No Time To Be a Rookie

As I write this the Dolphins are a half-hour away from their first scrimmage of this training camp and 5 days away from their first preseason game vs Atlanta.  While the defense is pretty much set and ready to rock and roll this season, there are still obviously questions on offense.

I am not going to re-hash the QB situation here. It’s been beaten to death, its Henne or Moore and may the best man win this preseason. I am not even going to try and break down the offensive line battles because it’s just too confusing. We currently have 4 former 1st round picks starting on our o-line, and if Sparano the “o-line guru” can’t get unit to play well then he might be in the wrong line of work. And the wide receiver unit on the Fins is very deep and very talented, no issues there.

The unit that is scaring me to death is Running Back. Now I actually give Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano kudos for letting Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams walk. There was no need to bring either back. Ronnie is slow and Ricky has issues that go far beyond football, plus he is 34 years old.

Reggie Bush is a great addition in my opinion as he is more than just a running back. He is a match-up nightmare for opponents. Reggie is the “playmaker” the Dolphins offense was in need of. After him though, what do the Fins really have? Daniel Thomas is coming in with a lot of hype, praise, and high expectations. For a rookie that could be a recipe for disaster. We all know Reggie isn’t an every-down back, so are the Fins really going to hand the rookie a huge role of carrying the load at RB with only a 1 month training camp? That is a huge, huge risk!

After Bush/Thomas what do the Dolphins have? Sheets, Hilliard..? Answer: Not Much. Miami must add a veteran running back. And the two names that are out there and available that jump off the page are Kevin Smith and Clinton Portis. They have both been productive NFL running backs in this league and could serve this team well as the 3rd RB and insurance incase Daniel Thomas doesn’t get up to speed very quick coming out of the gate.

I think Daniel Thomas is going to be a quality NFL running back in time. I’m not so sure he will be ready to play a huge role in this offense though with only a one month NFL Training camp. The Dolphins better get some insurance prior to the first game of the season. And time is tickin.