Prediction For Today's Game

Today the Dolphins will face the Houston Texans, a team they have never beaten. Will that change today? That's a tough call. Houston is a good team coming in on a high after beating up on division rival Indianapolis last week. We all know how our Dolphins fared last week.

After watching our defense get shredded last week, I don't have the confidence in them I did before the season started. And they better be ready for the no huddle offense again this week because rest assured that Houston has seen what the Patriots did last week.

Sean Smith will need to have his game on today because he will likely be matched up with Andre Johnson most of the time. Arian Foster will make his 2011 debut today after missing the opener with a hamstring issue.

Here is a scary though...Marc Colombo Vs Mario Williams. YIKES! Hopefully the Dolphins will find a way to get Colombo some help or Chad Henne could be spending a lot of time eating grass today.

Bottom line...I don't have the confidence in this team that I did before the season started. Houston has a good offense and I think they will have success against the defense running the no huddle. Houston also has a good defense and Chad Henne will be under a lot of pressure again this week. Can he come close to his performance of last week? He might need to.

 The way I see it...Houston 24 Miami 17