Pats vs Dolphins SOLD OUT for Monday

The Patriots vs Dolphins game this Monday Night is now officially SOLD OUT. It is the 102 consecutive regular season sell out for the team. The streak is expected to end next week though as 10,000+ seats currently remain for the game vs Houston. The Dolphins also declared the Dec 12th game vs Philly a sell out as well. It will be the return of Ronnie Brown to Sun Life Stadium. Tickets sales for every other home game this season are not good at all at this point in time. The Dolphins expect in the neighborhood of 4 or 5 games to be blacked out in the South Florida market. Of course if the team starts winning and puts a high quality product on the field everything could change quickly.


  1. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are having problems selling tickets too, and they put a young winning team on the field last year. RJS holds about 10,000 fewer people than Dolphin stadium. There are still plenty of seats available for the Bucs home opener against the Lions tomorrow. Two teams that are on the rise and expected to be in playoff contention....So maybe it's not just the people in south Florida, huh?

  2. considering Tampa doesn't draw for baseball either even when they have a great team their fan base sucks too Ken.

    The whole state of Florida has shitty fans. With the Miami area leading the way. Sorry, its a fact!

  3. At one time Tampa Bay had a waiting list for season tickets. When they opened RJS they had to have a lottery because so many people wanted them. They were selling out even when they were losing. You drive around the Clearwater/St Pete/Tampa area and all you see is Buccaneer shit. Everyone has a Buccaneer tag, they drive around with those stupid car flags even out of season. I have always thought Tampa was a better football city than Miami.


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