Ricky Williams is Still an A-Hole

Ricky Williams, the man who QUIT on the Miami Dolphins on the even of training camp years back to go smoke dope in a tent in South East Asia, the man who had to be dragged to court to pay child support to his 4 kids (at the time) in 4 states, the man who after the Fins begged the NFL to let come back in the league only to let the Fins down again by failing another drug test, is still talking bad about the Fins?! The man who after last season went on the radio and badmouthed Sparano, Henne, the offensive coaching staff, and various other teammates is still running his mouth about the Fins? But it gets better folks, now Ricky has turned his verbal barbs to Dolphins Fans for not making the stadium experience at Dolphins games good enough for his liking. And he took one last parting shot at the Dolphins organization today.

Ricky: “I really enjoy playing at the stadium up here. It’s crazy – every game is sold out,” he said. “So there are minimal Steelers fans in the crowd. One thing I didn’t like about Miami, when they have those rivalry games against the Jets, sometimes there’d be just as many Jets fans in our stadium than there were Dolphins fans. It’s really nice to experience a rivalry when you have so much fan support on your side.”

Oh there is more...

“It’s nice to be treated like a vet. I’m loving it,” Williams said. “I find myself pinching myself and laughing sometimes. Coach says, ‘We’d rather have you fresh for the game.’ I started laughing, like, ‘Is he being for real?’”

Memo to Ricky from Me: Go to Hell you dope smoking, deadbeat Dad loser! You rag on Dolphins fans who opened their arms and took you back after you PISSED IN THEIR FACE for years?! Are you kidding me!?! You rag on an organization that bent over backwards time after time after time to not only save your career and get you back in the league but put millions of dollars in your pocket to boot. Not to mention never made you pay back that signing bonus that you STOLE from them. You got some friggin nerve to say what you are saying. Ricky, you left, you are gone...MOVE ON! I am glad you are happy in Baltimore. You are entitled to be happy in Baltimore, but to continue to re-hash the past with the Fins like a sore ex-girlfriend who can't let it go. You rag on the Fins, buddy when I list the Top 5 reasons why this organization has been a train wreck the last decade you and your antics take up half the spots on that list! I'm not huge Sparano/Ireland fan and odds are sometime between now and Christmas both will be fired. But the one thing I will always be grateful for is that they kicked this a-hole known as Ricky Williams to the curb!