Dolphins Take Pre-season Finale 17-3

The Dolphins finished up the pre-season schedule tonight with a 17-3 victory over the Dallas Cowboys. I was able to attend tonight's game thanks to a friend who is a season ticket holder and was smart enough not to go and sit in the rain and watch a bunch of reserves play. Actually it was a fairly entertaining game, from what I could see. My seats were in the middle of the upper deck in the end zone.

Two plays I was lucky enough to see were Matt Moore's 42 yard pass to rookie WR Clyde Gates. If Moore had led him just a little bit more, it would have been a TD. I'll tell you, that kid is a burner. A few plays later Moore hit TE Jeron Mastrud for and 18 yard score. The video here is my view of the TD pass.

The Dolphins other TD on the night came in the first quarter on a Larry Johnson 22 yard run. Unfortunately I didn't get a good look at it because they were going the other way. I did however, get a great look at Tyrone Culver's interception in the first quarter as it happen right below where I was sitting. Will Allen, who played well tonight, deflected the ball before Culver intercepted it.

This was pretty much a reserve Vs reserve game. Very few starters on either side of the ball played. On offense, the only starters I saw out there were Brian Hartline and Daniel Thomas (if you want to consider him a starter). For some reason, Hartline was out there quite a bit. On defense it was the same story. Chris Clemons and Rashad Jones played the entire game with neither pulling away from the other...from what I could see.

With the end of the pre-season, the Dolphins face a couple of tough decisions on cut down day. Will Allen or Nolan Carroll? Roberto Wallace or Marlon Moore? Carroll may have the edge over Allen because of age and injury concerns. Wallace and Moore may come down to Wallace being a better special teams player. I think both have potential and I would just hate to see either end up with the Jets or Patriots.