Crowder on Henne: "I don't like the guy"

Retired Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder gave his real opinion on Chad Henne and he pulled no punches. He flat out said he didn't like Chad Henne. Speaking on The Joe Rose show on WQAM Crowder held nothing back. You can read the full transcript here.

Channing is being compared to Tiki Barber by his many twitter followers and he commented on that and why he doesn't like Chad Henne with this quote. "On my Twitter, Tiki Barber, I retired and now I'm bashing Henne. I'm not bashing Henne. You know this, Joe. You did the same thing I did, came out of football with your friends still on the team, having to have an unprejudiced eye toward it. I don't like Henne. I'm not a fan of Henne and people kill me and talk about how you're bashing your team. Look at the numbers. I'm just being a smart football guy. I'm not talking about friends or enemies. I just don't like the guy, and I get criticized for it, but that's part of media."