Dolphins Getting Desperate?

This Dolphins training camp is turning into a three ring circus. First you have the flirtation with Denver's Kyle Orton. That doesn't pan out, so they sign...Matt Moore. Big move there. Then the Dolphins paraded a pair of washed up running backs in for a work out. First it was Tiki Barber, two years removed and 36 years old. Despised by just about all of his former teammates. Next up is former Kansas City RB Larry Johnson, who had 5 attempts for 2 yards then was cut by Washington last season. Does anyone in the Miami organization realize that Ricky Williams is still available if they need another running back?

Now we are hearing the name of QB Brett Favre being tossed around. This is the same beat up, 41 year old QB who was unable to play against the Detroit Lions in the final game of the 2010 regular season due to his inability to pass NFL-mandated post-concussion tests. The guy is an injury waiting to happen.

Of course, when the subject first came up, I just laughed it off. But when head coach Tony Sparano was asked about the possibility of the Dolphins looking into Favre, his response was "I'm not ruling anything out".

Well, if the Dolphins do talk the old man out of retiring again, here is a little preview of what Dolphin fans should expect to see this year......