Haters in the house

Working in the media world for the last 5 years off and on has taught me many things.

Fans come in many shapes, sizes, thoughts, opinions, and backgrounds.

One thing that always strikes me as surprising is regardless of season, regardless of expectations, the Miami Dolphin fan base seems to always have a group....or....a mob, if you will, that is out to get SOMEONE.

To be honest, I was apart of the Ted Ginn "mob". The guy sucked. And he still sucks. There were/are always people that no matter what, will defend the guy being attacked. The funny thing is, I seem to be on that side when it comes to "this years man to hate". That man?

Chad Henne.

The "robot" is coming into his 2nd full season as starter. What's that? He started 2 years ago after Pennington went down against the Chargers early in the season? Sure he did, but he was working with backups all off-season, all practices, and the Dolphins were coming off of a 11-5 afc east championship season.....so he WAS NOT in a "starter" mind-frame.

If you check out interviews this entire lock-out shortened season, you hear so many players using phrases like "The system fits him now", or "the system is playing more to Hennes strengths"

Reggie Bush said those exact words on the finsiders interview yesterday. Also, right here on this very site, the video of Chad Henne's press conference dropped a few very interesting tidbits I enjoyed to hear. Chad Henne was asked about the changes this new offense brings this season. He couldn't stop mentioning his opportunity to audible now. When he sees specific coverages, he can audible. When he See's a guy blitzing, he can audible. When he has a "gut feeling" about anything he See's......HE CAN AUDIBLE.

I don't know how many of you have experience in the game of football, especially upper-level football, but being handcuffed on the football field is never a good thing. Being coached to do something, even though you know it won't work, or it's wrong, but having to do it anyways will stunt any persons growth as a professional. More so for a NFL starting quarterback. Chad Henne started 4 years at Michigan. He knows a damn corner blitz when he see's one. And let's be honest, coaches don't always see everything, regardless what suite press-box they are sitting in with binoculars.

There are many Dolfans that are done with Henne, wrote him off, and flat-out LOOK for thing's he does wrong to bring them up. Twitter, message boards, facebook...you name it. Fan's will always have their pitchforks ready, and torches lit.

Regardless if you are "for" Henne or "against" him. One thing is certain, for all of our sake's........let's hope he proves to everyone.....he's the future.

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  1. First of all Chris, welcome aboard! Don't know where Mike is hiding, he usually likes to put up a little welcome notice, but I guess he is busy.
    That being said, yes, Henne is our guy this year. I'm willing to give him the benefit of doubt, but I think, and I think the organization thinks that if he doesn't show quite a bit of improvement, that this will be it for him.
    As for Ted Ginn, while it's true he sucked, the guy every Dolphins fan thought was going to be the franchise savior (Brady Quinn) hasn't fared much better :)

  2. Thanks Ken! Glad to be here.

    I think the dolphin-brass have put all of their egg's in the Henne basket. If he wins, they keep their jobs, if he fails, they are cleaning out their offices in January (or sooner).

    It will be interesting to see, and hopefully fun to watch.


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