore, if this organization brings him in heads should roll immediately.

In a nutshell that is what is facing the Dolphins in the coming days. This messed up offseason has created a lose-lose situation and if the organization is smart they wouldn't try to be too bold here and just try and keep it simple. Don't make any silly trades or go overpaying for guys who will only have a few weeks to move to a new city, learn how a new team works, get on the same page with all new players..etc. This isn't the offseason for that. Yes, some free agents must be brought in, but keeping it simple in the coming days and weeks is the best approach.