Tiki Barber?

Ok, I checked the calendar and it is not April 1st, so it can't be an April Fools Day joke. Maybe a prank to get a laugh out of some fans? Surely this must be some kind of joke, right? Here is a 36 year old RB who 2 years ago walked out on his team and has alienated everyone around him. Hell, even his brother Ronde Barber of the Tampa Bay Bucs hasn't really endorsed him. No other teams seem to have an interest. Seriously, what could Barber offer this team? And if they need another RB, Ricky Williams is still unsigned. Patrick Cobbs is still out there too.

Yes, Ricky Williams went through something similar a while back and I know some fans have not forgiven him. But I think he has more than made up for it. He's been a model citizen and teammate the past few years. And yes, he was upset and spoke out after last season, but I would bet that most players felt the same way and just didn't say anything. I would also like to think that he mended those bridges later in the off-season.

Armando Salguero stated on his blog this morning that he received a text message from an assistant on another team mocking the Dolphins for working out Barber. I couldn't imagine the backlash from the fan base if they actually signed him.