Stock UP/Stock DOWN Report

The Dolphins looked like a new team compared to last week’s dismal performance in Atlanta. The Fins came out and beat up on one of the worst teams in the NFL in the Carolina Panthers. They did what they were supposed to do, beat up on a bad team. A lot more good than bad tonight as well took place on the field. So, let’s break it down and see whose stock went UP and who’s stock went DOWN.

Stock UP
Reggie Bush
The Reggie Bush Show was in full effect tonight. Explosive runs, big plays catching screen passes, running tough up the middle. He did it all. Can you say…..”PLAYMAKER.” He is exactly what the Miami Dolphins offense has needed for many years. Someone who can make something out of nothing. Someone who can on any given play take it to the house! We saw just a sneak peak of what is in store for the 2011 season!

Kevin Burnett
Channing Who? Burnett is three times the player Channing Crowder ever was. He is athletic, can cover tight ends, and has an explosiveness that adds a lot to this Dolphins defense. And he put all of those skills on display tonight.

Chad Henne
Yes, Chad Henne played well tonight. He wasn’t great but he played well. His passes were crisp, he had the offense constantly moving the ball, and most important he had no turnovers. Now, for the time of possession advantage the Fins had the offense should have scored more than it did. All in all it was a solid effort by Henne. Can’t get on him for tonight’s performance.

Stock DOWN
Anthony Fasano
This guy is not a starting tight end in this league. Period. It’s not even up for debate anymore. Another big drop tonight and he also had some other poor plays. The Dolphins need an athletic tight end in the worse way. The Dolphins will be all over the waiver wire in a couple weeks looking to add a TE. It’s not “IF” they add someone, it’s WHO!

Lydon Murtha
3 penalties in the first half. Little free advice for Murtha…..RENT don’t buy!

Will Allen
Not being active for the 2nd game in a row. Not being able to participate at every practice it’s safe to say it’s the end of the line for Mr. Allen.


  1. I'll tell you who else's stock should be up. Clyde Gates. Man that kid has some burners on him.


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