New Details Emerge from Brandon Marshall Stabbing Incident

The South Florida Times is reporting more details are emerging from the Brandon Marshall stabbing incident from this past offseason. Details that were not in the initial police report have come out this past week. Such as a large bloody knife (13 inches), a bloody gun clip, and a handgun were discovered at the crime scene.

When the South Florida Times contacted the NFL earlier this week for a comment on these new details the NFL declined to comment. One would wonder if a suspension of some sort is possibly coming for Brandon. Granted he was stabbed and the "victim" in this case. But Brandon has a rap sheet that is a mile long and that can't be ignored. So as more details come out it looks like he might shoulder some part of the blame as to what went on that night which could warrant a suspension of some from Roger Goodell and the NFL.

Ken LaVicka of ESPN 760 is reporting that it is very likely that Brandon Marshall have a meeting with Roger Goodell in the near future and that anywhere from a 4 to 8 game suspension would not be out of the question.


  1. suspend him for what? getting stabbed? in an incident where the police declined to even press charges against anyone?

  2. BIG BEN wasn't charged with anything by the police, he was still SUSPENDED last year! Marshall has 2 strikes a 3rd is an automatic suspension. And its clear from the new evidence that Marshall was part of the problem that night. And possibly owning an illegal gun isn't going to sit well. Lots of things here that put blame on Brandon for making a bad situation WORSE that night.


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