A Different Opinion

Occasionally my colleague Mike Oliva and I have differing opinions about certain Miami Dolphins subjects. This is one of those times.

Obviously Mike is upset over the signing of former Carolina Panthers QB Matt Moore and the Dolphins inability to follow through on the Kyle Orton trade.  While I am not ecstatic about the Moore signing, I'm more OK with it than I would be if the Dolphins gave up a mid round pick and a big contract for Kyle Orton. The pick reportedly is a 4th that could turn into a 3rd.

(7/31/2011 Just an update to this article: In a column in the Miami Herald this morning, Barry Jackson says that the Broncos were asking for a 2nd round pick in return for Orton)

Orton is reportedly looking for a Kevin Kolb type deal. Kolb got a 5 year contract extension that will pay him $63 million, including $20 million in guaranteed money. That's a big chunk of change for a quarterback that hasn't proven much. But he does have potential and that is what the Cardinals are banking on.

If Orton is looking for anything in that neighborhood, I can understand why GM Jeff Ireland balked and walked away. Orton is a decent QB, but IS NOT a franchise type QB. And that is franchise type money he is looking for. And if Orton was that good, why are other QB needy teams not knocking on Denver's door? Washington is talking about starting former Dolphin John Beck! Daniel Snyder has money to burn. Why is he not making a call to Denver?

I stated this before, and I still think it might be true, but there is the possibility that the Moore signing was a ploy to get Denver and Orton to lower their asking price. Denver is right up against the salary cap and has to do something. They are not going to pay Orton 8 million dollars to back up Tim Tebow. 

I know this isn't going to be a popular opinion, so let the bashing begin. Comment below in the comments section and discuss with other Fin Fans.


  1. Im not upset they didn't sign Orton. I'm upset that the didn't have a better plan to upgrade the QB position. And after 7 months Matt Moore is the best they can do!

  2. Mike, they couldn't do anything for 7 months. Remember the lockout? More like 7 days.

  3. they had 7 months to come up with a gameplan and this was it!!!! How come all of these other teams had a plan and executed it within hours of the lockout ending? Don't be so goddamn naive!

    What did Ireland/Sparano do take a 7 month vacation?


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