Friday, September 30, 2011

Daniel Thomas NOT with team in San Diego

Daniel Thomas who was limited in practice on Thursday was a no-show at practice on Friday. is reporting a source that  Thomas was not on the teams flight that left for San Diego which most likely means he won't play on Sunday.

UPDATE: Omar Kelly is reporting that Daniel Thomas and Vonate Davis were not on the team plane that left this afternoon and both are OUT for Sunday's game

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Looking Towards Sunday

So far, the Dolphins have played an elite team (Patriots), playoff-caliber team (Texans) and a weak team (Browns) and failed at all three. The San Diego Chargers, their next opponent, are closer to a playoff-caliber team. Similar to the forecasts prior to the Houston game, one would think that the Dolphins stand a decent chance of beating the Chargers. The only way the Dolphins will win Sunday is to show some "heart" and desire instead of giving the game away in an apathetic manner.

This will be the truest test of the Dolphin defense up to this point. Antonio Gates remains one of the very best tight ends in the NFL and, of course, we all know the Dolphins' inability to cover talented tight ends over the last few years. Linebackers, especially ex-Charger Kevin Burnett, will have to step up in a major way. Vincent Jackson, an outstanding wide receiver, will try to expose just how "elite" Dolphin cornerbacks are. Vontae Davis and Sean Smith have yet to back up their self-espoused reputations with on-field performance. On the offensive side of the ball, the Chargers secondary can be beaten, so a good opportunity exists for Brandon Marshall to have a big day to answer his increasing numbers of naysayers. The Dolphins best wide receiver this year, Brian Hartline, needs to continue his fine play.

I see no evidence that the Dolphins have overcome their doldrums either at home or on the road. Philip Rivers is a top-tier quarterback. Chad Henne continues to have red-zone issues. I am picking the Chargers to win this one fairly easily. I hope I am wrong.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Take-Home Lessons

It is rather obvious at this point, barring a miracle, that the Dolphins' season will not lead to a post-season appearance. There are two teams in their division (Patriots, Jets) that are far superior. The Bills also appear to be a better team, although we will have to see how that plays out in the end. But all is not lost. We have learned some important things about this team, listed here, that will help us in the rebuilding process. By the way, the rebuilding process starts now.

1) Brandon Marshall is a very good receiver but neither a "beast" nor a dominant player. He continually cries to be thrown the ball yet makes key drops at crucial moments. Other teams can cover him quite nicely with one solid cornerback, as demonstrated by Cleveland last week. One can argue that Marshall has hurt the Dolphins more than helped them due to his propensity to exhibit a terrible temper and get penalized. He is far from an "elite" receiver like Andre Johnson or Larry Fitzgerald. Not worth two second-round draft picks for sure. Marshall may be best utilized as a decoy for Davone Bess and Brian Hartline.

2) The Dolphins continue to inflate the value of their personnel decisions, which have generally been poor. Draft choices such as Philip Merling, Kendall Langford, Vontae Davis, and Sean Smith have been unconvincing. John Jerry made the roster strictly because he was a third-round draft choice instead of the more versatile Joe Berger. Tony Sparano still insists on starting Marc
Columbo, who is so past his prime that he requires extra help at right tackle every game. Dolfans have been sold a "bill of goods" on the team's progress. We may be looking at another complete rebuilding program after this season. I wouldn't be averse to trading some of Parcells/Ireland draft picks for new draft picks.

3) Chad Henne. It is apparent that he will never be anything more than a serviceable backup quarterback. He has improved this year but one can argue that the team isn't asking him to do that much. Henne continues to be an inaccurate passer, unable to either keep drives alive or score much from the red zone. In his defense, he has been running for his life much of the time due to the poor offensive line. His scrambling is not a long-term answer to the Dolphin offensive woes either.

4) Reggie Bush is certainly not an "every down" back and, therefore, his value is limited. His ability to catch passes in the flat and outrun defenders is virtually his only saving grace. Not worth the amount of cap space he soaks up. One also wonders if other, more productive, players resent him and his salary.

5) The Steven Ross/Jim Harbaugh/Tony Sparano nonsense of last summer took a tremendous psychological toll on the Dolphins. The team's effort has been subpar, as if they've lost respect for Sparano and regard him as a "lame duck". Why exert effort and possible injury if Sparano won't be around anyway? Compare the Dolphins to the Bills, who exude enthusiasm for their team and their coach Chan Gailey. Although Dolphin players support Sparano publicly, one wonders how they really feel about him in their "heart of hearts". We won't know for certain until after this season is completed.

6) Jake Long is hurt much worse than we were led to believe during preseason. It is a bit scary to think that their best player had knee surgery after the 2010 season, rested for almost nine months, and is still hobbled. An honest medical post-season evaluation is in order. The fact that Long was the very first Dolphins draft pick of Parcells/Ireland should play no role. The fact that Long was chosen over Atlanta franchise quarterback Matt Ryan is irrelevant as well. Sparano's ego and stubborn nature needs to be shelved for the good of the team.

We will learn more as the season progresses....

Fins land Steve Slaton

In a move that all but tells you the organization thinks Reggie Bush has been a total bust so far at running back, the Dolphins claimed RB Steve Slaton off waivers today. With a healthy Daniel Thomas sharing time with Bush why would you find the need to add another running back? Well, if one of the two in the time share (ie Reggie Bush) isn't carrying his weight.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dolphins Talking Trade for Carson Palmer

Rich Smith of ALLsportsINEL is reporting the Miami Dolphins are talking with the Cincinnati Bengals about trading for Carson Palmer. The Bengals are asking for a 2nd round pick according to Smith. No other outlets are reporting this story as of now. Return to all day for updates as this story develops.

Henne's True Colors Shine Through

Chad Henne had it there for the taking Sunday afternoon in Cleveland. He had the chance to silence some of his critics, win over some doubting teammates and probably some doubting fans. He had the chance to show that he is the guy who you can count on in crunch time. And it wouldn't have been that hard. After a nice return by Clyde Gates and a penalty, the Dolphins, needing only a field goal to win were set up at Cleveland's 47 yard line with 43 seconds and a time out to work with.

Henne had played well up to that point of the game. He was 19 of 25 for 255 yards, a TD and no interceptions for the game to that point. Needing only about 15 yards to give Dan Carpenter a decent shot at a game winning field goal seemed like a cinch. These were, after all the Cleveland Browns. No problem, right? Hell, with 43 seconds and a time out they could get the ball down inside the 25 or so, making that field goal attempt even easier.

Three incompletions and an interception later we find that what we have is the same old Chad Henne. Sure he has played better this season, but when it's time to put the team on his shoulders and lead them to victory, he is still a failure. Oh sure, he outplayed Colt McCoy for 55 minutes Sunday, but look at the end result. When it was crunch time and the Browns needed a TD, McCoy put his team on his shoulders and marched them 80 yards for a winning TD.

When you watch the video below, you will hear head coach Tony Sparano say things like, he gave us a chance to win and Chad had a winning performance. No Tony, he did neither. He is still the same old Chad Henne.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dolphins Snatch Defeat From The Jaws Of Victory

As I sat and watched this game today, I had an uneasy feeling. It was sure looking like the Dolphins were heading towards their first win of the 2011 season. Without going into all of the pointless details, Miami had played well enough to win and were up 16-10 when Dan Carpenter kicked a 38 yard field goal with 3:26 left to play. He then kicked the ball out of the endzone putting the ball at the 20 with 3:23 left to play and Cleveland needing nothing less than a touchdown to win. Surely the defense, which played well most of the game wouldn't let Colt McCoy and the Browns pass their way down-field and snatch this win away, would they?

Think again. 13 plays and 2:40 later the Browns had the lead. But it gets even better! After an unsportsman like penalty, the Browns had to kick-off from their 20 and Clyde Gates not only returned the kick-off to the Miami 38, there was a horse collar tackle penalty on the Browns giving the Dolphins the ball at the Cleveland 47 with 43 seconds and a time out left. SURELY the Dolphins could pick up 15 or 20 yards to give Dan Carpenter a decent shot at a game winning field-goal, right? After all, Chad Henne had played well up to this point, so there was no reason to think he couldn't pull this off! Three incompletions and an interception later the Dolphins are 0-3 and facing a very real possibility of being 0-5 when they return home next month.

Hey Tony, if you thought the heat was on when you left, it will be scorching when you get back, if you are still with the team that is.

As I look through the remaining schedule, I see two possible wins. Our biggest remaining game could be against Kansas City. That Dolphin fans could be the game that decides who the winner will be in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes! The other possible win? Maybe Denver.

Change at Head Coach and QB Should Be Coming Quick

Another Dolphins game, another Dolphins loss, and another horrible game by Chad Henne and Tony Sparano. And a change at head coach we know is coming soon, but a change at quarterback isn't far off either.

Another bad day by Chad Henne today. Once again as soon as Chad entered the red zone the Dolphins offense stopped. Henne couldn't complete a pass or lead more than one touchdown drive. Once again the Fins settled for field goals and it cost him.

There are no excuses for Henne anymore, he doesn't make plays and he doesn't win games with his arm. He may complete a bunch of passes but the "money plays" the "key plays" he always comes up short. Leading one touchdown drive a game isn't good enough. It's a sign of a bad quarterback. The Dolphins are 0-3 with road games vs San Diego and the Jets up next, so realistically 0-5 they will be very shortly. And another game or so like this and Henne should be replaced by Matt Moore. Not that Moore is anything special, but we know Henne can't get the job done so why not give Moore a shot.

Nobody is expecting Henne to be Marino, Montana, Brady, or Manning. But one touchdown drive a game isn't enough. Not even close and he doesn't make enough plays. And Houston and Cleveland aren't great defensive teams. What we saw Week 1 out of Henne was a fluke. It's the exception and NOT the norm.

Sparano will be fired in a few weeks at some point. Henne should be replaced as the teams starting quarterback around the same time. Let the house-cleaning begin. Time to take out the trash on the sideline and under center.

Peyton Hills OUT for Browns: Fins catch a break

Peyton Hillis is OUT for the Browns today and will not play

Lex Hillard will start at FB, Nolan Carroll will start at CB, and Rashed Jones still starting at FS today.

Dolphins-Browns Game Prediction

Ok, the Fins are 0-2 and things look to be only getting worse. Vonate is out for this game, Dansby is playing on one leg this week, if he plays. Reggie Bush is dinged what else is new. And the Dolphins are going on the road to play a Browns team that is sneaky good. Now, Miami hasn't won in Cleveland since 1993. Yes, since the famous game where Dan Marino injured his achilles heel. So its been a while to say the least.

On offense I think the Fins have a big day actually. The Browns have played Indy and Cincy thus far and neither of those teams are any good on offense. So this will be the real first test for them. I see Thomas between 80-100 yards rushing. I think Henne throws for 250+. It all comes down to turnovers and red zone offense. If the Fins don't turn the ball over and get touchdowns in the redzone it will be a big day for the Dolphins offense.

The defense is a mess. Will Allen has only been here a week and is hurt and might not play. With no Vontae the secondary is a train wreck. And Colt McCoy can play; this kid is for real. He can scramble and he makes plays in the pocket and outside the pocket. Cribbs is a weapon they use in many ways, Peyton Hill is a beast of a man to bring down. And the Browns tight ends of Watson/Moore are very underrated and quality players.

I see a shoot-out type game. As much as I am on the "SUCK FOR LUCK" bandwagon, hell I'm driving it and leading the charge. I think Miami wins. DOLPHINS 38  BROWNS 34

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Reggie Bush talks about Faking Injuries

Manny Navarro of the Miami Herald spoke with Reggie Bush and Reggie went on the record with the fact the Saints practiced "faking injuries" to slow down a team that was in a hurry up offense that was hurting them.

“We actually had that before in New Orleans,” Bush said, referring to the fake injury play. “It’s just one of those things when you get those hurry-up offensive teams. I mean, it’s legal. They haven’t made any rules yet to say it’s not legal.
“... For the most part you’re supposed to have a designated guy for that. It’s not supposed to be four or five guys falling on the ground at the same time. Obviously that looks real bush league.

These comments won't make Reggie very popular in New Orleans exposing their dirty little secrets. But I have a feeling there is no love loss between Reggie and the Saints organization and Saints fans to begin with.

Browns-Dolphins Preview

Vontae Davis OUT for Cleveland; Will Allen Questionable

Andrew Carter of the Sun-Sentinel is reporting the Dolphins have ruled Vontae Davis OUT for Sunday's game vs Cleveland. Davis was hurt on a special teams play last wee vs Houston. Why was Davis even playing special teams you ask? He was on special teams because the week before Miami cut Benny Sapp and needed someone to fill Sapp's spot on special teams. So, Miami put its star corner back on the unit. Newly signed Will Allen is also listed as questionable with a hamstring injury.

The release of Benny Sapp looks to have backfired on this coaching staff and front office.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Some Fans Need to Get a Clue

It's tough being a Miami Dolphins fan right now in 2011. The team has looked horrible in the first two games of the season and things don't look too good with the upcoming schedule. With 3 road games in a row coming up if you are low on optimism no one would blame you. The head coach was brought back by the owner after the owner clearly didn't want him back. That isn't "Lame Duck" status, oh no that is "Dead Duck" status. Sparano never had a chance to succeed this year and we are seeing the results of that before our eyes every Sunday. It was a short offseason granted (but the same length for all 32 teams) and the front office did nothing to improve the team. The o-line is worse than last years, the secondary that couldn't catch a cold was brought back, the same lackluster quarterback was given the starting job again no questions asked, and to fix our pass rush problem we re-signed a 15 year vet on his last dancing legs. I don't know if this team was intentionally put together to "fail" but from an outsiders view it sure does look that way.

So, being one of the founders of this site we try to keep our fingers on the pulse of the fans at all times. What are the fans saying and feeling. What are their thoughts and opinions on this or on that with regards to the Miami Dolphins. I make it a habit to visit various Miami Dolphins message boards daily. Not so much to post but to just skim and read through to see what the fan-base is thinking. And I must say some fans really need to get a clue. Let's cut through the BS and dispel 3 myths right now.

1) Chad Henne is having a good start to the season----After 2 weeks this is 100% not true. Is Henne playing better than last year, YES. Hell I hope so he couldn't be any worse. But after 2 games Chad Henne still isn't a quality NFL QB. I'm sorry people but what games are you watching? Yes, in week 1 Henne was  good, not great but good. But last week was the same ole' Chad Henne and his play stunk.

Chad Henne reminds me of George W. Bush. The bar is set so low that any little thing he does people want to proclaim as great. The bar was set so low for George W. that anytime he could put together a cohesive sentence that sounded somewhat intelligent people were so shocked they would heap praise on him. With Henne any game he doesn't throw 2 or 3 interceptions people think is an automatic "good to great" performance. Miami Dolphins fans have been beaten down so much after seeing so many years of downright horrible quarterback play that any time we see a completed pass we think its some great act of nature. Chad Henne's accuracy the first 2 games has been average to poor. And in week 2 his play inside the 4 trips in the red zone was beyond horrible. He couldn't have hit land if he were skydiving. It was brutal and painful to watch. Anyone who tells you otherwise is fooling themselves.

Is Henne better than last year.....YES! Is he a good NFL Quarterback....Not even close!

2) The Media is too Negative when it comes to the Dolphins---This is one I read on almost every message board and it always makes me laugh. First and foremost its not the medias job to make you feel good about your team. It's not the medias job to go out of their way to find good things to report about a team. It's not the medias job to be an advocate or PR spokesman for the franchise. And its damn sure NOT the local medias job to be "blind homers" and be "go-team-go" when reporting on the Dolphins.

The media has to report what they see and follow up on stories they hear. If it happens to be mostly if not all negative, then so be it. Do you think the newspapers writers in New England, Green Bay, or Atlanta are accused of being "too positive?" HELL NO! But I bet 95% of what they write is positive because what happens on and off the field around those teams IS positive. When you are a bottom feeder franchise like the Dolphins are now (yes folks, they are, deal with it) then you have to deal with negative stories being written about the team.

Tell me honestly, WHAT POSITIVE STORY SHOULD A NEWSPAPER OR RADIO GUY BE TALKING ABOUT WHEN IT COMES TO THE DOLPHINS? Name 1? Our coach is on the hot seat, our QB play is bad, our best pass rusher looks like he got old overnight, we can't win a game....tell me where is the positive story? Our corner-backs who talk a great game but play a crappy one? Want to write about that?

Everyone was up in arms when Mike and Mike on ESPN picked the Fins to win 2 or 3 games this year. Or Mad Dog Russo on SIRIUS said the Fins will be lucky to win 3 this year and bet a large sum of money on the "UNDER" win total. Or when this ESPN guy or that ESPN guy laughs at the Fins on TV. Take a step back, take a deep breath, and think about this for a minute. Do you think they are willing to be WRONG in front of millions of people  and hurt their reputation because they have some grudge vs the Dolphins? Their word and their opinions is their livelihood. They are just stating the obvious and the truth hurts some Dolphins fans.

So, fans.....enough with the "blaming the media for being negative." It's old, its tired, and it just isn't true!

3) It does no good to fire a coach in the middle of the season--People who think this are downright crazy. Seriously, we put pets and animals to sleep to put them out of their misery and the same line of thinking should be used for NFL head coaches. If we start 0-6 or 1-5 then you can make a valid case to fire Sparano and let another guy finish up the last couple months. The fans are sick of him, according to some rumblings some of the players are tired of his ways, the stadium is empty and nobody is going to games, and we all know the owner wants him gone. What good does it do anyone involved to watch him go out there and suffer Sunday after Sunday? None whatsoever.

Sparano was fighting with fans in the preseason he was fighting with fans last week with the news of 10,000 empty seats. His comments were laughable and a joke. There are 3, yes 3, NFL teams that have more wins at Sun-Life Stadium since Jan 2010 than he has. Steelers, Texans, and Pats have 2 wins in that time frame. The Fins have 1. If Sparano hasn't hit rock bottom then I don't know how much lower one can sink.

Firing Sparano mid-season isn't about trying to save the season or win games. It isn't about trying to find your next head coach. It's about moving on from this disaster and giving everyone involved some much needed relief. I have said it a number of times and I will say it again. Sparano seems like a nice man and a good guy. If it were up to me I wouldn't fire him till after the Thanksgiving Day game when you have a 10 day rest period. But, if they fired him in early October I wouldn't be up in arms or upset one bit.

So fellow Dolphins fans, I know things are tough right now. We are all in this together and I won't lie to you it sucks. It really really sucks. The best thing to do is to hope for the best but unfortunately expect the worse. And pray someone close to Stephen Ross guides him through these tough times and this franchise gets turned around. But in the meantime, don't fool yourself into thinking Henne is good, the media is out to get us, and firing Sparano is pointless. For that group out there, GET A CLUE!

Jason Taylor Talks with the Media

Crowder on Henne: "I don't like the guy"

Retired Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder gave his real opinion on Chad Henne and he pulled no punches. He flat out said he didn't like Chad Henne. Speaking on The Joe Rose show on WQAM Crowder held nothing back. You can read the full transcript here.

Channing is being compared to Tiki Barber by his many twitter followers and he commented on that and why he doesn't like Chad Henne with this quote. "On my Twitter, Tiki Barber, I retired and now I'm bashing Henne. I'm not bashing Henne. You know this, Joe. You did the same thing I did, came out of football with your friends still on the team, having to have an unprejudiced eye toward it. I don't like Henne. I'm not a fan of Henne and people kill me and talk about how you're bashing your team. Look at the numbers. I'm just being a smart football guy. I'm not talking about friends or enemies. I just don't like the guy, and I get criticized for it, but that's part of media."

Dolphins Podcast

Reggie Bush, Brandon Marshall, Sean Smith and Chad Henne talk about what is going on with the Dolphins. And Marshall talks about Browns CB Joe Haden. CLICK HERE to listen

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


The Dolphins are 14-21 under Tony Sparano since the 11-5 season.

The Houston Texans and Pittsburgh Steelers have MORE wins at Sun Life Stadium than the Dolphins do since Jan 2010

Dolphins Talk Radio

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Coach Sparano breaks down the loss to Houston

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Vontae Davis hurt on Special Teams

Dolphins #1 CB Vontae Davis hurt his hamstring on a special teams assignment last Sunday. Question is, why is your #1 CB playing special teams?

Sparano Must Go!

Dolphins sign another Ex-Cowboy

The Miami Dolphins signed CB Nate Jones today and also signed ex-Cowboy Igor Olshansky according to ESPN. Igor started 14 games for Dallas last season. To make room the Fins cut tight end Dante Rosario and running back Larry Johnson. Jones was with the Dolphins in 2008-2009.

Dolphins release Larry Johnson

The Miami Dolphins released Larry Johnson today. With Daniel Thomas healthy now there was no need for a 4th running back on the roster

Monday, September 19, 2011


The Miami Dolphins are at it again, they have started 0-2 at home this year and are now 1-11 at home in the last 12 home games. If there's a question of why Dolphin fans are staying away from attending games there's your answer right there. In the current economic conditions no one is willing to spend hundreds of dollars for 3 hours of aggravation, there is plenty of things to do in South Florida that will actually bring you joy not sorrow. The game against the Houston Texans was a sample of what the Dolphins have been for far too long now, in a word mediocre. Gone are the days of this team being a contender. The last time this team mattered the New Orleans Saints and Detroit Lions were the laughing stock of the NFL, the tables have turned however and the Dolphins are the ones being laughed at while the Saints have won a Super Bowl and are an annual contender and Detroit has a young talented up and coming team with a brighter future than the Dolphins.

The miss steps by this organization since the hiring of Bill Parcells have been so many it's hard to list on this blog, from their inability to draft a franchise QB to the Swiss cheese offensive line they have not been able to fix in 4 years. This year has been no exception, the release of Channing Crowder and AJ Edds are now coming back to hurt the club. Karlos Dansby is injured and Kevin Burnett seems to be auditioning for the lead role in the next remake of the invisible man movie. The offensive line did a good job of run blocking against the Texans but Marc Colombo was responsible for the interception Chad Henne threw and to this point has looked more like a professional bull fighter than an offensive lineman. The Dolphins had an opportunity to improve this position, Bryant McKinney from the U was available after the Vikings cut him, an obvious upgrade that for whatever reason this organization ignored. McKinney is now in Baltimore starting at left tackle while Dolphin fans take bets on how long it will be before Colombo gets Henne killed. Speaking of Henne, he took a vicious hit on Sunday and came up holding his head like it was going to fall off. Henne's backup is Matt Moore, a journey man player that had a horrible year in Carolina last year. If Henne gets hurt how long will it be before the Dolphins regret not picking up David Garrard.

This team is a shadow of it's former self, it's a team with a problem but a failure to admit it and get the help it needs. It is becoming painfully obvious that a new direction is needed, fresh ideas from people with a fresh outlook and a drive to succeed. It needs bold men that will make bold moves to bring this team back to glory. We have had too many Dave Wannstedt clones, men unwilling to take risks to try and reach greatness, men without vision who are afraid to step outside their comfort zones. When President Kennedy decided we had to reach the moon before the Russians he made the decision knowing the risks but he also knew that greatness can't be achieved without the willingness to take those risks. The clock started ticking really loud this weekend in Davie and it will only get louder as the season moves on, tick..tock..tick..tock goes the clock, not long now before Stephen Ross gets the chance to right the ship.

Kevin Burnett talks about being 0-2

Daniel Thomas speaks to the Media

Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Few Thoughts On Today's Game

While there's not much I can add to what Mike Oliva had to say in his column (below this one), I do think he was a little hard on QB Chad Henne. This was not Henne's fault by a long shot. Two plays stand out in my mind that could have made this a completely different game. First, on his interception that led to an easy Houston touchdown, his arm was hit from behind by Mario Williams, who had beaten Marc Colombo (surprise!)

The next play I'm thinking of happened on one of the Dolphins trips into the redzone. He hit Brandon Marshall right in the hands in the endzone and Marshall flat out dropped it. The Dolphins settled for a field goal. That's an eleven point swing on two plays. There were other dropped balls as well today. Other than that, I am pretty much in agreement with what Mike has to say. Our "top five" defense is horrendous. Not only is Nolan Caroll awful, maybe it was him that should have been cut instead of Benny Sapp. He should have been torched by Andre Johnson for a long TD, but it was one of those very rare occasions that Johnson had a drop.

It's not going to get any prettier from here. Five of the next six games are on the road starting next week in Cleveland followed by stops at San Diego and the Jets. That stretch of games will conclude November 6th in Kansas City, who believe it or not has looked more inept than the Dolphins. One thing is for sure, if things keep going the way they are, the Dolphins could end up being players in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes.

A long season just begun

Here we go again!
Not much has changed in Miami in 2011, this team still stinks. I'm sorry for being "negative" but there is no way to sugar coat this people. If you want to read nice things about this franchise or if you want to read how "they can still turn it around" and "it's only 2 games"...this isn't the website for you. Thanks for giving us a shot but you should look elsewhere. This is an honest website where we are going to give it to you straight. And that means tell you right now on Sunday September 18th that the Miami Dolphins are a very bad football team!

Let's start with Quarterback. Chad Henne isn't a good NFL quarterback. I don't care how many yards he threw for vs New England Week 1. Henne today showed he is the same Chad Henne. He might be a hard worker, nice guy, and popular in the locker room, but he can't play at a high level in this league. Numerous trips in the Red Zone today and Henne looked terrible. Not accurate with his throws and unable to lead the team to the endzone. Henne has career back-up written all over him 4 years into his NFL career. He has had too many starts in this league at this point for any excuses to be made. Time for excuses are over! Chad Henne is not a very good NFL quarterback.

Brandon Marshall, he is not a #1 WR in this league either. Good player but not a great player. Marshall again today had too many dropped balls and easy drops at that. He is one of the more inconsistent WR's in the NFL today. All style, no substance.

I don't have the energy to break down our defense right now, but two things stand out. One, when Jason Taylor is our best pass rusher, you know we have problems. The man is in his 15th season and older than dirt. That is a bad sign. Two, there isn't one quality player in our secondary right now. Bell looks old and slow. Jones is always out of position. Nolan Carroll is awful. Vontae Davis is average at best. And Sean Smith is nothing more than a nice player.

Now, lets talk about our head coach, I have said it for 2 years now and I will say it again. He is in over his head as a Head Coach. This is why you don't promote "position" coaches to head coaches. On 3rd and 15 in the first half you run to set up a field goal...? WHY! Shows nothing has changed with his offensive philosophy. Then in the 4th quarter of a tight game you use a timeout to punt the ball? Even dumber! This o-line "guru" has screwed up that unit beyond repair. I think he holds his job till after the Thanksgiving day game, but a few more games like this and he will be out of work by Columbus Day!

The only bright spot today was Daniel Thomas. He reminds me of a young Rashard Mendenhall alot with his style of play. I think this kid is gonna have a bright future.

Folks, it was another bad Sunday at NO-Life Stadium! And there is no way to sugar coat this but its gonna be a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong year!

First Half thoughts...

-Henne is falling back into his old habits. Terrible red zone decision making and not putting points on the board.

-Daniel Thomas is playing very well.

-Brian Daboll and his playcalling is head scratching at times. Not sure if he is an upgrade over Dan Henning.

-Only pass rusher getting consistent pressure is Jason Taylor, that isn't good Dolphins Fans.

-Special teams still stink.

-The stadium is empty.

Not looking good at all for the Dolphins. Looks like another long season if the Fins don't turn it around in this second half. Come back to after the game for our new LIVE Post Game Call in Show!

Fins enjoying life without Bill Parcells

Charley Casserly, citing players and people close to Chad Henne, said on the CBS NFL TODAY Pregame Show that the Miami Dolphins have a looser atmosphere because Bill Parcells is gone.


Daniel Thomas is the "KEY" to the game vs Houston
Well its Week 2 and the Dolphins have another tough test in front of them. They play an organization they have never beaten and are going up against a high powered offense that is similar to the Pats offense they faced 6 days ago.

For the Dolphins they have to do a lot of what they did Monday on offense, spread the field and let Henne throw it around. They also need to run the ball some more and hopefully having Daniel Thomas back we will see that. For all the good Brian Daboll did Monday night calling the offense there were some red flags in my eyes with his goal-line playcalling and how he used Reggie Bush.Hopefully a healthy Daniel Thomas corrects both problems.

On defense the Fins have their hands full. Andre Johnson must be double teamed at all time, no doubt about that. Adrian Foster will play and his back-up Ben Tate is equally as good, so this team has a 1-2 punch in the running game that is second to none in the NFL. And Schaub is a top NFL QB who doesn't make many mistakes.

This should be a nip-tuck game I believe with both teams offenses ahead of the defenses. When push comes to shove though and with the fact Miami has never beaten Houston ever,  the Dolphins owe this team one! My pick   Dolphins 26  Texans 23

Prediction For Today's Game

Today the Dolphins will face the Houston Texans, a team they have never beaten. Will that change today? That's a tough call. Houston is a good team coming in on a high after beating up on division rival Indianapolis last week. We all know how our Dolphins fared last week.

After watching our defense get shredded last week, I don't have the confidence in them I did before the season started. And they better be ready for the no huddle offense again this week because rest assured that Houston has seen what the Patriots did last week.

Sean Smith will need to have his game on today because he will likely be matched up with Andre Johnson most of the time. Arian Foster will make his 2011 debut today after missing the opener with a hamstring issue.

Here is a scary though...Marc Colombo Vs Mario Williams. YIKES! Hopefully the Dolphins will find a way to get Colombo some help or Chad Henne could be spending a lot of time eating grass today.

Bottom line...I don't have the confidence in this team that I did before the season started. Houston has a good offense and I think they will have success against the defense running the no huddle. Houston also has a good defense and Chad Henne will be under a lot of pressure again this week. Can he come close to his performance of last week? He might need to.

 The way I see it...Houston 24 Miami 17

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dolphins News and Notes

This is from Barry Jackson's SUNDAY BUZZ column...

-Rookie center Mike Pouncey’s spirits were buoyed when Patriots’ Albert Haynesworth sought him out after the game to tell him what a good job he does on pass protection.

-Right tackle Marc Colombo graded out by far the worst of the Dolphins offensive linemen in Week 1, allowing one sack and four quarterback pressures. And this should irk Dolfans: Bryant McKinnie, whom Miami passed on, was better in the running game and on passing plays for Baltimore (no sacks, one pressure)

-The Dolphins have been giving defensive ends Phillip Merling and Jared Odrick lots of work in the nickel package because they believe each can be skilled pass-rushers. Odrick has a good chance to become one; he had 14.5 sacks at Penn State.But Merling has only 3.5 sacks in 37 NFL games. It would help if Randy Starks returned to his 2009 form, when he had seven sacks. (He had three last year.)


Chad Pennington Interview

Chad Pennington spoke with WFAN's Mike Francesa Friday about a variety of topics. On his possible return to the NFL, how he doesn't see himself going into coaching as he wants to spend time with his 3 boys and coaching would prevent that, going into broadcasting, on how he see's a big difference in Chad Henne this, and many other topics were discussed. CLICK HERE to listen

Fins Injury Report as of Saturday

Tony McDaniel (hand) is out; Chris Clemons and Roberto Wallace are questionable; and Jason Taylor, Charles Clay and Daniel Thomas are probable

Congrats to Jeff Darlington!

Congratulations to Miami Dolphins beat writer Jeff Darlington of the Miami Herald who is leaving the Herald and accepting a job with the NFL at Thank you for your years of service to Dolphins fans and best of luck with your new job.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dolphins Talk Radio - Post Show

Well show number 2 is in the books. After show #1 hit some technical snags, show 2 was great. It sounded crisp, everything worked on time, great callers, and great support on the social networking sites.

I want to thank everyone for the help, support, backing and participation.

We hit on many topics, some funny, most serious about our Dolphins and the NFL in general. If you like what you hear, please join us again, every Wednesday night 9-11 pm eastern, and most Sunday post-games as well, for more Dolphins talk.

Being a fan of this team, you know we don't get much love from any media. So to have a show that is TRULY for the fans, by the fans is fun to be apart of.

Listen to archived shows HERE, and as always, follow the show on twitter: ChrisCullen561 for all the latest news and updates!!!

For any questions, predictions, statements or if you want to be a guest on the show, email the host Chris Cullen at

The archived show from 9/15/11 will be posted shortly on the show page, so check it out, pass it on, comment on it and of course, GO DOLPHINS!!!!

Dolphins News, Notes, & Commentary

-Will Allen will wear #38 this Sunday. Once Allen was cut, Jimmy Wilson took #25. According to NFL Rules once a player starts a season with a number they can't give up that number unless they are cut by the team. So, Will Allen took #38.

-The Dolphins game this Sunday is now "SOLD OUT" (technically at least, but not in reality). The Dolphins, CBS 4 Miami, and a bunch of sponsors, specifically Anheuser-Bush, bought up the remaining 10,000 tickets for this Sunday's game. And Dolphins CEO Mike Dee robo-called season ticket holders and told them they will be getting tickets for FREE to use and give to family and friends. All season ticket holders in the 100 and 400 levels will get 2 FREE tickets for this Sunday's game. The last Dolphins home game blacked out was the Colts-Dolphins "PLAYOFF" (yes playoff) game in the year 2000. With 5 of the next 6 home games not sold out as of now, I wouldn't expect the Fins to step to the plate and bend over backwards to buy remaining tickets many more times this year. But this is a very bad sign for Sparano. Winning is a must, but if you are losing you better some way fill up the stadium and make the owner a profit at least. Now if Sparano doesn't win and the team can't sell the product, it just speeds up the process of his dismissal. Keep an eye on that 10 day stretch after the Thanksgiving day game vs Dallas if the Fins are struggling. It's 10 days and extended time between games, perfect time to relieve one coach of his duties and name an interim coach for the final month of the season.

-Commentary: Don't give up on Daniel Thomas people. In their rookie years Rashard Mendenhall, Larry Johnson, and Darren McFadden were all called soft and we were told they "didn't have it" to make it in the NFL. Yet all turned into big-time quality NFL running backs. It takes some guys a little time to get going at that position. And with no mini camps and offseason work with the coaches, I wouldn't be shocked if Thomas has a bad rookie year or a bad half of year before the light bulb goes off. I'm not saying this guy is going to be superstar but don't kick him to the curb yet or put dirt on his grave.

Paul Soliai takes out Insurance on himself

This past offseason when the Fins and Paul Soliai were unable to work out a long term deal, Paul Soliai's agents and financial advisor told Solai to take out an insurance policy. Soliai's financial advisor Jeffrey Glusman confirmed Soliai was able to get a policy of $5 million in last wage coverage and $10 million in injury coverage for this season. So, healthy or not, Paul Soliai has some long-term financial stability.

Ricky Williams is Still an A-Hole

Ricky Williams, the man who QUIT on the Miami Dolphins on the even of training camp years back to go smoke dope in a tent in South East Asia, the man who had to be dragged to court to pay child support to his 4 kids (at the time) in 4 states, the man who after the Fins begged the NFL to let come back in the league only to let the Fins down again by failing another drug test, is still talking bad about the Fins?! The man who after last season went on the radio and badmouthed Sparano, Henne, the offensive coaching staff, and various other teammates is still running his mouth about the Fins? But it gets better folks, now Ricky has turned his verbal barbs to Dolphins Fans for not making the stadium experience at Dolphins games good enough for his liking. And he took one last parting shot at the Dolphins organization today.

Ricky: “I really enjoy playing at the stadium up here. It’s crazy – every game is sold out,” he said. “So there are minimal Steelers fans in the crowd. One thing I didn’t like about Miami, when they have those rivalry games against the Jets, sometimes there’d be just as many Jets fans in our stadium than there were Dolphins fans. It’s really nice to experience a rivalry when you have so much fan support on your side.”

Oh there is more...

“It’s nice to be treated like a vet. I’m loving it,” Williams said. “I find myself pinching myself and laughing sometimes. Coach says, ‘We’d rather have you fresh for the game.’ I started laughing, like, ‘Is he being for real?’”

Memo to Ricky from Me: Go to Hell you dope smoking, deadbeat Dad loser! You rag on Dolphins fans who opened their arms and took you back after you PISSED IN THEIR FACE for years?! Are you kidding me!?! You rag on an organization that bent over backwards time after time after time to not only save your career and get you back in the league but put millions of dollars in your pocket to boot. Not to mention never made you pay back that signing bonus that you STOLE from them. You got some friggin nerve to say what you are saying. Ricky, you left, you are gone...MOVE ON! I am glad you are happy in Baltimore. You are entitled to be happy in Baltimore, but to continue to re-hash the past with the Fins like a sore ex-girlfriend who can't let it go. You rag on the Fins, buddy when I list the Top 5 reasons why this organization has been a train wreck the last decade you and your antics take up half the spots on that list! I'm not huge Sparano/Ireland fan and odds are sometime between now and Christmas both will be fired. But the one thing I will always be grateful for is that they kicked this a-hole known as Ricky Williams to the curb!


The Dolphins have been blessed with a very strong kicking team over the past few years. Brandon Fields and Dan Carpenter are among the NFL's best punter and kicker respectively. John Denney is an effective long-snapper (and a good special teams contributor as well). Fields is already averaging over 50 yards per punt, among the league's best. Carpenter is a perfect 1/1 in FG tries. Nevertheless, the Dolphins will try to reduce the role of their kicking game in 2011-2012 in order to increase the number of touchdowns. One would agree that this is a very worthy goal. However, it appeared from the game against the Patriots that the Dolphins are still afflicted with the same inability to easily punch in a TD from the red zone. Going for the TD on fourth down can be a good choice if one has the personnel to be successful on a high-percentage basis. I'm not certain that that is the case here. The Dolphins usually have to struggle mightily when they are successful near the opposing goal line. Every drive should culminate in the attainment of points, even three points if necessary. I have a distinct feeling that the kicking team will continue to play a disproportionate role in the Miami Dolphin offense. And the defense had better shape up. And soon. Otherwise none of this will be of any consequence.

CBS Announcers for Houston-Miami

The 4:15 game on Sunday between Houston-Miami will be called by Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts. As of Wednesday the game still has slightly over 10,000 tickets available according to the Miami Herald and is expected to be blacked out in the South Florida market.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

An Alternative View

On Monday night, Dolfans were horrified to see the Patriots' offense play as if they were the only team on the field. Tom Brady had sufficient time to practically complete a novel while waiting to find an open receiver. No Dolphins pass rush whatsoever. Atrocious secondary play. A shocking site to see. The Dolphins front seven was supposed to be the team's strongest asset. The defense seemed exhausted by the end of the first quarter. Physical cramping took several players out of the game. Why did the defense not show up on Monday night? Arrogance from reading their press clippings? Poor physical conditioning? Inadequate pregame preparation? Staying below the radar while the offense took vicious preseason criticism? We won't know until much later. Tony Sparano has now forbade his players from discussing Monday night's debacle. Time to move on. However, the Dolphin's offense received much praise. QB Chad Henne was much improved, putting up 416 total yards and two touchdowns while the team scored 24 points. Dolfans seem relieved that the team's chronic offensive woes appear to be behind them but troubled about their vaunted defense. I maintain the opposite, that the defense will eventually right itself but the offense is headed for a major train wreck.

There were many troubling things about the offense Monday night. The Dolphins third down efficiency was 2/14, a ghastly number. The running game looks as if it will permanently disappear. The erroneous Dolphin perception of Reggie Bush as an "every-down" running back instead of the more accurate viewpoint that he is strictly a specialty player caused Bush to wear down rather quickly. Speaking of which, does anyone know of an 'every-down" back on this football team? The unproven Daniel Thomas, sparsely-utilized Lex Hiliard, never-utilized Larry Johnson, and aforementioned Bush are the only current candidates. Charles Clay's role has yet to be defined. Heaven help the Dolphins when future opposing secondaries shut down our WR's and there is no way to run the ball and maintain possession. We may see the alternative Henne emerge once again, the one that throws terrible passes. The offensive line played a decent game on Monday and still couldn't open up holes for the RBs. The red-zone offense was atrocious, making one pine for the released Lousaka Polite. What about the new "chemistry" between Chad Henne and Brandon Marshall? Little of substance there. Henne and Marshall missed connecting on several passes that Marshall's former QB, Jay Cutler, might have completed. Marshall and Cutler had real chemistry, unlike the one that Sparano is now trying to force. The excitement of seeing Henne throwing the football all over the field will be tempered by the continual inability to get the ball into the end zone. It is important to remember that one touchdown on Monday was set-up by a Jared Odrick interception and another one came in "garbage" time when the game result was no longer in doubt. Anthony Fasano is an underrated TE but he has nobody with whom to share duties. Unless something is done immediately, it will be a long, boring season for the Dolphin offense.

On the positive side, the Dolphins have excellent personnel on the defensive side of the ball and a very capable Offensive Coordinator in Mike Nolan. I will label their performance last Monday as an aberration and fully expect that unit to return to form soon. Otherwise, the Dolphins will be quickly entered in the Andrew Luck 2012 draft sweepstakes. The personnel on the offensive side of the ball, especially the RBs and OL, are not nearly as solid. It is now too late to make major offensive repairs. Monday night may have foreshadowed negatively for the 2011-2012 Dolphin season but not for the obvious reasons.

Jon Gruden positioning himself for Fins Head Coaching Job

Hello Mr. Ross!
For those who were paying attention Monday night to the ESPN broadcast of the Fins-Pats game aside from hearing "Jaws" curse and break some FCC rules you probably also heard the verbal love letter Jon Gruden gave to the Dolphins franchise. And also made some observations that probably made Stephen Ross wet his pants in joy.

Gruden went out of his way to mention that the Dolphins are a great franchise and he wants them to return to their glory years. And they need to get things turned around and fill up the stadium with fans. For a moment I didn't know if Gruden was calling a game or on a job interview.

It may seem like a throw away statement, but it isn't. First off, lets be frank here the odds of Tony Sparano returning next season as the Dolphins head coach are slim. I'm not "giving up" on this season after 1 game, not by any means. Let me be very very clear about that, but odds are the Fins are at best a 3rd place team in the AFC East and NOT a playoff team in 2011. You don't need to be a psychic to realize that.  Of course if Sparano does win this year and does lead this team to the playoffs, he keeps his job as he should. But lets live in reality here people and odds are this isn't a playoff team. So lets just say its about even money, if not better than even money that the Fins are in the market for a new head coach next year. Hell, they tried to get one last year and came up short.

Now put yourself in Gruden's shoes for a minute. He has been out of the league for a bit and probably is getting the itch to come back. Looking around the landscape of the league, where would you want to go. Well he was in Tampa, so he likes Florida. See's Miami as "most likely" having a job opening soon, its a realistic option.Gruden has turned down numerous college jobs and refused to interview for the Browns job last year with his buddy Holmgren running the show. You have Bill Cowher who will be on the market as well. Where are the potential job openings next year? The biggest job will be in NY with the Giants. Most money, biggest market, QB who has already won a Super Bowl. That job has Bill Cowher's name written all over it. Not to mention Cowher to Miami is a bad fit. Cowher is cut from the same cloth as Bill Parcells. Cowher won't like the whole "orange carpet" and the "celebrity owners" and the pomp and circumstance Ross is bringing to the Fins. Other logical job openings in 2012 as of now will be in Cincy, Jax, and Buffalo which are 3 small market teams who won't spend big bucks on a head coach. That leaves MIAMI as the most logical landing spot for Jon Gruden.

And lets be honest, Gruden has a little "HOLLYWOOD" in him. This is a guy who loved being called "CHUCKY" and played up that role when he was given that nick-name in the press. He loved playing around with the fans in Oakland in the Black-Hole. Gruden would relish the atmosphere the Fins have created. Rubbing elbows with Marc Anthony, The Williams Sisters, J-Lo, Fergie, Will Smith, Gloria Estefan..etc. If there was ever a coach and an owner who were meant for each other; Ross and Gruden might be it!

So, lets look at this a little deeper. If we assume Gruden has the Fins as a potential target, how do you float it out there that you are interested without violating NFL rules in anyway. Well, Gruden has a platform every Monday Night and last night he used it. What does every NFL owner who is struggling to sell tickets want to hear? I want to see this stadium filled up! Why the hell would Jon Gruden care if the Dolphins have a filled stadium? Seriously, it is a non-factor in his life and has nothing to do with the game he is broadcasting. Last nights game was sold out, so why bring it up? Why, because he knows its an issue and a sore spot with Ross right now.When Gruden said what he said last night he wasn't talking to "JOE FAN" at home about the game. Oh no, he was talking over you to the big rich billionaire in the luxury box named Mr. Ross. When Gruden said he wants to see the Fins return to their glory days he isn't talking to "JOE FAN" in Oklahoma or Idaho who could care less if the Dolphins are good or not and just wants to watch football after a long day of work, he is talking over you and to Mr. Ross once again.

Look you might think I am reading too much into this and I am creating some conspiracy theory or something.  You are entitled to feel that way, but what Gruden said and did last night is not typically done on NFL broadcasts. It was orchestrated and done on purpose.  And if Sparano turns it around and the Fins win 11 games and stays on as coach, this is all a big waste of time and a non issue. But, if this is a 3rd or 4th place AFC East team and the Fins are shopping for a head coach in a few months, remember last nights broadcast and what was said.

The Fins travel to NY next month for a Monday Night game vs the Jets and it will be interesting to  hear what Gruden says on that night. Will the verbal love letter continue? If its a rocky season for the Fins at that point, my guess is YES!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dolphins talking with Will Allen **UPDATE - ALLEN RE-SIGNED**

Jeff Darlington of the Miami Herald is reporting the Dolphins are in discussions with CB Will Allen about a possible return to Miami. Allen did workout for New England last week and one would wonder if Will even wants to return to Miami at this point in time. Or would he want to chase a championship ring elsewhere if the opportunity is there for him.

UPDATE::At 8am Wednesday Morning Will Allen was spotted entering Dolphins headquarters. There are unconfirmed reports he has re-signed with the Fins.

UPDATE:: Omar Kelly of the Sun-Sentinel confirms that the Dolphins have indeed re-signed CB Will Allen

Dolphins CUT Benny Sapp

The Miami Dolphins cut CB Benny Sapp late this afternoon and signed CB Brandon King who went undrafted in 2010 out of Purdue. Sapp will get his entire $1.9 million salary from the Dolphins for being a vested veteran who was on an NFL roster for Week 1.

Fins decide against signing another RB

Aaron Wilson of reports the Dolphins worked out Julius Jones, Thomas Clayton, Brian Westrbook, and Kevin Jones today and decided against signing any of them. In my opinion the only one of the group that could make an impact is Kevin Jones.

My Thoughts On Last Night's Game

What happened last night in Miami was exactly what I was afraid was going to happen. I had two key issues I thought the Dolphins had to get the best of to win this game. I felt like they had to get the best of the Patriots on both issues. Well, they got a career day from QB Chad Henne, but they struck out BIG TIME on my other key issue...putting pressure on New England QB Tom Brady.

You can say what you want about the defensive backs, and I am not trying to defend them, but if you can't pressure Brady he will get the best of you every time. And there were times last night when he had so much time in the pocket, he could have sat down, had a cup of tea while he surveyed the field, got up and thrown his pass. That is how bad the pass rush was. To say that Cameron Wake was taken to school by ROOKIE right tackle Nate Solder is an understatement. Wake was taken to middle school, high school and college by Solder.

The Dolphins brought in Kevin Burnett who along with Karlos Dansby was supposed to be the Dolphins answer to past problems covering tight ends. Not on this night it wasn't. Tight ends Rob Gronkowski had 7 catches for 86 yards and a touchdown and Aaron Hernandez had 10 catches for 103 yards and a touchdown.

As for our corners, they looked far from being the best tandem in the league. Nolan Carroll and Benny Sapp were horrible. Maybe it was a mistake to cut Will Allen? Sapp looked over matched against bigger receivers.

On offense, I've said a few time I think it was a big mistake to let Ricky Williams get away. And I think last night proved my point. Reggie Bush was a great pick up if used for what he is. A scat back who can catch passes out of the backfield and turn them into big plays. He IS NOT a guy who can be used consistently up the middle. He is going to be finished by midseason if they continue to use him that way. Williams has the size and strength to run up the middle. And where was Larry Johnson last night? What was the point of bringing him back? I'm in no way saying that Williams would be a featured back, but Williams and Bush along with Daniel Thomas would have been a very good compliment of backs.

This team is going to have a long season if improvements are not made and they need to be made fast. It doesn't get any easier. 3 of the next 4 games are against teams that are considered contenders. The Dolphins could find themselves 1-4 or worse if something doesn't change fast.

Just For Kicks....

I'm going to do a Henne Vs Orton comparison each week since some Dolphin fans thought Orton would have been our savior this year.

Henne Vs New England   30 of 49, 416 yards, 2 TD 1 INT, 59 rushing yards, 1 TD - LOSS 38-24
Orton Vs Oakland  24 of 46, 304 yards, 1 TD 1 INT, 13 rushing yards - LOSS 23-20

Fins to work out 3 RB's including Brian Westbrook today

The Miami Dolphins are scheduled to work out 3 Running Backs today including former Philadelphia Eagles back Brian Westrbook according to Aaron Wilson of It's a move that makes it clear the Fins have no idea whether or not Daniel Thomas is anywhere near ready to play yet and a move that shows this coaching staff isn't happy at all with Larry Johnson.

Sparano and Henne Post Game Comments

Monday, September 12, 2011

SAME OLD DOLPHINS! New Year; Same Results!

The 2011 season has begun and not much has changed for the Miami Dolphins. Questionable play calling on offense, terrible play from the Fins secondary, terrible special teams play and Brandon Marshall dropping passes in big spots.

Let's start on offense and I now think we all know why Brian Daboll has bounced around this league. This was one of the worst called games I have seen in a long time. YES, the first drive of the game (season) was great. After that though it straight downhill. Continuing to run Reggie Bush up the middle time after time with no success; it made zero sense. Then with 1st and goal from the 1 yard line we only run it once! Then throw it twice on two terrible plays. When you get the ball inside the 1 yard line you run it a few times and only pass if you must. Daboll did a horrible job tonight and the Dolphins offense might look better on the surface but the results were essentially the same. No points and kicking field goals in big spots. After the 1st drive of the game the second touchdown was a gift from Odrick. And the 4th and 1 call from the 1/2 yard line was beyond terrible.

Special Teams was also downright awful. I mean some things never change. Someone tell Clyde Gates its not against the rules to take a knee! We are the ONLY team in the league that the new kickoff rules has hurt! Gates is catching the ball 8 yards deep and NOT taking a knee? WHY? It makes no sense. Either our coaching staff is clueless and telling him to run it out or Gates thinks he is playing some Div IAA school or something. Either way its awful. Lets not even get into the squib kick in the first half. With the "NEW RULE" why in god's name would you squib kick? And Trusnick with 2 penalties, the guy is only here as a "special teams ace." Tonight he was the "special teams goat." The guy has one role and if he can't do it, there is no need for him on the roster.

On Defense where to start, wait...lets start with the secondary. Sean Smith wasn't good enough to beat out Jason Allen last year and a year later he looks like he is getting worse. Sean Smith should be playing in Canada not starting for an NFL team. Vontae Davis I think needs to stop doing interviews as well. Best CB Tandem in the league, I don't think so. Maybe the 3rd or 4th best CB Tandem inside the AFC East.

Also this is why the Fins have failed to give Cam Wake a big extension yet. Wake was schooled by a rookie tonight. And it was reported this offseason that many around the league and inside the Fins front office feel Wake has "peaked" and its all downhill from here. This isn't Wake's first or second year out of college, he has been around the block bit.

There are no moral victories in the NFL and what we saw tonight is what we have seen the past 2 years from the Dolphins. No offensive production, terrible special teams, and a defense that can't make a big stop. New Year...Same Results. SAME OLD DOLPHINS! Not much has changed!

Inactive Players for Tonights Game

 INACTIVE: Daniel Thomas,Marlon Moore, Charles Clay, Ike Alama-Francis, Ryan Cook, Will Yeatman and Ryan Baker.

My Thoughts On Tonight's Game

The Dolphins open the 2011 season tonight in a game not too many people are giving them a chance to win. I also read things like, it doesn't matter if they lose as long as they have a respectable showing. What? So now the name of the game is to put up a respectable showing? I doubt any player that suits up tonight would be happy with a respectable showing. The name of the game is WIN, and I think the Dolphins can do just that.

It won't be easy though. In my mind, there are two things the Dolphins must do. On defense, keep the pressure on Tom Brady. This defense wants to be known as a top five defense? This would be a good start. If they don't pressure him, he will pick them apart.

The other thing I'm thinking about is Chad Henne. I think the Patriots will stack the box to snuff out the running game and dare Henne to try to beat them. The question is, which Henne will we see? The Henne from 2010 or the Henne we saw in pre-season? Will he be able to handle the pressure the Pats are going to put on him?

The Dolphins need more than a good showing tonight. They need a win. Play a good game and win and it could be a spring board to a good season. It will also help in the ticket sales department. A win over a team that embarrassed them twice last year would give them confidence. A loss could leave them demoralized and they don't need that with a Houston team coming in here next week on a roll after having demolished the Indianapolis Colts. An 0-2 start at home could be a disaster for this team.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that yes, I think the defense and Henne will be up to the task. My prediction: Miami wins a close, hard fought game 17-14.


Get a game preview here with beat reporters from New England and Miami


Sean Smith on the Pats

Coach speaks to the Media one last time before the Game

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Manny Fernandez dislikes Jeff Ireland, Buoniconti thinks house cleaning is coming

Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald talked to some former Dolphins Greats about how they think the Fins will do this year and it wasn't very positive at all. Nick Buoniconti-- They’re going to finish third in the AFC East at best,” Hall of Famer Nick Buoniconti said, adding he’s unsure if they’re headed in the right direction. “Come on, the Patriots really bolstered their team. The problem is you can’t find one area on this Dolphins team that you can call excellent. Brandon Marshall can be excellent but he wasn’t last year. They have a very good defense, but defense can only hold up so long, and I don’t see offensive firepower.

Steve Ross is too smart a guy for them not to get there eventually. Maybe he’s been a little too patient. I don’t understand what they did in free agency. Other teams were stockpiling people. Ahmad Bradshaw would have given them a real tough running back…. If they don’t go to the playoffs, there will be a housecleaning. I don’t mean the coach – I mean everybody. I hope to hell they prove everybody wrong.”

Manny Fernandez--“It’s not hard to be a Dolphins fan -- it’s heartbreaking,” Manny Fernandez said. “You always wonder if we will get back” to being a consistently good team. “I wonder if it will be in my lifetime.” 

“I don’t see the team progressing more. I’m not a big fan of Jeff Ireland. I haven’t thought much of his drafts or offseason moves. I thought they would hire Bill Cowher. If you want a winning coach, you’ve got to give him personnel control. Steve Ross has treated the alumni well and he has done his best. [But] he’s more in-tuned with the entertainment world. He should have bought IMG. He would have been more at home.”
And don’t get Fernandez started on the Dolphins’ plans for a 2008 Gators championship reunion at halftime of the Oct. 23 Denver game. “What does that have to do with Miami and the Dolphins? That doesn’t make any sense,” Fernandez said. “I don’t remember us celebrating Vinny Testaverde when he won the Heisman Trophy at Miami.”

Jim Kiick also gave his thoughts on the current Miami Dolphins Product. “They want Reggie Bush to be the main back, but I can’t see it,” former Dolphins running back Jim Kiick said. “He’s not durable enough. He’s more of a specialty back. Everybody is optimistic about Chad Henne, but you can’t jump to conclusions. It’s preseason! And it’s like they told Tony Sparano, ‘Well, we don’t have anyone else, so we’ll see what you can do this year.’”

Charles Clay listed as OUT for Week 1

Dolphins rookie Charles Clay is now listed as OUT for Week 1 leaving the Dolphins with no fullback on its roster. Expect Lex Hillard to see some time at fullback if needed in a pinch on Monday Night. Clay has a hamstring injury.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Pats vs Dolphins SOLD OUT for Monday

The Patriots vs Dolphins game this Monday Night is now officially SOLD OUT. It is the 102 consecutive regular season sell out for the team. The streak is expected to end next week though as 10,000+ seats currently remain for the game vs Houston. The Dolphins also declared the Dec 12th game vs Philly a sell out as well. It will be the return of Ronnie Brown to Sun Life Stadium. Tickets sales for every other home game this season are not good at all at this point in time. The Dolphins expect in the neighborhood of 4 or 5 games to be blacked out in the South Florida market. Of course if the team starts winning and puts a high quality product on the field everything could change quickly.

Fins have Locker Room Confrontation Today

Brian Biggane of the Palm Beach Post is reporting that today after practice Richie Incognito and Frank Kearse got in a locker room confrontation. It was split up and Yeremiah Bell was trying to be peace maker. Bell was telling Incognito to be the "bigger man." More on this story as it develops.

Sparano Media Session talking about Monday's Game

Friday, September 9, 2011

Joe Robbie Statue to return to Sun-Life Stadium

Craig Davis of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel is reporting that the Miami Dolphins will re-introduce an 11 foot statue to late Dolphins Owner Joe Robbie that hasn't been on display since 2005. It will be given a new home outside main entrance Gate C on the north side which will now also be known as Joe Robbie Alumni Plaza.

Team Captains

Miami reports that the Dolphins players have chosen their team captains. Three captains from last season, Yeremiah Bell, Karlos Dansby and Jake Long were chosen again this season along with QB Chad Henne.

Brian Daboll talks about the Fins Offense