A Few Thoughts On Today's Game

While there's not much I can add to what Mike Oliva had to say in his column (below this one), I do think he was a little hard on QB Chad Henne. This was not Henne's fault by a long shot. Two plays stand out in my mind that could have made this a completely different game. First, on his interception that led to an easy Houston touchdown, his arm was hit from behind by Mario Williams, who had beaten Marc Colombo (surprise!)

The next play I'm thinking of happened on one of the Dolphins trips into the redzone. He hit Brandon Marshall right in the hands in the endzone and Marshall flat out dropped it. The Dolphins settled for a field goal. That's an eleven point swing on two plays. There were other dropped balls as well today. Other than that, I am pretty much in agreement with what Mike has to say. Our "top five" defense is horrendous. Not only is Nolan Caroll awful, maybe it was him that should have been cut instead of Benny Sapp. He should have been torched by Andre Johnson for a long TD, but it was one of those very rare occasions that Johnson had a drop.

It's not going to get any prettier from here. Five of the next six games are on the road starting next week in Cleveland followed by stops at San Diego and the Jets. That stretch of games will conclude November 6th in Kansas City, who believe it or not has looked more inept than the Dolphins. One thing is for sure, if things keep going the way they are, the Dolphins could end up being players in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes.