Well the season is off and running after last nights first preseason game. Lets do a little market report and see who's stock is UP after last nights game and who's is DOWN...

Benny Sapp-Had a nice interception last night and because of his health and the lack of health of Will Allen, Sapp probably won himself a roster spot after just one preseason game. If his solid play continues he might even push Sean Smith for a starting position.

Phillip Livas-The Dolphins have been searching for years for a punt return specialist and they might have found one. His punt return for a touchdown opened a lot of eyes last night and might have won him a roster spot. The Dolphins don't want to carry 6 WR's so either it makes someone ahead of him on the depth chart expendable via trade or to be cut; or it means the coaching staff will have to do some re-working of the final 53 man roster to keep him aroumd.

Matt Moore-You can't knock his play and say it was because he put up stats against the Falcons 2nd team defense, because Henne only had success vs the Falcons 2nd team defense. Moore deserves a chance to run with the 1st team in one of these preseason games. He earned that last night. I'm not gonna sit here and lie to you and tell you he is great but he "might" be better than the alternative. Everyone looks at Moore's 2010 season and says he can't do it. Two things to remember, in 2010 he was injured Week 1 and it hung with him this his season ended Week 9. And in 2009 Moore started 5 games and went 4-1 with 8 TD's to only 1 INT. Once again, not gonna tell you the kid is great or anything but he might not be as bad as 2010 indicates. Give the kid a shot with the 1st team and lets see what he is made of.

Jared Odrick-This guy was throwing people around like rag dolls last night. He is a MAN among MEN!

Chad Henne-You couldn't have had a worse night than Henne. Two interceptions right off the bat. One on a poorly thrown ball to Fassano and another on a terrible pass. Henne really only made 1 play all night and that was the long TD and it came against the Falcons back-ups.

The O-line-You can't use the excuse of no Jake Long because when Long returns he isn't going to play guard or center. The first team o-line couldn't block anyone especially the guards and center.

Anthony Fassano-How did the Fins NOT upgrade the TE position this year is beyond me. Charles Clay can't get up to speed soon enough. Clay can take a lot of playing time away from Fassano because has a true H-Back and he run routes and make plays. Make plays Fassano can only dream of making.

First Team Defense-I know there was no game plan and stuff, but they were really bad. Not just bad, really bad!

Well the first game is in the books and not much has changed in Dolphins land. If you look at it big picture and overlook some of the smaller things it comes down to QB is still a huge question and the o-line hasn't shown much improvement. Neither gave you any "feel good vibes" after last night.

Its easy to say that its only the preseason and nothing matters but that is a narrow minded view and you fooling yourself. The outcomes of the game don't matter but the level and quality of play does!

The mistakes Henne made had nothing to do with not having Bush, Marshall, or Long. They were the same mental  mistakes we have seen in his 27 previous NFL starts. Let's also be honest, Chad Henne's NFL carrer is riding on these 4 preseason games. If he looks terrible in them he probably won't start Week 1 and he will have a tough time finding work in this league. He is on the fast track of being Matt Leinert if he doesn't pick up his play and turn things around. For Henne the time is now and he better turn things around next week vs Carolina because the "excuses" are getting old and starting to fall on deaf ears.