Revis Disagrees with Vontae's Comments

The other day Vontae Davis while talking to the Miami media proclaimed Sean Smith and himself are the best CB Tandem in the NFL today. It made waves throughout the NFL and Darrelle Revis of the NY Jets disagrees. The NY Post talked to Revis about Vontae'e comments."He's got to play a couple more years before he's saying all that," Revis said Friday. "They're a good tandem but they have a lot of work to do."

"It really don't matter because the film don't lie," Revis said. "The film don't lie. You can say what you want to say. You can say the sky is red but it ain't red. That's just what it is. We know how we play and we know what we do on that field not just as a corner tandem but as a secondary. We play great football."

Just on a side note during this past NFL Lockout Revis did spend time with Vontae and Sean Smith so this group is (or was) friendly with each other.