No Competition at the Quarterback Position (right now at least)

Coach Sparano on Saturday afternoon stated that as of now there is no competition for the starting quarterback job. As of right now the job belongs to Chad Henne.  Sparano said,
"To me it takes more than a few outings, couple practices any of those things.  But I mean I thought Matt did some good things.  I mean, on the surface it’s going to look like Matt did way more good things than Chad maybe, I guess to your eye but there was enough things in there to Matt’s 36 plays I believe it was that needed to be corrected as well.  He did some good things, that’s the Matt I know."
You can bet your last dollar though that a couple more preseason games where Henne is throwing multiple interceptions in one quarter will change Sparano's outlook on the quarterback position. Remember, they didn't try to replace Hennea couple weeks ago because they are in love with him.