Anyone else "SICK"

Tony Sparano said today it made him sick to hear the fans chant “WE WANT ORTON” the other night at practice. I got news for Tony; welcome to the club. A lot of Dolphins fans have been sick for years. So, let me list some of the reasons why I and thousands of other Die-Hard Dolphins fans have also felt sick in recent years.

1)      Pat White

2)      Signing every Dallas Cowboy player who isn’t good enough to make the Cowboys. If the Cowboys were a good team this strategy would make sense. Newsflash: The Cowboys have been awful for years.

3)      3rd round Draft pick Busts:  Patrick Turner and Jon Jerry

4)      Matt Moore over Kyle Orton

5)      Watching our head coach fist pumping and jumping around like he won the mega-millions lottery after we kick a field goal.

6)      For a supposed O-line “guru” we have invested more money and draft picks in this unit than any other. Yet you still can’t get it right! We are still picking up guys like Colombo and Shaun O’Hara to come in and help out.

7)      Letting Jason Taylor walk to the Jets and not offering him a vet minimum contract last year when he wanted to stay in Miami.

8)      Dan Henning, Dan Henning, Dan Henning.

9)      John Bonomego, John Bonomego, John Bonomego

10)   Going into the 2011 season with a QB depth chart of Chad Henne and Matt Moore
I think Tony Sparano is a good football man, a good family man, and an all around good guy. He was  treated poorly by the owner last January and a lot of people were on his side in that debacle and sympathized with him.  But here is what Tony doesn’t understand. Rule #1 is in all of professional sports; you never pick a fight with the fans. It’s a Lose-Lose situation and only bad things happen when you do that. It's a battle you can't win! With your little comment today you have just fueled those fans and possibly many more to chant "We Want Orton" or other things like that everytime they see you or you walk out onto the field.
Remember Tony you get paid to coach the team; not coach the fans! Let them do their thing and you do yours.


  1. a few more that could be added to that list for sure, but a good start


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