Brandon Marshall gets off with No Suspension

NFL Spokesman Greg Aiello yesterday announced that Brandon Marshall will not face any suspension or disciplinary action for his involvement in an incident that got him stabbed this past offseason. According to police reports Marshall lied to deputies about how he received his stab wounds that night as well as many other details as to what happened in his home. With his colorful off the field history and current status in the NFL Personal Conduct policy, already being served with a 3 game suspension which he appealed down to 1 game in 08', another violation in the eyes of the powers that be in the NFL would have resulted in a 4-8 game or possible year long suspension for the Dolphins wide receiver. Brandon got off easy this time, next time he might not be so lucky. Let's hope when he says he has learned his lesson and its BDP that it's not just lip service and Brandon really believes he has his "issues" under control. Time will tell.