My Thoughts On Tonight's Game

The Dolphins open the 2011 season tonight in a game not too many people are giving them a chance to win. I also read things like, it doesn't matter if they lose as long as they have a respectable showing. What? So now the name of the game is to put up a respectable showing? I doubt any player that suits up tonight would be happy with a respectable showing. The name of the game is WIN, and I think the Dolphins can do just that.

It won't be easy though. In my mind, there are two things the Dolphins must do. On defense, keep the pressure on Tom Brady. This defense wants to be known as a top five defense? This would be a good start. If they don't pressure him, he will pick them apart.

The other thing I'm thinking about is Chad Henne. I think the Patriots will stack the box to snuff out the running game and dare Henne to try to beat them. The question is, which Henne will we see? The Henne from 2010 or the Henne we saw in pre-season? Will he be able to handle the pressure the Pats are going to put on him?

The Dolphins need more than a good showing tonight. They need a win. Play a good game and win and it could be a spring board to a good season. It will also help in the ticket sales department. A win over a team that embarrassed them twice last year would give them confidence. A loss could leave them demoralized and they don't need that with a Houston team coming in here next week on a roll after having demolished the Indianapolis Colts. An 0-2 start at home could be a disaster for this team.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that yes, I think the defense and Henne will be up to the task. My prediction: Miami wins a close, hard fought game 17-14.