Stock Report

Well last nights game wasn't anything to write home about. Coach Sparano and the rest of the staff can't be pleased with some of the things they saw. With that said there were a few players who played well and really stood out. So lets break it down and see who's stock is on the rise and who's stock is sinking like a stone.

Quarterback Position looks strong heading into the season
Chad Henne-If a couple weeks ago you would have said just prior to the season name the Dolphins three biggest problems and Quarterback wouldn't be one of them, I think all of South Florida and the world would have said you are nuts. But its true, Henne is playing great. YES, GREAT! Chad displayed pin-point accuracy vs Tampa and even connected on a deep pass which resulted in a touchdown. The last two preseason games have been outstanding for Chad Henne.

Brandon Marshall-Yeah he had that one bad fumble, but the rest of his night was pretty good. He was abusing corners the entire game and looked like "THE BEAST" he was in Denver and wasn't last year in Miami.

Front 7 on Defense-The front 7 on defense I thought played amazing. They were good against the run and had constant pressure all night long on Freeman.

Special Teams-This unit has done a total 180 from the past couple years. Kickoff and Punt coverage units look simply awesome. They are on top of the returns and not letting them get away. Brandon Fields has been good as usual as well.

Offensive Line--Where to start, well lets keep it simple. This Unit Sucks! I don't want to hear "It's Only the Preseason" either. Preseason, regular season, post season...what we saw tonight was downright miserable. The Fins had 22  rushing yards on 17 attempts, the oline gave up 5 sacks, they didn't pick up one first down rushing, and poor Matt Moore almost was killed by their blocking. The unit was awful and looks to be bad heading into the season. I know Jake Long didn't play again, but Jake Long doesn't play Guard, Center, or on the right side so he can't fix all the problems. Let's get more in depth here.
Marc Colombo-Gotta go. He is playing on one leg and just looks over-matched on every play. 
Vernon Carey-Not sure having him play guard is best. At tackle he hasn't been great the past 2 years but at least ya know what ya got.
Lydon Murtha-He is a walking penalty. The guy is killing drives.
It's probably too late to seriously fix the problem, but signing Shaun O'Hara and plugging him in at RG would be a small move. Then maybe move Carey back to RT. Band-Aide moves but at this point what do you have to lose. Heck at this point give Ray Willis a shot at RT with the 1st string, why not! This unit is just too big and slow. Pulling isn't even an option with our two guards currently. It's a disaster that is getting worse each week.

Secondary-The same secondary we saw last year. Dropped easy interceptions on a few occasions and on 3rd down they couldn't get off the field.

Easy Cuts-The Dolphins cuts this year aren't going to be tough decisions. Some names that pop out of having no shot of making this team are...Philip Livas, Nolan Carroll, Jon Jerry, Nate Ness, Will Allen, Julius Pruitt, Marvin Mitchell, David Nixon, and probably Larry Johnson.