Dolphin's 16% Plan to Reach Super Bowl

I've been a Dolphin fan all my life, I remember crying like a little baby in 1984 when we lost the Super Bowl to Joe Montana’s San Francisco 49rs and my mom trying to convince me it was just a game. At that time at the tender age of 11 I was certain that with a player like Dan Marino the Dolphins would have plenty of opportunities to win one before he hung up his cleats, but as history showed , it was not meant to be. History also shows us that without a top quarterback you have little chance to reach a Super Bowl let alone win one.

The guys running the Dolphins believe in their core that running the ball and playing good defense is enough to win the Super Bowl but this is a plan that only works 16% of the time. If you take a look at the history of the Super Bowl 84% of them have been won by teams with hall of fame quarterbacks future hall of fame quarterbacks or players that are elite at their position. The EXCEPTION to this rule is Trent Dilfer, Brad Johnson, Mark Rypen, Jeff Hostetler, Doug Williams & Eli Manning. The Indianapolis Colts did not win a Super Bowl until Peyton Manning came into the fold. Bill Bilichick was a retread coach fired by the Cleveland Browns until a gift fell into his lap called Tom Brady and made him a genius overnight and a Super Bowl winning coach.

The Miami Dolphins have been ignoring the most important position in football since 1983, that’s the last time they drafted a quarterback in the first round. If you look at the playoff teams from 2010 only 4 had QB’s that were not drafted in the first round, New England Patriots (Tom Brady (6rd) , New Orleans Saints (Drew Brees (2rd), Kansas City Chiefs (Matt Cassel (7rd) and the Seattle Seahawks (Matt Hasselback (6rd), that’s 33%, the other 8 or 67% were guided by 1st round quarterbacks. Albert Einstein said that the definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result”, he was absolutely right. So I submit to you that the Dolphins are indeed insane! They are insane for following a plan that has not worked, insane for actually convincing themselves that they don’t need a quarterback to win a ring, insane for ignoring the lessons of history.

I hope I get the opportunity to one day jump out of my chair and scream at the top of my lungs that the Miami Dolphins are Super Bowl Champions, heck I wouldn’t mind crying like a little baby if they get to one and loose. I however know better, history knows better. I know this team is built for 7-9 or 10-6 seasons. I know this team will not matter again until the Dolphins address their most glaring weakness. We were blessed to see a player of Dan Marino’s caliber play, for 17 seasons he took the field we had a chance. Marino wasn’t able to win one, if the Dolphins think they can win one with Chad Henne or another retread quarterback some other team doesn’t want anymore then we should start fitting them for their straitjackets.