Ooooh Line!

4 years ago Bill Parcells was hired to be the Dolpins czar of football. He promptly hired Jeff Ireland as GM and Tony Sparano as his head coach to form what the media called the Trifecta. Bill Parcells made sure his hires were cut from the same cloth, men that believed in size and power football, believed that you build your team with a strong offensive line. The Dolphins at this point had plenty of problems, they had just come off a 1-15 season and had the first pick in the draft. Every position on the team was due an upgrade. In that years draft true to their form the Trifecta drafted Jake Long 1st overall to anchor the rebuilt offensive line and Long quickly became a pro bowl player in his first year.

The drafting of Long was the first step in rebuilding the offensive line, unfortunately it was also the only successful one. 4 years later one of the top questions on the team is still the offensive line. The Trifecta has to this point failed to turn this unit into the powerful foundation they envisioned when they took over. They have constantly tinkered with the line to try to find the right mix of players. After Long they have drafted poorly, Donald Thomas, Shawn Murphy & John Jerry are all examples of missteps taken in the draft. John Jerry is the only one still on the team and he is hanging on by a thread. They also did a poor job in free agency, they gave John Smiley and Jake Grove a boat load of money to solidify the line although both of those players had a history of nagging injuries, a history that continued with the Dolphins, subsequently both players are no longer on the team.

So here we are year 4 coming into the seasons first game with the same questions about the offensive line we had in year one. We are unsure how Jake Long will perform. He is coming off a knee injury, hasn't played one snap in the preseason and it's anybody's guess if he's 100% healthy. We have a rookie starting at center, a position that is responsible for making the line calls to make sure they are blocking the right people and if that's not enough he is going up against pro bowler and man mountain Vince Wilfork. Our right guard is a converted right tackle Vernon Carey who had a subpar 2010 season and we are still not sure if he has the legs necessary for the position. At right tackle is an aging Marc Colombo who also had a bad 2010 season and gave up a couple of sacks during the preseason. This is a unit that should be the strength of the team, but even with all the emphases put on it by the Trifecta it's still a question mark.