Hell Yeah I would take Tebow on the Fins

Rumors are making the rounds Tim Tebow can be had by Denverfor the right price; aka a low price. Clearly no NFL general manager is going to give up much for a guy who can’t even beat out Brady Quinn for the back-up quarterback job on a team that won 3 games last season. With that said, any general manager who dismisses Tim Tebow and his ability to play in the NFL simply because of the “media circus” that follows him is also making a big mistake.
Before I go any further let’s make a couple things clear. Miami (or any team for that matter) should not trade a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd round draft pick for Tim Tebow with hopes he is the quarterback of the future for this or any franchise.  Tim Tebow isn’t a classic NFL quarterback and most likely never will be, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve an NFL roster spot and if in the right situation could be a huge asset to a team.

Any Dolphins fan who was alive during the 1980’s remembers Jim “Crash” Jensen. A jack-of-all-trades type player who helped the Dolphins win many games many different ways. Jim could line up at tight end, fullback, wide receiver, running back, and play special teams. Jim didn’t have a defined role on the team; he was a great athlete who could help his team win in whatever way he could. The coaches put Jim in the right position at the right time and Jim flourished.  Jim was an 11th round pick back when the NFL draft went 11 rounds, remember that?!  By the end of his career teams wish they had drafted him in the first or second rounds that’s how valuable he was to the Fins.

So if you are telling me I can get Tim Tebow for .30 on the dollar and have the next Jim Jensen, hell yeah I am on board with that. Anyone who isn’t on board with that is crazy! If I only have to give up Philip Merling and I can get Tebow….DO THE DEAL! If I have to give up a 5th round pick for Tebow…DO THE DEAL! Heck, I would go as high as a 4th round picks for Tebow…DO THE DEAL!

Dallas Clark is one of the best tight ends in the NFL today, he goes 6”3” and is 250 lbs. Tebow goes 6’3’” and is 245. They are the same size, who’s to say Tebow with some work couldn’t be in a platoon at the tight end position for us and be successful. He has the size and is enough of an athlete to pick the position up just like Jensen did back in the day. Tight End is an area the Fins want to upgrade badly.  Who’s to say Tebow as the third string quarterback on the Fins is an upgrade over Pat Devlin and Kevin O’Connell as well?  O’Connell can’t find a home in this league and Devlin is well…Devlin.

You don’t acquire Tebow hoping he is your quarterback of the future. That logic doesn’t work and it will cost you your job, just like it cost Josh McDaniels his job. But if you have faith in your coaches to use this “athlete” correctly and see a guy who can help your team in a variety of ways, you make the move. I mean what are you really giving up? NOTHING!

When looking at Tebow a lot of people’s view of him and his ability on the field is clouded. They let his religious beliefs get in the way of an “honest” opinion of his play. Or they don’t like the hype ESPN placed around him. I’m no bible thumper and I don’t care what Tebow does in his free time, he can travel to all the 3rd world countries he wants and give out free circumcisions, I don’t care.  So sort through all the BS and just look at him as the football player…not a quarterback, as a football player. And for a mid to late round draft pick or Philip Merling, I will take Tim Tebow on my team any day. Especially if it means he might be the next “Crash” Jensen.


  1. Comparing Tebow to Crash? Come on Mike! Did you ever watch Crash play? The guy was tough as nails. He could knock a linebacker on his ass. I'm not saying Tebow wouldn't be a good acquisition at the right price, but I wouldn't compare him to Crash just yet.

  2. Crash had a screw loose, Tebow is too normal to be Crash, LOL.

  3. A screw loose? I always thought he had like four or five screws loose lol

  4. I'd give up a 5th for him. but he's got a big salary for a project TE


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