Orton Watch Is On

The Kyle Orton watch is on for Dolphins fans. You have reports everywhere that the Miami Dolphins are itching to make a trade with the Denver Broncos for Quarterback Kyle Orton. It would be the second time in three years the Fins and Broncos would be making a blockbuster trade that would shake up the league. It would also be a move that would upgrade the Dolphins weakest position on their roster.

John Clayton on ESPN SportsCenter said the Dolphins are the leading candidate to trade for Kyle Orton. Jason Cole of YAHOO sports is reporting the strongest possibilities for Orton are Miami and Tennessee. But remember the Titans are about to make Matt Hasselbeck a pretty big offer and they can land him without parting with any draft picks, so the Titans might drop out of any Orton talk real quick. Especially since they also just spent a 1st round pick this past April on a quarterback, why part with another high pick for another quarterback? It makes little sense. You also have David Hyde of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reporting that at the top of the Dolphins wish list in these next few days is Kyle Orton.

So now this is where it gets interesting. What do you part with to land Mr. Orton. In my book the first offer is simple if I'm Jeff Ireland. A conditional 3rd round pick where if certain goals are reached (Orton makes the pro bowl, or leads Miami to the playoffs, or throws for 4,000 yards..etc) then the pick moves up to a 2nd rounder. If the Fins win the Super Bowl then a 1st rounder. I think that is as fair a deal as each side can make. Denver could play hardball though and demand a 2nd rounder; and if so the Fins still have to pull the trigger. Quarterback is too important a position in this league and to watch another year of Chad Henne turn the ball over time after time in big spot will be impossible for Dolphins fans to watch.

In other Free Agency news Chris Mortensen of ESPN is reporting Running Back DeAngelo Williams is down to two teams: Denver and Carolina. So cross him off your wish list Dolphins fans.