Change at Head Coach and QB Should Be Coming Quick

Another Dolphins game, another Dolphins loss, and another horrible game by Chad Henne and Tony Sparano. And a change at head coach we know is coming soon, but a change at quarterback isn't far off either.

Another bad day by Chad Henne today. Once again as soon as Chad entered the red zone the Dolphins offense stopped. Henne couldn't complete a pass or lead more than one touchdown drive. Once again the Fins settled for field goals and it cost him.

There are no excuses for Henne anymore, he doesn't make plays and he doesn't win games with his arm. He may complete a bunch of passes but the "money plays" the "key plays" he always comes up short. Leading one touchdown drive a game isn't good enough. It's a sign of a bad quarterback. The Dolphins are 0-3 with road games vs San Diego and the Jets up next, so realistically 0-5 they will be very shortly. And another game or so like this and Henne should be replaced by Matt Moore. Not that Moore is anything special, but we know Henne can't get the job done so why not give Moore a shot.

Nobody is expecting Henne to be Marino, Montana, Brady, or Manning. But one touchdown drive a game isn't enough. Not even close and he doesn't make enough plays. And Houston and Cleveland aren't great defensive teams. What we saw Week 1 out of Henne was a fluke. It's the exception and NOT the norm.

Sparano will be fired in a few weeks at some point. Henne should be replaced as the teams starting quarterback around the same time. Let the house-cleaning begin. Time to take out the trash on the sideline and under center.