A Storm is Brewing

Sun Life Stadium is a pretty mild place. Not that intimidating to opponents, never really that loud, and not one of these stadiums that is a huge home field advantage. Well, tonight it might be alive and kickin’ in a preseason, yes a preseason game, but not in a good way for the Dolphins.
Believe it or not but tonight is one of the biggest nights in Chad Henne's career. He is playing his first home football game in front of the very same public that was boo'ing him at practice a few weeks back.  And the timing couldn't be worse for Henne. Last week Chad threw 2 interceptions and looked god awful and didn't help his cause in the eyes of Dolphins fans. The football fans in South Florida have had a miserable week with the University of Miami scandal. This morning you have a Miami Herald headline with the NCAA saying the "Death Penalty" is on the table for programs that break rules (i.e. Miami). So to sum it up, the South Florida football fan right now is pissed! Check that, really pissed!

If Chad Henne comes out tonight and is.....well your typical Chad Henne. Not making plays and throwing interceptions, the boo'ing he will hear tonight will make what happened at that practice earlier this month seem like nothing.
The perfect storm is brewing and it could be a big one that hits tonight at around 7:30pm. Only one person can prevent this storm and that is Chad Henne. The excuses aren't going to fly either. Nobody wants to hear that "it’s only the preseason" or "they are installing a new offense." Nobody wants to hear it anymore. The excuses are old and tired. Just play well and give Dolphins fans some hope. I don't know how much lower you can set the bar but Henne better meet those expectations tonight or else it could be ugly.