SAME OLD DOLPHINS! New Year; Same Results!

The 2011 season has begun and not much has changed for the Miami Dolphins. Questionable play calling on offense, terrible play from the Fins secondary, terrible special teams play and Brandon Marshall dropping passes in big spots.

Let's start on offense and I now think we all know why Brian Daboll has bounced around this league. This was one of the worst called games I have seen in a long time. YES, the first drive of the game (season) was great. After that though it straight downhill. Continuing to run Reggie Bush up the middle time after time with no success; it made zero sense. Then with 1st and goal from the 1 yard line we only run it once! Then throw it twice on two terrible plays. When you get the ball inside the 1 yard line you run it a few times and only pass if you must. Daboll did a horrible job tonight and the Dolphins offense might look better on the surface but the results were essentially the same. No points and kicking field goals in big spots. After the 1st drive of the game the second touchdown was a gift from Odrick. And the 4th and 1 call from the 1/2 yard line was beyond terrible.

Special Teams was also downright awful. I mean some things never change. Someone tell Clyde Gates its not against the rules to take a knee! We are the ONLY team in the league that the new kickoff rules has hurt! Gates is catching the ball 8 yards deep and NOT taking a knee? WHY? It makes no sense. Either our coaching staff is clueless and telling him to run it out or Gates thinks he is playing some Div IAA school or something. Either way its awful. Lets not even get into the squib kick in the first half. With the "NEW RULE" why in god's name would you squib kick? And Trusnick with 2 penalties, the guy is only here as a "special teams ace." Tonight he was the "special teams goat." The guy has one role and if he can't do it, there is no need for him on the roster.

On Defense where to start, wait...lets start with the secondary. Sean Smith wasn't good enough to beat out Jason Allen last year and a year later he looks like he is getting worse. Sean Smith should be playing in Canada not starting for an NFL team. Vontae Davis I think needs to stop doing interviews as well. Best CB Tandem in the league, I don't think so. Maybe the 3rd or 4th best CB Tandem inside the AFC East.

Also this is why the Fins have failed to give Cam Wake a big extension yet. Wake was schooled by a rookie tonight. And it was reported this offseason that many around the league and inside the Fins front office feel Wake has "peaked" and its all downhill from here. This isn't Wake's first or second year out of college, he has been around the block bit.

There are no moral victories in the NFL and what we saw tonight is what we have seen the past 2 years from the Dolphins. No offensive production, terrible special teams, and a defense that can't make a big stop. New Year...Same Results. SAME OLD DOLPHINS! Not much has changed!


  1. Damn, I turned the game off after that 4th and 1 incomplete pass and missed the 99 yard touchdown. Lucky me.


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