Dolphins Talk Radio - Post Show

Well show number 2 is in the books. After show #1 hit some technical snags, show 2 was great. It sounded crisp, everything worked on time, great callers, and great support on the social networking sites.

I want to thank everyone for the help, support, backing and participation.

We hit on many topics, some funny, most serious about our Dolphins and the NFL in general. If you like what you hear, please join us again, every Wednesday night 9-11 pm eastern, and most Sunday post-games as well, for more Dolphins talk.

Being a fan of this team, you know we don't get much love from any media. So to have a show that is TRULY for the fans, by the fans is fun to be apart of.

Listen to archived shows HERE, and as always, follow the show on twitter: ChrisCullen561 for all the latest news and updates!!!

For any questions, predictions, statements or if you want to be a guest on the show, email the host Chris Cullen at

The archived show from 9/15/11 will be posted shortly on the show page, so check it out, pass it on, comment on it and of course, GO DOLPHINS!!!!