Dolphins Get No Respect

Most major media outlet have released their power rankings for week one of the 2011 NFL seaon. While I didn’t expect the Dolphins to be ranked very high in any of these power rankings, I didn’t expect the total lack of respect they are getting. Mike Florio of Pro Football talk puts the Dolphins at #29, the lowest of any of the power polls I saw.

ESPN has the Dolphins listed at #24 in their power rankings. Fox Sport’s Brian Billick puts the Dolphins at #27 in his Power Rankings. The Sporting News lists The Dolphins #26 in their power poll.

Some smaller sites are even harsher on Miami. The Bleacher Report lists them at #31! Only one place did I see the Dolphins get a break and that was CBS Sports Pete Prisco who ranked the Dolphins at #18 in his power poll.

In addition, you have Mike & Mike on ESPN radio predicting 3-13 and 4-12 and SI’s Peter King predicting a 6-10 season for the Dolphins. 

What does all this mean? Exactly squat, that is what it means. These polls are so out of whack it’s almost hilarious. Example; One poll has the Browns at #29 while another has them at #18. One poll has Seattle 6 spots ahead of Miami while another has them 6 spots behind the Dolphins. 

While all these power rankings and predictions mean squat right now, it could provide motivation for the Dolphins to prove these writers wrong.

Just Wondering…

A.J. Edds is a young, talented linebacker who played well during the pre-season. Jon Jerry is a bust, plain and simple. He has regressed to the point where most think he should be cut. So why then, is Edds now a New England Patriot while Jerry is still on the Dolphins roster?