World Champions

February 1987.

That is the month, and year, I was born. Yes I am a fairly young person. 24 years old, and enjoying life. But I sit here right now, drinking, and when I drink, I think.....sometimes too deeply (just ask my wife)

As I sit here, and think about the Miami Dolphins franchise. A proud franchise. I can be proud representing my Zach Thomas jersey here in Charlotte North Carolina. I can be proud driving around my Toyota Corolla with a Dolphins plater attached to my hood. And I can be proud proclaiming my fanhood at random bars every Sunday during the NFL season.

But why?

Proud of a heritage from years before I existed? Think about father was 8 the last time the Miami Dolphins were champions of the football world. Man what a time I bet.

I could only sit here and imagine the fruitful memories of watching Larry Csonka running over grown men for touch downs. Or Mercury Morris blazing out of the backfield. Or the killer bee's dominating an offense. All I have is old NFL films footage and stories from my elder dolfan friends.

Why am I a dolfan? What makes me such a die-hard that I would name my son after Zach Thomas? What makes me proudly claim I have aqua and orange running through my veins?

Is it hope? Is it past mixed with a future of MAYBES?

As I sit here and look at a signed Dan Marino photo framed in my living room, given to me as a gift from my buddy Jason Jennings, I think of what makes me such a dedicated fan. And to be honest, thinking of it too deeply has me laughing inside.

It's just a game!!!

It's a game of millionaires running around throwing a inflated pigskin around.

To the common human that may stumble upon this blog, I may seem insane. A bit looney, maybe even a little "not right in the head".

The unexplainable is a crazy thing. From the days when I was barely big enough to walk on my own, when I sat between my uncle and dad and watched the Dolphins play on Sunday, my feet not even reaching the end of the couch cushion, and I scrutinized every reaction, every movement of the men I looked up to so much, and everything they did, I copied. Every time they yelled, I yelled louder. Every time they cheered, I did front flips. Every time they cussed.....earning looks that can only be described as "devilish" from my mother.....I cussed as well.

The Miami Dolphins are in my blood. I love the Marlins, I love the heat, I love the "U".....but the only difference between all of those teams and my Dolphins? I have witnessed a championship., sitting in my living room, thinking of memories, and simple questions such as "why?". I ask you all this......rhetorical of course.

Why am I a dolfan? Why do I care SO MUCH? Well.....I have to. I am like a robot, programmed to love the Miami Dolphins. 1-15 or winning the AFC East, I will love the Miami Dolphins till the day I die. I expect nothing less of my son....Zachary Thomas Cullen.....and you shouldn't either. Because god dammit, it's our responsibility as dolfans to keep this fraternity, this clan, this cult together. Because one day my fans, born after the great year of 1973 will have our time in the sun. And when we do.......we can TRULY have our own heritage, and history of the Miami Dolphins to be proud of.

One we can remember.

One we can share with our children and grandchildren.

Because let's be honest, it's just a game. But it's NOT just a game. Sunday is a holy day all right. Because Sunday's are Dolphin-sunday. And god I love Dolphin-sunday.

And god it's great to be a dolfan.

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  1. We have quite an age disparity on this web site. I don't know about Manny, but you and Mike were not even born yet the last time the Dolphins were in the Super Bowl. This is how old I am...I can remember the FIRST Super Bowl the Dolphins played in! Actually, the conference championship game stands out more in my mind from that year because the beat the Baltimore Colts up pretty good.

  2. Thats the awesome thing about this franchise. We have people like you, that lived the good times, that have memories that you could take to the grave and you'll be happy.

    Then you have me, and mike. We havent witnessed our teams as champions. We are like Cub fans lol. But I dunno which is worse, to never witness greatness, or to know what greatness is supposed to look like, and see how far away we are now.

  3. Jees Ken, I was alive for the last 2 dolphins super bowl apperances. I was a kid for both but I saw them lose to the skins and 49ers. I'm young, but not that

  4. 3 straight AFC Title Games and 2 SB losses for me Chris, then it has been downhill since, good thing about the current team is our "core" is set, the bad thing is, no proven Qb. But, and this is a big but, this is also the first time we have a Qb under 30 taking snaps for 3 straight seasons.

  5. Sorry Mike. I thought you were in your mid to late 20's.

    And to anonymous, They have only lost 2 AFC title games. New England in 1985 and Buffalo in 1992, both at home.

    Here is a conference championship game fact I'll bet not to many people are aware of. The Dolphins are the only team in the NFL since the merger that has played every team in their division in the conference championship game.
    Baltimore Colts in 1971, New York Jets in 1982, New England in 1985 and Buffalo in 1992.


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