Should The Dolphins Make A Push For Pryor?

Tomorrow is the NFL's supplemental draft an a few people are talking about the Dolphins making a push to get former Ohio State QB Terrelle Pryor. Unless it's a 6th or 7th round pick, I am one who hopes they don't. As I've stated before, I love draft picks! They come in handy in the middle of April. Pryor would not even be able to practice or play with whatever team picks him until after the 5th game of the regular season so it's doubtful he would have any impact this year. Hell, from what I've read about the guy, he might not even end up being a quarterback!

Let me tell you why I would be stingy with my draft picks right now. The NFL is a quarterback driven league. Unless the light bulb in Henne's head pops on soon, the Dolphins will STILL be looking for a QB after the 2011 season and still be a middle of the pack team. And they will stay a middle of the pack until they address the QB spot. Which brings me to the 2012 draft.

Now, I don't follow college football, but I do know besides Andrew Luck there will be about 3 other QB's coming out (that I have read) that will be franchise type quarterbacks. Typically a middle of the pack team doesn't get much of a chance at guys like this unless they have the ammunition to make a big trade. And what better ammunition got it....draft picks! At some point the Dolphins are going to have to get a conviction about a young QB and go hard after him, no matter what it takes.