More Details Leak Out About the Brandon Marshall Saga

The Brandon Marshall saga from this past offseason where and his wife had some sort of altercation in his house gets even more odd as more details leak out. The local NBC affiliate in Miami is reporting that Brandon Marshall told Assistant Attorney General Sarahnell Murphy that it was his dog, yes his dog that ripped the phone out of the wall after Brandon's wife called 911. Also, Brandon Marshall's attorney told Murphy that his client (Brandon) would not in any way cooperate with the investigation. On June 10th when Marshall appeared in Broward Court he was served with a subpoena at which time he tore it up into pieces and threw it on the ground. Marshall later in a statement with the assistant attorney general claimed his wife's injuries came while she was "training/kickboxing."
It is clear that Brandon is covering up what happened that night and not telling the truth to anyone, even authorities.  And Brandon playing the victim card and the way some in the media portrayed Brandon as the victim in this incident has become laughable. Whatever happened that night in that house, Brandon played a large part in it. Blaming some of it on the dog….well that’s just wrong!