Dolphins Creating A PR Nightmare With Gator Day

During the Dolphins preseason game at Tampa on Saturday Dolphins CEO Mike Dee announced that on October 23rd, when the Denver Broncos come to Miami, the team would host a reunion of the 2009 Florida team that won the National Championship that year. Dolphins rookie center Mike Pouncey and Broncos back up QB Tim Tebow were part of that team.

It's understandable that the team is trying to sell tickets, but there is one little problem. Sun Life stadium is also home to the University of Miami Hurricanes. And I can tell you there is not much love lost between the Gators and Canes. As a Hurricane fan myself, I would be insulted by this move. I can't imagine how other Hurricane fans in the area must feel about this.

Here is an idea for Dee. In week 2 Houston will be in town. That means Andre Johnson will be here as will Vernon Carey (if he is not cut). In 2001 they were on the Hurricanes team won the National Championship, why not honor that team on it's 10th anniversary?


I have been told that the Dolphins did, in fact offer to honor the 2001 Hurricanes, but were turned down because the school had already made plans for a celebration of their own. I wonder how the Dolphins front office would take it if say, UM found someway to honor the New England Patriots for one of their Super Bowl victories during a home game at Joe Robbie stadium?