My Thoughts On The Quarterback Position

The lockout is likely coming to an end soon.  One of the first things on everyone’s agenda is the quarterback position.  Chad Henne is the incumbent, but we know the Dolphins will bring in someone to compete for the starting job.  Will it be a free agent or will they make a trade?  My hope is that it is a free agent.  Why?  I like draft picks.  It’s the BEST way by far to keep your team young and stocked for the future.  How many draft picks have the Dolphins pissed away in the last decade?

I say go the free agent route.  Is Kyle Orton so much better than Henne that he is worth a 2nd or 3rd round pick?  Will Cincinnati trade Carson Palmer?  If they do the price tag will probably be steep.  Forget about Kevin Kolb.  Arizona will probably give up the farm to pry him from Philadelphia.  If I was making the decision, my answer to the first two questions would be NO and probably not, but if they did, is a QB who is injury prone and best years are behind him worth it?  NO again.
I won’t sit here and talk about every free agent that will be or might be available, just who I think would be a good fit.  And the only guy I really see that would give Henne a run for his money would be Vince Young.  When his head is on, he can be a dangerous QB.  He has a great arm and can get out of the pocket and take off if necessary.  But that’s the question.  Is his head on straight?  His leadership skills are also in question.  Sometimes a change of scenery is what a guy needs to turn it around.   Can that be all that Young needs to turn it around?  This is all assuming that Tennessee releases him which they appear likely to do.

Another guy I can see as a fit is Marc Bulger.  He would be given a shot to beat out Henne, but could he?  He’s 34 and was beat up pretty good in his last few years in St. Louis, but he didn’t see any action last year, so he should be rested and healed.  But in his case, I think it would be more of a back up role.

Anyway the Dolphins go, Henne already has a leg up on whoever the Dolphins bring in.  He’s been working with other teammates during the lockout helping them to learn new OC Brian Daboll’s offense.  I also think getting out from under Dan Henning will help him too.  It might be me, but I could swear there were times last year when it seemed like he was playing scared, terrified to make mistakes.  The thing is, when you play like that, you end up making more mistakes.

I’m in no way giving Henne a ringing endorsement, I just think he is probably the best option for 2011.  The Dolphins have a lot invested in the guy so it would make sense to give him one more year to prove himself.