1st Half Thoughts

We had a LIVE Video Stream up for the 1st half of the game. Which is why I didn't do my live ongoing BLOG. Felt it would have been silly since we here at DolphinsTalk.com were letting you watch the game for FREE! (sorry that the feed got taken down, out of our control)

Anyway first half thoughts...

-Chad Henne was terrible. First pass was thrown behind Fassano, ended up being picked off. Then he threw another INT. Yes he had a long TD pass but it was against the Falcons 2nd team defense. Tonight was "same ole Henne"

-Benny Sapp just ended Will Allen's career as a Dolphin. Sapp once again proving to be the 2nd best CB on the Fins. Start Benny Sapp over Sean Smith, its not even a debate. Sapp is a very good CB.

-The O-line got pushed around big time. And Jake Long isn't playing Guard or Center so he won't solve the problems the Dolphins saw tonight.

-Clyde Gates with a mental mistake on a punt return not fielding the punt. Was called back by penalty but still rookie mistake.

Don't want to put too much into this 1st preseason game, but bottom line is Chad Henne was miserable once again.


  1. For crying out loud. Miserable? That pass to Fassano was not that bad. It hit him in the hands and he should have caught it. Bess dropped another. The other interception wasn't a horrible pass. Grimes made a good play on the ball. And it doesn't matter who was out there, that was a beautiful pass to Hartline. Let's not forget, no Jake Long, no Brandon Marshall no Reggie Bush, no running game.
    Under normal circumstances I wouldn't put too much into the 1st preseason game, but even more so this year. No OTS's, 10 days of practice and a new offensive scheme? Did you expect perfection?

  2. Didn't seem to slow down Atlanta or other teams first team offenses. It's always an excuse!


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