Prediction Time

While I don’t share the opinion of Mike & Mike on ESPN Radio, I don’t think the Dolphins are ready to challenge for the AFC East title. A wild card spot? Maybe. Looking at the Dolphins schedule, I’m predicting the Dolphins to go 9-7 this year, a far cry from the 3-13 and 4-12 that those clowns on ESPN predicted for Miami. But that 9-7 prediction might be a little generous. 

I think that most teams know the Dolphins want to be a run first team and will crowd the line of scrimmage and try to make Chad Henne beat them with his arm. Henne has shown quite a bit of improvement in pre-season this year, but the offensive line has looked horrible. And you can’t say the reason is Jake Long isn’t playing. He plays one position and blocks one, sometimes two guys. This is going to be a problem all season unless something is done to remedy the situation now.

The left side should be stable with Jake long and Richie Incognito, but the rest of the starting line is going to be a problem. Center Mike Pouncy is a rookie. RG Vernon Carey is overweight and ineffective since moving over from right tackle. And Marc Colombo might as well be a turnstile at the subway station instead of playing right tackle. 2010 third round pick Jon Jerry is a complete bust and will probably be cut.

Head coach Tony Sparano’s specialty is the offensive line and for his sake, he had better come up with some kind of solution or he might be looking for a new job come next offseason. My 9-7 prediction and my wins and losses listed below are based on Sparano doing SOMETHING to make some kind of improvement.

So here are my wins and losses:
Wins: Vs Houston, at Cleveland, Vs Denver, at NY Giants, at Kansas City, Vs Washington, Vs Buffalo, Vs Oakland and Vs NY Jets.

Losses: Vs New England, at San Diego, at NY Jets, at Dallas, Vs Philadelphia, at Buffalo and at New England.

I think the division will end up just as it did last year, New England, NY Jets, Miami and Buffalo. My pick for team MVP – Who else? Jake Long. Top rookie? I’ll take the safe pick and say Mike Pouncey.