A long season just begun

Here we go again!
Not much has changed in Miami in 2011, this team still stinks. I'm sorry for being "negative" but there is no way to sugar coat this people. If you want to read nice things about this franchise or if you want to read how "they can still turn it around" and "it's only 2 games"...this isn't the website for you. Thanks for giving us a shot but you should look elsewhere. This is an honest website where we are going to give it to you straight. And that means tell you right now on Sunday September 18th that the Miami Dolphins are a very bad football team!

Let's start with Quarterback. Chad Henne isn't a good NFL quarterback. I don't care how many yards he threw for vs New England Week 1. Henne today showed he is the same Chad Henne. He might be a hard worker, nice guy, and popular in the locker room, but he can't play at a high level in this league. Numerous trips in the Red Zone today and Henne looked terrible. Not accurate with his throws and unable to lead the team to the endzone. Henne has career back-up written all over him 4 years into his NFL career. He has had too many starts in this league at this point for any excuses to be made. Time for excuses are over! Chad Henne is not a very good NFL quarterback.

Brandon Marshall, he is not a #1 WR in this league either. Good player but not a great player. Marshall again today had too many dropped balls and easy drops at that. He is one of the more inconsistent WR's in the NFL today. All style, no substance.

I don't have the energy to break down our defense right now, but two things stand out. One, when Jason Taylor is our best pass rusher, you know we have problems. The man is in his 15th season and older than dirt. That is a bad sign. Two, there isn't one quality player in our secondary right now. Bell looks old and slow. Jones is always out of position. Nolan Carroll is awful. Vontae Davis is average at best. And Sean Smith is nothing more than a nice player.

Now, lets talk about our head coach, I have said it for 2 years now and I will say it again. He is in over his head as a Head Coach. This is why you don't promote "position" coaches to head coaches. On 3rd and 15 in the first half you run to set up a field goal...? WHY! Shows nothing has changed with his offensive philosophy. Then in the 4th quarter of a tight game you use a timeout to punt the ball? Even dumber! This o-line "guru" has screwed up that unit beyond repair. I think he holds his job till after the Thanksgiving day game, but a few more games like this and he will be out of work by Columbus Day!

The only bright spot today was Daniel Thomas. He reminds me of a young Rashard Mendenhall alot with his style of play. I think this kid is gonna have a bright future.

Folks, it was another bad Sunday at NO-Life Stadium! And there is no way to sugar coat this but its gonna be a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong year!


  1. On the bright side, we are still tied for first in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes!

  2. With Kerry Collins Indy has him locked up!!!


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