My Thoughts On Last Night's Game

What happened last night in Miami was exactly what I was afraid was going to happen. I had two key issues I thought the Dolphins had to get the best of to win this game. I felt like they had to get the best of the Patriots on both issues. Well, they got a career day from QB Chad Henne, but they struck out BIG TIME on my other key issue...putting pressure on New England QB Tom Brady.

You can say what you want about the defensive backs, and I am not trying to defend them, but if you can't pressure Brady he will get the best of you every time. And there were times last night when he had so much time in the pocket, he could have sat down, had a cup of tea while he surveyed the field, got up and thrown his pass. That is how bad the pass rush was. To say that Cameron Wake was taken to school by ROOKIE right tackle Nate Solder is an understatement. Wake was taken to middle school, high school and college by Solder.

The Dolphins brought in Kevin Burnett who along with Karlos Dansby was supposed to be the Dolphins answer to past problems covering tight ends. Not on this night it wasn't. Tight ends Rob Gronkowski had 7 catches for 86 yards and a touchdown and Aaron Hernandez had 10 catches for 103 yards and a touchdown.

As for our corners, they looked far from being the best tandem in the league. Nolan Carroll and Benny Sapp were horrible. Maybe it was a mistake to cut Will Allen? Sapp looked over matched against bigger receivers.

On offense, I've said a few time I think it was a big mistake to let Ricky Williams get away. And I think last night proved my point. Reggie Bush was a great pick up if used for what he is. A scat back who can catch passes out of the backfield and turn them into big plays. He IS NOT a guy who can be used consistently up the middle. He is going to be finished by midseason if they continue to use him that way. Williams has the size and strength to run up the middle. And where was Larry Johnson last night? What was the point of bringing him back? I'm in no way saying that Williams would be a featured back, but Williams and Bush along with Daniel Thomas would have been a very good compliment of backs.

This team is going to have a long season if improvements are not made and they need to be made fast. It doesn't get any easier. 3 of the next 4 games are against teams that are considered contenders. The Dolphins could find themselves 1-4 or worse if something doesn't change fast.

Just For Kicks....

I'm going to do a Henne Vs Orton comparison each week since some Dolphin fans thought Orton would have been our savior this year.

Henne Vs New England   30 of 49, 416 yards, 2 TD 1 INT, 59 rushing yards, 1 TD - LOSS 38-24
Orton Vs Oakland  24 of 46, 304 yards, 1 TD 1 INT, 13 rushing yards - LOSS 23-20


  1. Do you jerk off to a picture of Ricky Williams every night? lol...what is it with you and your Ricky love? The guy is 34 years old and washed up. You are bitching about us giving workouts to "washed up" RB's...yet you wanted us to sign one! For the LAST TIME on Ricky,....nobody in Miami liked him. Coach, GM, Owner, QB, assistant coaches...etc and everyone else he threw under the bus hated him after he threw everyone under the bus on the radio last year 1 day after the season. He could have been Jim Brown in his prime, he wasn't coming back cause they had enough of his antics and disliked him. GET OVER IT! MOVE ON! HE'S GONE!

    And once Daniel Thomas is healthy he is our "RB" to run up the middle. Bush had to do it last night cause Thomas was out.

  2. Depends on how I feel. If I'm in the mood for chocolate ice cream, I whip out a pic of Ricky and go at it. If vanilla is the flavor of the day, an old pic of Danny Marino.
    So Ricky is washed up. Let's see here, take away Henne's scrambling yards and our guys had 39 yards on 13 carries. That's a whopping 3 yards per carry. Ricky averaged over 5 yards per carry on 12 carries Sunday against the Steelers. Not too shabby.
    His antics? Speaking his mind after a terrible end to the 2010 season? Didn't Brandon Marshall do pretty much the same shit?

  3. Marshall didn't say a word actually.

    Ricky is 34 years old, playing "decent" one week is one thing. Doing it for 16 is another. Plus Ricky would be 3rd string here behind Thomas and Bush he wouldn't have signed on for that.

    Time to move on from the Ricky thing. You are beating a dead horse at this point Ken.

  4. Just saying they should have re-signed him. Or tried harder to sign DeAngelo Williams. So now we are counting on a rookie RB? If things keep going like this, they'll have to decide if they want to stick with Henne or draft Andrew Luck :)

  5. That's an easy one....ANDREW LUCK!! The next Elway/Manning you don't pass on!


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