Dolphins Scramble to Take Down Videos

Put the camera down and step away from the practice field!
In a story that I find to be totally laughable the Miami Dolphins are going after fans who shoot video at practices that are open to the public. Where to start...

1) If a NFL Head Coach and his staff are doing important top secret things in a practice that is FREE and OPEN to the PUBLIC at no cost, they are the dumbest people on god's green earth.

2) It's 2011 and everyone with a cell phone these days has video capability. So to try and control this is an utter waste of time.

3) What is to stop someone from taking detailed notes from these OPEN practices or talking into a tape recorder and then just go online when they get home or go on a laptop in their car and put that information up for the world to see? Not video, but same effect. Not to mention since these practices are open to the public anyone from a Pats, Jets, Bills (insert any team name here) can send scouts or coaches to go watch. If they go and take notes the old fashioned way of pen and paper are you gonna throw them out too? What, they can't put on a Dolphins hat for a few hours and act like a fan?

I mean lets be honest, if this is that much of an issue and you think its so serious then don't hold open practices where any Joe Blow off the street can go and watch. Also, how stupid are the Dolphins in that instead of just dealing with this behind the scenes quietly, they go public and make it a news story. They could have worked on having all these videos removed and nobody would have known about it.  Instead they make it a media story and now any rival NFL team that wanted to do some spying on the Fins can no go on YouTube or wherever and watch these videos. They probably had no clue they were up or that fans were doing this, but now they do thanks to the work of the Dolphins front office. Not that I think it would help any because as Allen Iverson once said..."We Talkin bout Practice!"

Incase you were wondering here is one of the video's keeping the Dolphins coaches and organization up at night. Prepared to be BORED to death and watch literally nothing if you choose. And don't be shocked if this video isn't currently up by the time you read this, the Fins might have pulled it by then.