A Few First Half Thoughts

1) The offensive line has been terrible tonight. Yes Jake Long isn't playing but that is no excuse for how bad they have played. No holes what so ever for the running game. No pass protection.

2) The defense has looked so so. They've made some good plays and given up some big plays. I think Will Allen has seen his last game in a Dolphins uniform.

3) Brandon, Brandon, Brandon! You have to protect the ball better than that! It's 10-10 at the half and it could be 13-3 or 17-3 if you don't fumble that ball before the half. Great run though on that 60 yard TD pass.

4) As sloppy as this game has been, one guy has stood out above all others. Chad Henne. He has looked very sharp so far. 2 plays really stand out. That 60 yard TD to Marshall and a 10 yard completion to TE Anthony Fassano when he was covered in Buccaneer defenders.

Second Half Thoughts

This was a very sloppy game. If this was the dress rehearsal I would hate to see the play. The officials were also rehearsing, rehearsing how to throw the yellow flag. 26 penalties were accepted, 11 by Miami and 15 by Tampa bay. The Dolphins had 22 yards rushing on 17 attempts. You have veterans making huge mistakes on big plays. Brandon Marshall fumbling on a nice catch and run right before the half. You've got Jason Taylor making Illegal contact with a receiver on a play that would have been a safety.

There were a few players that did stand out. As I mentioned earlier, Chad Henne looked better than I've ever seen him look. He was sharp, wasn't staring down his receivers, and considering he was under constant pressure, it was even that more impressive. Marlon Moore made a couple of nice catches in the second half to help his cause. Brandon Fields was booming punts all night. He averaged 59 yards on 7 punts!

The biggest issue though is this offensive line. They didn't look bad tonight, they looked horrible. Something needs to change between now and the season opener. I don't care if Larry Csonka is back there. With blocking like that, no one is going to be very effective.