Dolphins News, Notes, & Commentary

-Will Allen will wear #38 this Sunday. Once Allen was cut, Jimmy Wilson took #25. According to NFL Rules once a player starts a season with a number they can't give up that number unless they are cut by the team. So, Will Allen took #38.

-The Dolphins game this Sunday is now "SOLD OUT" (technically at least, but not in reality). The Dolphins, CBS 4 Miami, and a bunch of sponsors, specifically Anheuser-Bush, bought up the remaining 10,000 tickets for this Sunday's game. And Dolphins CEO Mike Dee robo-called season ticket holders and told them they will be getting tickets for FREE to use and give to family and friends. All season ticket holders in the 100 and 400 levels will get 2 FREE tickets for this Sunday's game. The last Dolphins home game blacked out was the Colts-Dolphins "PLAYOFF" (yes playoff) game in the year 2000. With 5 of the next 6 home games not sold out as of now, I wouldn't expect the Fins to step to the plate and bend over backwards to buy remaining tickets many more times this year. But this is a very bad sign for Sparano. Winning is a must, but if you are losing you better some way fill up the stadium and make the owner a profit at least. Now if Sparano doesn't win and the team can't sell the product, it just speeds up the process of his dismissal. Keep an eye on that 10 day stretch after the Thanksgiving day game vs Dallas if the Fins are struggling. It's 10 days and extended time between games, perfect time to relieve one coach of his duties and name an interim coach for the final month of the season.

-Commentary: Don't give up on Daniel Thomas people. In their rookie years Rashard Mendenhall, Larry Johnson, and Darren McFadden were all called soft and we were told they "didn't have it" to make it in the NFL. Yet all turned into big-time quality NFL running backs. It takes some guys a little time to get going at that position. And with no mini camps and offseason work with the coaches, I wouldn't be shocked if Thomas has a bad rookie year or a bad half of year before the light bulb goes off. I'm not saying this guy is going to be superstar but don't kick him to the curb yet or put dirt on his grave.