Manny Fernandez dislikes Jeff Ireland, Buoniconti thinks house cleaning is coming

Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald talked to some former Dolphins Greats about how they think the Fins will do this year and it wasn't very positive at all. Nick Buoniconti-- They’re going to finish third in the AFC East at best,” Hall of Famer Nick Buoniconti said, adding he’s unsure if they’re headed in the right direction. “Come on, the Patriots really bolstered their team. The problem is you can’t find one area on this Dolphins team that you can call excellent. Brandon Marshall can be excellent but he wasn’t last year. They have a very good defense, but defense can only hold up so long, and I don’t see offensive firepower.

Steve Ross is too smart a guy for them not to get there eventually. Maybe he’s been a little too patient. I don’t understand what they did in free agency. Other teams were stockpiling people. Ahmad Bradshaw would have given them a real tough running back…. If they don’t go to the playoffs, there will be a housecleaning. I don’t mean the coach – I mean everybody. I hope to hell they prove everybody wrong.”

Manny Fernandez--“It’s not hard to be a Dolphins fan -- it’s heartbreaking,” Manny Fernandez said. “You always wonder if we will get back” to being a consistently good team. “I wonder if it will be in my lifetime.” 

“I don’t see the team progressing more. I’m not a big fan of Jeff Ireland. I haven’t thought much of his drafts or offseason moves. I thought they would hire Bill Cowher. If you want a winning coach, you’ve got to give him personnel control. Steve Ross has treated the alumni well and he has done his best. [But] he’s more in-tuned with the entertainment world. He should have bought IMG. He would have been more at home.”
And don’t get Fernandez started on the Dolphins’ plans for a 2008 Gators championship reunion at halftime of the Oct. 23 Denver game. “What does that have to do with Miami and the Dolphins? That doesn’t make any sense,” Fernandez said. “I don’t remember us celebrating Vinny Testaverde when he won the Heisman Trophy at Miami.”

Jim Kiick also gave his thoughts on the current Miami Dolphins Product. “They want Reggie Bush to be the main back, but I can’t see it,” former Dolphins running back Jim Kiick said. “He’s not durable enough. He’s more of a specialty back. Everybody is optimistic about Chad Henne, but you can’t jump to conclusions. It’s preseason! And it’s like they told Tony Sparano, ‘Well, we don’t have anyone else, so we’ll see what you can do this year.’”


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