Dolphins Cuts

QB-Kevin O'Connell
S-Mark Restelli (Fins told him he won't be added to the practice squad, that is shocking news actually)
TE-Dedrick Epps
RB-Larry Johnson
CB-Will Allen (Fins save $1.5 mill with this move, could bring him back at the vet minimum after Week 1)
CB-Nate Ness
PR-Philip Livas
OL-Garrett Chisolm
FB-Lousaka Polite (Fins saved $1.35 mill with this move)
QB-Pat Devlin
T-Lydon Murtha (placed on IR out for the season)
OL-Ray Willis
RB-Nick Grigsby
WR-John Matthews
CB-Vincent Agnew
LB-David Nixon
WR-Julius Pruitt
TE-Mickey Shuler
DE-Robert Rose
WR-Patrick Carter
TE- Brett Brackett
OL-DJ Jones
OL-Matt Kopa
LB-Jonathan Freeney
NT-Ronald Fields


  1. What happened to Murtha? I didn't even know he was injured. Looks like were stuck with Colombo.
    I see they kept Marlon Moore. Good choice. I like that kid. One thing is for sure, they have speed at WR.


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