Dolphins-Browns Game Prediction

Ok, the Fins are 0-2 and things look to be only getting worse. Vonate is out for this game, Dansby is playing on one leg this week, if he plays. Reggie Bush is dinged what else is new. And the Dolphins are going on the road to play a Browns team that is sneaky good. Now, Miami hasn't won in Cleveland since 1993. Yes, since the famous game where Dan Marino injured his achilles heel. So its been a while to say the least.

On offense I think the Fins have a big day actually. The Browns have played Indy and Cincy thus far and neither of those teams are any good on offense. So this will be the real first test for them. I see Thomas between 80-100 yards rushing. I think Henne throws for 250+. It all comes down to turnovers and red zone offense. If the Fins don't turn the ball over and get touchdowns in the redzone it will be a big day for the Dolphins offense.

The defense is a mess. Will Allen has only been here a week and is hurt and might not play. With no Vontae the secondary is a train wreck. And Colt McCoy can play; this kid is for real. He can scramble and he makes plays in the pocket and outside the pocket. Cribbs is a weapon they use in many ways, Peyton Hill is a beast of a man to bring down. And the Browns tight ends of Watson/Moore are very underrated and quality players.

I see a shoot-out type game. As much as I am on the "SUCK FOR LUCK" bandwagon, hell I'm driving it and leading the charge. I think Miami wins. DOLPHINS 38  BROWNS 34